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Budker Seminar 9/14/15
Please join us at 5:00 pm in the User's Center for the Budker Seminar Sergey Antipov from the University of Chicago will be the speaker. FREE pizza and beverages will be served. Title of his talk: Study of fast instability in Recycler

FermiWorks update Saturday, September 12
The FermiWorks human capital management system will be updated to Workday version 25. The update will occur from Friday, September 11, at midnight until Saturday, September 12, at 5 p.m. CDT. FermiWorks will be unavailable during this time. Following the update, you may notice some minor changes in the user interface, but the functionality will remain the same. It is recommended that after the update, you log in to FermiWorks and check your inbox for any actions required. Also, please use this opportunity to add or update your emergency contact.

PowerPoint 2013: Introduction / Intermediate scheduled December 3
Individuals wishing to learn the art of presentation skills should consider enrolling in this one day computer training. For more information and to enroll visit http://www-esh.fnal.gov/pls/default/schedule.show_course_details?cid=9293

Excel 2013: Level 2/Intermediate scheduled October 8
Individuals with basic knowledge of Excel and those who have experience creating worksheets and charts but could use additional benefits should enroll in this one day computer training. For more information and to enroll visit http://www-esh.fnal.gov/pls/default/schedule.show_course_details?cid=9291

Access 2013: Level 2 / Intermediate scheduled October 7
This one day computer training class is for individuals responsible for creating new databases, the designing of tables and relationships, intermediate level queries, forms, reports, and data access pages. For more information and to enroll visit http://www-esh.fnal.gov/pls/default/schedule.show_course_details?cid=9259

Innovation Fund Deadline Moved
Reminder, Innovation Fund applications due 9/11 at 11 a.m.. In order to ensure that applications are processed before the deadline and reviewed in a timely manner, please complete our application online: https://www.younoodle.com/competitions/the_university_of_chicago_innovation_fund1 Please find a recording of the IF session and slides: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxlD5nY6wls and http://today.anl.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/44/2015/08/IF-PI-Process-Overview-Info-Sessions-Final.pdf Questions: Wolfgang Connell, wolfgangc16@uchicago.edu, 773-702-8136, or cie.uchicago.edu or sign up at https://calendly.com/jpariso/innovation-fund-application-q-a/09-09-2015.

Open-Studio with Lindsay Olson on Friday 3-5pm
Olson will show works inspired by the Standard Model, neutrinos, dark matter and accelerator operations. She will speak informally about her projects and process at the Open-Studio event in the Art Gallery on Friday 9/11 from 3-5pm.

Back Pain & Spine Surgery Prevention Lunch & Learn
Are you suffering from chronic back pain or facing spine surgery? Join us for an educational workshop to learn about a rapid recovery benefit that eliminates pain while preventing surgeries, injections, and other invasive care. Also learn how injuries and conditions occur, and what you can do to impact your own recovery. Thursday, September 24th from 12-1pm, Wilson Hall, 2nd Floor, Curia II. Lunch will be provided. Limited to 25 attendees. Must RSVP to Megan Diehm at Megan.Diehm@Airrosti.com.

English country dancing, September 27, in Kuhn Barn
English country dancing will be held Sunday, September 27, at Kuhn Village Barn. The program starts with dances for experienced dancers at 1 p.m., and dances for everyone from 2 to 5 p.m. Newcomers are always welcome to join this social and accessible sort of dancing. We will dance to live music by Old Fezziwig's Band. The group meets monthly, year-round, and is looking forward to a special October weekend with the nation's most famous English dance musicians, Bare Necessities. For more information visit http://chicagolandecd.org or contact folkdance@fnal.gov.

Fermi Society of Philosophy, A. Burov, "Posthumous Interview of Karl Popper", WH4NW, Sep 10, 12:00
Four years past Popper's death, "Skeptic" published his interview, given in 1969 under a condition of non-disclosure during the philosopher’s life. This text appears to be indispensable for understanding the philosophy and personality of Sir Karl. Everybody is welcome, feel free to come with your lunch. https://fermisocietyofphilosophy.wordpress.com/ burov@fnal.gov.

Fermilab Chess Club seeking new players
The Fermilab Chess Club is looking for chess players for the new season, which is starting this month and runs through May. We play in a league that encompasses the Chicago area and other teams in our (West) division include those from local companies, Argonne Laboratory, and a number of chess clubs. Last year we were the top team in the division. We typically have a match every 3-4 weeks, alternating between home (Fermi) and away. A match consists of six boards, with the board strengths typically ranging from (USCF) 1200 to 2200. We also get together sometimes during the lunch hour for speed chess and to review recent match games. If interested, please contact Lenny Spiegel at lenny@fnal.gov or x2809.

Interpersonal Communication Skills scheduled October 20
This course is for employees that would like to increase awareness of their communication skills and personality type. It will help the participant develop the skills for more productive work relationships. For more information and to enroll visit http://www-esh.fnal.gov/pls/default/schedule.show_course_details?cid=2865

Managing Conflict (am only) scheduled November 4
This class is for individuals who want to boost their conflict management skills. Learn to accept and manage conflict more effectively. Upon completing this half day class, you will be able to identify your default conflict management style, how to capitalize on various conflict management styles, accept conflict as an inevitable part of all work situations, be aware of the positive and negative byproducts of conflict on the job, understand how to establish a cooperative atmosphere in which to resolve conflicts as they arise, learn and practice a step-by-step collaborative approach to resolving conflict. Enroll here http://www-esh.fnal.gov/pls/default/schedule.show_course_details?cid=1865

Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) end of life December 14
Starting December 14, the Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) operating system will no longer be supported by Apple and therefore, will no longer receive security updates. Fermilab-owned computers, by laboratory policy, must run vendor-supported operating systems to avoid security risks. Mac OS X 10.8 users must submit a Service Desk ticket at https://fermi.service-now.com/fsc/ to have their computer upgraded to OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) before December 14. After that date, any computer running OS X 10.8 will be blocked from accessing the Fermilab network. If you have any questions, please contact the Service Desk.

Python Programming Basics scheduled for October 14, 15 and 16, 2015
Learn the basics of Python programming and become proficient enough to apply the language for day to day tasks. For more information and to enroll, visit http://www-esh.fnal.gov/pls/default/schedule.show_course_details?cid=3647

Python Programming Advanced on December 9, 10 and 11, 2015
This course is for individuals who have basic Python Programming skills and are interested in learning intermediate and advanced skills. For more information and to enroll, visit http://www-esh.fnal.gov/pls/default/schedule.show_course_details?cid=3691 .

Workshop on the Future Linear Colliders (LCWS15) hosted by TRIUMF will be held from 2-6 November 2015 in Whistler
The workshop will be devoted to the study of the physics case for a high energy linear electron-positron collider, taking into account the recent results from the LHC, and to review the progress in the detector and accelerator designs for both ILC and CLIC projects. The workshop website is http://lcws15.triumf.ca/index.html. Deadline for early registration is September 28, 2015.

Scottish country dancing moves to Kuhn Barn Tuesdays evenings after Labor Day
Scottish country dancing will meet on Sept. 1 at Ramsey Auditorium in Wilson Hall, then move after Labor Day, beginning Sept. 8, to Kuhn Village Barn for the fall season. Dancing is held weekly from 7:30 to 10 p.m. Newcomers are always welcome and are paired with experienced dancers -- no need to come with a partner. For more information email folkdance@fnal.gov or check http://www.fnal.gov/orgs/scottishdance/ or call 630-840-8194 or 630-584-0825.

International folk dancing returns to Kuhn Barn Thursday evenings after Labor Day
nternational folk dancing will meet on Sept. 3 in Ramsey Auditorium, then will move back to Kuhn Village Barn for the fall season, beginning Sept. 10. Dancing is held weekly, Thursday evenings, from 7:30 to 10 p.m. Newcomers are always welcome. There is instruction and dances for children and newer dancers early in the evening and request dancing later on. Many of the dances are lines and circles, with no partners needed. For more information, email folkdance@fnal.gov or check http://www.fnal.gov/orgs/folkdance/ or call 630-584-0825 or 630-232-9089

Fermilab Board Game Guild
The Fermilab Board Game Guild meets every Tuesday at the User's Center from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Everyone is welcome, and no connection with Fermilab is required. Board games played include, but are not limited to, Puerto Rico, Ticket To Ride, Seven Wonders, Stone Age, Attica, Alhambra, Citadels, and many more. Attendance for the full four hours is not required. Come and go as you please. Any questions, e-mail wmtan@fnal.gov or x5228

Fermilab Lecture Series presents Visualizing the Future of Biomedicine - Sep.18 at 8pm
Huge computing advances have created the need to make corresponding progress in our ability to understand large amounts of information arising from multiple sources. To understand and use the vast amounts of information being produced is one of the greatest scientific challenges of the 21st Century. Visual computing, which takes advantage of the interplay among techniques of visualization, large-scale computing, data management, and imaging, is fundamental to understanding models of complex phenomena, which are often multi-disciplinary in nature. Dr. Johnson provides examples of visual computing as applied to important problems in biomedicicine, tickets $7 - www.fnal.gov/culture or x ARTS

Fermilab Arts Series presents 10,000 Maniacs!
The marvelous closing (Hey Jack Kerouac) sent the crowd away feeling fulfilled and elated to spend the Saturday night with 10,000 Maniacs. It is not often music fans have the opportunity to experience an influential band such as 10,000 Maniacs in such an intimate setting. It can not be understated the impact the band had on Alternative Rock during the 1980s, and thankfully their legacy still continues all these years later. – Cryptic Rock. Join us for 10,000 Maniacs. One of the most significant bands for the last twenty years will play old favorites and new music on Sat., Sept. 26 at 8pm. Tix are just $39/$20 for ages 18 & under, info & tix at www.fnal.gov/culture or call 630/840.ARTS

English country dancing Sunday, August 23, at Kuhn Barn
English country dancing will be held Sunday, August 23, at Kuhn Village Barn. The program starts with dances for experienced dancers at 1 p.m., and dances for everyone from 2 to 5 p.m. Newcomers are always welcome to join this social and accessible sort of dancing. We will dance to beautiful recorded music. Next month's dance, on September 27, will feature live music by Old Fezziwig's Band. The group meets monthly, year-round, and is looking forward to a special October weekend with the nation's most famous English dance musicians, Bare Necessities. For more information visit http://chicagolandecd.org or contact folkdance@fnal.gov.

Fermilab Prairie Plant Survey
Be a field scientist along with Fermilab docents to help monitor prairie restoration. Learn to identify plants, map a prairie quadrat, and gather data that will be used to help track the progress of the prairie. Join us on one or more of the following dates: Saturday, August 15, or Saturday, September 19, 9:00 AM – 11:30 AM. A complete schedule of sessions and registration information can be found at http://ed.fnal.gov/programs/quadrat. For more information, contact edreg@fnal.gov or x8258.

September AEM Meeting date change
The All Experimenters' Meeting in September will meet on Monday, September 14, 2015. This is a change from what was previously announced because Sept. 7th is Labor Day and a holiday at Fermilab. Please make a note of this new meeting date.