Fermilab TodayThursday, August 7, 2003  
Thursday, August 7
2:30 pm Theoretical Physics Seminar - Curia II
Speaker: A. Falkowski, University of Warsaw
Title: 4D Techniques of Calculating Loop Corrections in Higher Dimensions
3:30 pm Director's Coffee Break - 2nd Floor Crossover

Friday, August 8
3:30 pm Director's Coffee Break - 2nd Floor Crossover
4:00 pm Joint Experimental Theoretical Physics Seminar - 1 West
Speakers: A. Dominguez, Berkeley Lab, R. Kehoe, Michigan State
Title: New Run II Results

Thursday, August 7
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Art exhibit with science inspiration
Artwork from Fermilab Art Gallery
Two of the artworks in the Fermilab Art Gallery.
Eric Heller, professor of chemistry and physics at Harvard, communicates his research through graphic images drawn on the computer. An exhibit of his work, "Mode," is on display in the Art Gallery on the Wilson Hall second floor crossover through Oct. 30.

Heller will also offer the Colloquium presentation on Wed., Sept. 3, at 4 pm in 1 West. In "Art Inspired by Science," Heller will describe his view of nature repeating itself in the invisible quantum world of fundamental particles. For example, in the flow of electrons in quantum dots he sees a branching bush, or perhaps a cluster of kelp when viewed from a different angle.

Too Much Caffeine
"Too Much Caffeine," a two-hour musical comedy by former Fermilab physicist Steve Delchamps, is running from Aug. 1 to 17 at the First Street Playhouse in Batavia. Delchamps left the lab in 1996 to pursue a PhD in English. "Caffeine" explores the careers, struggles and romantic aspirations of high school teachers.

"Artistic work is collaborative, and working at Fermilab taught me how to work in a collaboration. Working on my play is like working on a small experiment," said Delchamps, who invites Fermilab friends and colleagues to come see what "old Steve" is up to. Tickets are at $10 each. For reservations call 630-406-6367.

In the News
On 8/5/03, Space.com reported on results obtained by SDSS:
Shadow of Mystery Force Seen in New Study
Whereas gravity attracts, dark energy repels. Theorists have no clue what's behind this antigravity, but they say it fuels an increased pace by which all galaxies in the universe recede from one another. The end result, as best as they can figure, is a lonely universe in which folks in one galaxy can no longer see or hear from the folks in other galaxies because they're moving away at the speed of light. "In recent years we are finding that most of the stuff in our universe is abnormal in that it is gravitationally repulsive rather than gravitationally attractive," said Albert Stebbins of Fermilab.
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Avoid parking and lunch crunch
Parking at Fermilab
More than 700 scientists will attend the Lepton-Photon Symposium at Fermilab. Although the first session won't begin until Monday, Aug. 11, at 8:30 a.m., lab employees will soon begin to see some changes.

"On Friday, tents will start going up around Ramsey Auditorium and at the far west parking lot, which will close this lot to employees," said Elaine Phillips, head for Support Services. "There will be trucks blocking parking spots at various locations. Overflow parking exists at the Lederman Center and in a temporary lot at A-1 in the Main Ring."

Conference participants will break for lunch every day at 12:45 p.m., and lab employees are encouraged to eat before then. On Monday, the cafeteria will close at 1:00 p.m. to prepare for the conference reception.

Vicky White
Vicky White
From the Head of Computing Division
On Tuesday, Aug. 5, at about 8 am the Feynman Computing Center suffered a power outage. This was due to the failure of one of FCC's Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) systems during the regular first-Tuesday-of-the-month generator testing exercise. Most systems were up and running again by noon. The Computing Division regrets the interruption. The reason for the UPS failure is under investigation. The test, in which the building load is moved to generator power for a brief interval and then back, is required by the generator manufacturer for maintenance.
Accelerator Update
- The Tevatron suffered quenches, closure, orbit, and quadrupole troubles
- A Feynman Computer Center power outage caused network problems
- Operations established two stores during the last forty-eight hours. They delivered approximately twenty-three hours and twenty-one minutes of luminosity to the experiments.

View the current accelerator update
View the Tevatron Luminosity Charts

Power Outages:
--Thursday, August 7: 8:30 am to 12:30 pm, NEB (NL8)
--Friday, August 8: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, NS4 Service building, NW9, NWA, NE9 (NL6)

Special movie screening
On Friday, 8/15, at 2:00 p.m., Ramsey Auditorium, French film-maker Michel Andrieu will introduce and show his documentary "The Ultimate Particle - A Road Movie of Particle Physics." The 60-min. film contains lots of footage shot at Fermilab in May 2002.

Upcoming Training Courses
August 18 - Word 2000 Intro
August 21 - Excel Intro
August 25 - MS Access 2000 Intermediate
August 28 - FileMaker Pro Intro
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Science and SciFi Authors wanted
Aurora hosts the Midwest Literary Festival Sept. 13-14, 2003. Interested authors can contact April Arrecis at SciTech, 630-859-3434, ext. 229.

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