Fermilab TodayFriday, August 22, 2003  
Friday, August 22
3:30 pm Wine & Cheese - 2nd Floor Crossover
4:00 pm Joint Experimental Theoretical Physics Seminar - 1 West
Speaker: J. Link, Columbia University
Title: Future Measurements of sin2(2?13) at Nuclear Reactors
8:00 pm Fermilab International Film Society - Auditorium
Tickets: Adults $4
Title: Yin Shi Nan Nu (Eat Drink Man Woman)

Saturday, August 23
8:00 p.m. Fermilab Arts Series - Auditorium
Tickets: $20/$10
Corky Siegel's Chamber Blues with Special Guest Bonnie Koloc

Monday, August 25
3:30 pm Director's Coffee Break - 2nd Floor Crossover
4:00 pm All Experimenters' Meeting

Friday, August 22
Split pea soup
Chef's special $3.50
Shrimp Jambalaya $4.75
Gourmet sandwiche of the day $4.75
Three cheese burger $4.75

Eurest Dining Center Weekly Menu
Chez Leon
WeatherMostly Sunny 82º/58º

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Breaking News: Tevatron Achieves 225 Inverse Picobarns
At approximately 6:53 a.m. this morning, the Tevatron exceeded 225 inverse picobarns - the goal for this fiscal year. Peter Garbincius, the Beams Division deputy head, was very pleased. "Everyone in the Beams Division and the laboratory has worked very hard to achieve this goal," he said.

Virus Attack Continues; Patch Immediately
Feynman Computing Center Operations
Feynman Computing Center Operations
The Nachi/Welchia worm continues to pop up at FNAL and we find a number of systems vulnerable to the Microsoft RPC exploit from onsite addresses. Since the risk of infection is now very high onsite, this is declared to be a Critical Vulnerability. Patching this vulnerability is now MANDATORY. This worm selects first on the local subnet of its victim, so the fact that the vulnerable machines seem to cluster by subnet may indicate that they've just managed to avoid the scan so far rather than any particular immunity. If you're having trouble getting a DHCP address from a Windows machine, you may well be infected and blocked from the net. Seek help from the helpdesk at x2345 or helpdesk@fnal.gov

Systems that are not patched by noon Wednesday August 27 will be isolated from the network and not reconnected until a registered sysadmin verifies that current virus scanning has been done on the machine and that the machine has been patched against the MS RPC vulnerability (Microsoft Bulletin MS03-026). See instructions.

It is highly recommended that all appropriate Microsoft security patches be applied and that regular virus scanning with regularly updated virus signatures be performed.

Fermilab International and Silk & Thistle Dancers entertain at Folk Festival
Doug Jensen (Beams division) and Mady Newfield at the head of a set, dancing
Doug Jensen (Beams division) and Mady Newfield at the head of a set, dancing "Flowers of Edinburgh"
The folk and Scottish dancers in local groups are preparing for the Fox Valley Folk Festival this year with considerable excitement. The Festival takes place Sunday and Monday, Aug. 31 and Sept. 1, on Island Park in Geneva, and features dance performances and workshops, as well as a traditional barn dance.
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NALWO Hosts Coffee Hour
NALWO toddler
A NALWO member
in training
The laboratory's women's organization, NALWO, met for a social coffee morning yesterday at the Aspen East Patio organized by the Housing Office. About 20 women, many with young children, met and chatted over coffee, scones, doughnuts, and fruit. Open to women working at the laboratory and wives of employees, visiting physicists, and guests, NALWO's activities are especially useful to the wives of foreign visiting scientists who live on site. "It is a great place for them to meet each other and find out where things are," said Linda Olson-Roach of the Housing Office.

NALWO's members volunteer on all sorts of committees here. Last week, many of them acted as companions for wives of physicists attending the Lepton-Photon Symposium. NALWO also sponsors English classes at the Users Center for foreign visitors. "We need more volunteers to arrange even more activities," said Rose Moore, the NALWO president.

Bill Griffing (left) with Liz May and Minnie Koch at the ES&H fiesta
Bill Griffing (left) with Liz May (middle) and Minnie Koch (right) at the ES&H fiesta
ES&H Celebrates at Safety Picnic
The theme was "Fiesta", but that would be obvious to anyone who happened to step into the Kuhn Barn yesterday where ES&H had its annual picnic. As the temperature soared to 93 degrees outside on one of the hottest days of the year, about 50 people enjoyed mouthwatering tacos, burritos, and frijoles, killing the heat and spice with fresh fruit salad and cold drinks. Bill Griffing, head of ES&H, thanked his section for going through a record 960 days without serious injury. Gerald Brown, the laboratory's associate director, also attended the event.

In the News
From Physics World, August 2003
How particles can be therapeutic
By Matthew Chalmers
Proton Therapy (Photo Courtesy PSI)
Proton Therapy
(Photo Courtesy PSI)
Until a cure for cancer is found, about one in three of us will probably have to undergo surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy at some point in our lives. Traditional radiotherapy uses X-rays to target cancerous tissue, but there is growing interest in using particles instead. Beams of hadrons, such as protons, neutrons and ions, offer important advantages over X-ray radiotherapy. Their clinical applications, however, are much less widespread.
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SoBig Virus
Since the onslaught of the SoBig virus began Sunday night the FNAL email gateways have stopped over 40,000 copies of the virus from getting onsite! The daily number continues to grow and some of you may notice a longer delay in receiving email from offsite. Please be patient as we weather this 'viral epidemic' of unwanted email.

Butterfly Walk - August 22
Tom Peterson will lead a butterfly walk at noon on Friday, August 22. Meet at the Interpretive Trail parking area on Pine Street. No signup necessary. The group will walk on the mowed trail in the prairie and woods. It is a moderately strenuous walk. Mosquito repellant is recommended. The woods/prairie edge hosts a nice variety of butterflies at this time of year. Please call (x4458) or tommy@fnal.gov if you have questions about the walk.

Window Washing - 8/25
Window washing for the exterior of Wilson Hall will begin on Monday, August 25. Scaffolds will be set up on Friday, August 22. Please avoid walking underneath the scaffolds. The window washing is expected to take two weeks. For more information, please call Enixe at x2798.

Fermilab International Film Series - 8/22
Title: Yin Shi Nan Nu (Eat Drink Man Woman)
Tickets: $4 (adults)
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Fermilab Arts Series - 8/23
Corky Siegel's Chamber Blues with Bonnie Koloc
Tickets: $20/$10
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Village Pool Schedule
Due to personnel shortages the pool will be closed Monday, August 25 through Thursday, August 28. The pool will re-open on Friday, August 29. The pool will close Labor Day weekend, Monday, September 1 at 5 PM.

Fermilab Habitat Restoration Volunteers - 8/23
This Saturday, August 23, meet at Roads & Grounds, site 37, at 8:00 am. We will work on clearing brush on the driveway at the Witherell's residence and cut down some small trees.
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