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OPMO Project Management Procedures

# Description *New* Procedures Updated 2013
(.doc versions have changes from 2009 versions highlighted
2009 Procedures
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Desktop Instructions
12.PM-001 Project WBS, OBS, RAM 001 V3-w/Changes 001 V2-PDF
12.PM-002 Control Accounts, Work Packages, Planning Packages 002 V4-w/Changes 002 V3-PDF
12.PM-003 Work Authorization 003 V4-w/Changes 003 V3-PDF
12.PM-004 Project Scheduling 004 V4-w/Changes 004 V3-PDF Desktop Instructions
12.PM-005 Cost Estimating 005 V4-w/Changes 005 V3-PDF
12.PM-006 Monthly Status Reporting 006 V5-w/Changes 006 V4-PDF Desktop Instructions
12.PM-007 Change Control 007 V4-w/Changes 007 V3-PDF Desktop Instructions
12.PM-008 EVMS Surveillance and Maintenance 008 V3-w/Changes 008 V2-PDF
12.PM-009 Risk Management - DRAFT
Future Project Value Engineering
Future Project Quality Management
Future Project Resource Planning
Future Project Communication Planning
Future Project Financial Management
Future Configuration Management
Future Project Procurement Management
Future Project Review Process

OPMO Administrative Procedures

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