This website contains historical materials dating from the 2012 LBNE reconfiguration effort. The information on these pages is no longer being updated. For up-to-date information about the status of LBNE, including the current configuration of the experiment, please visit

Physics Working Group

  • Mel Shochet, U.Chicago (chair)
  • Mary Bishai, BNL
  • Ed Blucher, UChicago
  • Steve Brice, FNAL
  • Milind Diwan, BNL
  • Bonnie Fleming, Yale
  • Gil Gilchriese, LBNL
  • Bill Marciano, BNL
  • Mark Messier, Indiana
  • Stephen Parke, FNAL
  • Gina Rameika, FNAL
  • Kate Scholberg, Duke
  • Jenny Thomas, UCL
  • Charlie Young, SLAC
  • Sam Zeller, FNAL

Physics Working Group Minutes

Last modified: 04/17/2012