Fermilab TodayThursday, August 28, 2003  

Thursday, August 28
2:30 pm Theoretical Physics Seminar - Curia II
Speaker: A. Belyaev, Florida State University
Title: Constrained mSUGRA Model in the Light of Focus Point Region: Direct DM Detection and Colliders Reach
3:30 pm Director's Coffee Break - 2nd Floor Crossover

Friday, August 29
3:30 pm Wine & Cheese - 2nd Floor Crossover

Thursday, August 28
Wild mushroom bisque
Shepards pie w/gravy $3.50
Fish and shrimp combo $4.75
Turkey and Swiss on a pretzel roll $4.75
Mexican burger $4.75

Eurest Dining Center Weekly Menu
Chez Leon
WeatherMostly Sunny 93º/68º

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SiDet annual picnic
Ken Schultz (left) and Jerry Judd (right) at SiDet's annual picnic yesterday.
Burgers, Brats and the Annual SiDet Picnic
Summer may be almost over, but there is still enough time for just one more picnic. Yesterday's heat and humidity did not stop SiDet's employees from enjoying a cookout of burgers and brats, followed by delicious carrot cake and peach cobbler. Fifty people attended the annual picnic held at the SiDet site.

SiDet's Marcel Demarteau said that picnics are a great way to celebrate SiDet's team spirit. "There are so many talented people here," said Demarteau. "We take pride in what we do and we can build anything."

(Sub)-Urban Legends at Fermilab
Everybody has heard the one about Fermilab's buffalo herd. According to local legend, the buffalo are living Geiger counters to warn of radioactivity. In fact, Fermilab's site does not present a radiation hazard, and contrary to the tale, the buffalo do not glow in the dark.
Fermilab's buffalo
But have you heard the one about why Kirk Road has so many emergency pull off areas for cars? Could it be because more cars break down on Kirk Road when the accelerator is running? What is your favorite Fermilab legend? Send your stories to Fermilab Today at today@fnal.gov to help us compile a list of the all-time best legends at Fermilab.

In the News
From Astrobiology Magazine, August 27, 2003
Alpha and Omega
Interview with Charles Seife : Part I

A particle collision in the STAR detector at Brookhaven.
A particle collision in
the STAR detector at
Brookhaven. (Photo
courtesy Brookhaven)
Astrobiology magazine had the opportunity to discuss 'how the universe began and how it will end' with Science magazine writer, Charles Seife. Seife is the author of a new book, Alpha and Omega, which describes how cosmologists today are trying to answer these age-old questions. Seife previously has written on the mathematical and cultural genesis of the number 'zero'. His latest adventures in cosmology bring a characteristic enthusiasm for a remarkable field undergoing a revolution.

One feature of this new cosmology is how powerful experiments and observations have combined to make what previously could only be speculated upon, into a set of testable hypotheses. For example, NASA's recent measurements of the universe's most 'ancient light' has revealed one of the earliest glimpses into how 'it' all might have begun.
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Accelerator Update
- Operations established two stores during this forty-eight hour period and delivered thirty-two hours and twenty minutes of luminosity to the experiments.
- A lightening strike caused the Tevatron to quench.
- Fermilab domestic water was off last night due to a leak. C0 and D0 domestic water still off.

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Fermilab Arts Series Announces 2003-2004 Season
The Fermilab Arts Series is pleased to announce its 2003-2004 Season! This year is one of our best ever, with internationally acclaimed artists ranging from Ladysmith Black Mambazo, New Grass Legend Sam Bush, and Preservation Hall Jazz Band to a special Baroque Christmas celebration with the Aulos Ensemble and guest Julianne Baird, soprano. Our Gallery Chamber Series is back - order tickets early as this has sold out every year! Tickets are on sale for these and all the other 2003/2004 Arts Series events by calling 630/840-ARTS weekdays from 9 - 4, closed for lunch.
more information

Fermilab Art Gallery
August 4, 2003 - October 30, 2003
Mode: Digital Images by Eric J. Heller
On September 3, 2003 Eric J.Heller will be giving a Colloquium lecture in Wilson Hall at 4:00 p.m. titled "Art Inspired by Science".
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International folk dancing special event
International folk dancing will hold a dance party with live music by Don Weeda, accordionist from Austin, Texas, who is in town for the Fox Valley Folk Festival. Weeda will play for request dancing from 7:30 to 10 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 28, at the American Legion Post in Geneva.

NALWO: End of Summer Picnic
NALWO's End of Summer Picnic will be on Friday, August 29 at 5:30 p.m. in the Kuhn Barn area. NALWO women, family and guests are invited to to an evening of supper and games. Bring food to grill and a dish to share. NALWO will provide charcoal grills, plates/cutlery, soft drinks and desserts. For more information, please contact Rose Moore at 208-9309.

Fermilab Wednesday Night Bowling League
FermiLab Wednesday night bowling league is looking for bowlers interested in joining the fall and winter league. The league starts on Sept. 3 at 5:30 P.M. Individuals and already formed teams are welcomed. The league bowls at Bowling Green Sports Center on Roosevelt Rd (Rt.38) 1 Mile West of Rt.59. This is a 30 week Non-Sanctioned League. For more information call either Sherry Kindelberger X4025 or Al Legan X4074

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