Wednesday, Dec. 3, 2014

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Wednesday, Dec. 3

SeaQuest Academy - WH7XO
Speaker: Craig Roberts, Argonne National Laboratory
Title: Strong-Coupling QCD and the Ins and Outs of Bound States

3:30 p.m.
Director's Coffee Break - WH2XO

4 p.m.
Fermilab Colloquium - One West
Speaker: Chris Quigg, Fermilab
Title: Celebrating Quarkonium: The First Forty Years

Thursday, Dec. 4

2 p.m.
Neutrino Seminar - WH8XO
Speaker: Ornella Palamara, Fermilab
Title: Fermilab Short Baseline Neutrino Program

2:30 p.m.
Theoretical Physics Seminar - Curia II
Speaker: Bridget Bertoni, University of Washington
Title: Dark Matter-Neutrino Interactions: Implications of Solving Small-Scale Structure Problems

3:30 p.m.
Director's Coffee Break - WH2XO

4 p.m.
All Experimenters' Meeting - Curia II

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Wilson Hall Cafe

Wednesday, Dec. 3

- Breakfast: breakfast pizza
- Breakfast: ham, egg and cheese English muffin
- Gyro
- Baked pork chops
- Chicken cacciatore
- California club wrap
- Chicken BLT salad
- Texas-style chili
- Three bean overland soup
- Assorted calzones

Wilson Hall Cafe menu

Chez Leon

Wednesday, Dec. 3
- Beef bourguignon
- Parsley buttered egg noodles
- Apple walnut cake with cream chantilly

Friday, Dec. 5
- Spinach and strawberry salad
- Lobster tail with champagne butter sauce
- Spaghetti squash with scallions
- Grilled asparagus
- Cold lemon souffle

Chez Leon menu
Call x3524 to make your reservation.


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In Brief

Czech Republic government representatives visit Fermilab

Fermilab Director Nigel Lockyer, right, welcomes Jan Hamáček, left, speaker of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, and Borek Lizec, consul general of the Czech Republic in Chicago. Photo: Reidar Hahn
Mark Messier, left, professor at Indiana University and co-spokesperson of the NOvA neutrino experiment, speaks to Jan Hamáček, speaker of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. Photo: Reidar Hahn
Milos Lokajicek of the Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic addresses the Czech delegation and introduces Czech scientists who collaborate on Fermilab experiments. Photo: Reidar Hahn

Last month representatives from the Czech parliament and government visited Fermilab. The Czech delegation met with the Fermilab management team and learned about the laboratory's program.

Deputy Director Joe Lykken highlighted the 20-year history of Czech scientists collaborating on Fermilab experiments, including DZero and NOvA. The visitors met with Czech scientists at Fermilab and toured the Minos underground area.


Employees receive degrees through Fermilab Tuition Assistance Program

Fermilab supports the continuing education development of employees through the Tuition Assistance Program.

Four Fermilab employees recently received degrees through the Fermilab Tuition Assistance Program. They are, top row, from left: Kevin Coppert, FESS, M.A. in organizational leadership; Donald Friend, PPD, A.A. in industrial technology. Bottom row, from left: Donald Kerbs, ESH&Q, A.A. in fire service management; Marcia Teckenbrock, OCIO, M.A. in writing and publishing.

In the News

What's an artist doing at Fermilab?

From Scientific American, Nov. 29, 2014

When a revered research institution reaches out to a fine artist to create its first ever artist-in-residency program, we should all sit up and take notice. This month, Fermilab, the celebrated particle physics research laboratory, announced a year-long partnership with artist Lindsay Olson. For those of us invested in promoting collaborations between artists and scientists, this is a thrilling announcement.

Read more

In the News

High-intensity proton accelerator successfully demonstrated at Berkeley Lab

From Today at Berkeley Lab, Dec. 2, 2014

Last month, a team of engineers and physicists from Berkeley Lab and collaborators from the Institute of Modern Physics (IMP), Chinese Academy of Sciences in Lanzhou, China, demonstrated the successful operation of a high-intensity continuous-wave linear particle accelerator. This linac, called a Radio Frequency Quadrupole (RFQ), reached 10 mA beam current at 2.1 MeV with an operating frequency of 162.5 MHz. This is currently the highest-intensity proton RFQ in operation. IMP plans to use the RFQ as an injector for the Chinese Accelerator Driven System project, a research-and-development effort to shorten the half-life of nuclear waste by bombarding it with high-energy protons.

Read more

From the Finance Section

A little effort can go a long way

Michael Rhoades

Michael Rhoades, chief accounting officer, wrote this column.

Mondays always seem a bit challenging. Not only is the weekend over, but it is time to go back to work. We have to submit our weekly timecard by 10 a.m. and our supervisor has to approve the timecard by noon — week, after week, after week. Yep, that is what we have to do ... and your efforts go a long way.

By meeting the deadlines in the Fermilab Time and Labor system, the Payroll Department can perform the weekly and monthly payroll process in a timely way, which in turn allows your salary and benefit payments to be made on time. The week goes by very quickly, and if Monday timecard submission and approval is delayed, it results in spending more time following up on outstanding timecards.

The FRA Internal Audit office reports that for the time period from July 1, 2013, through June 30, 2014, approximately 94,200 timecards were processed. Over 99 percent of the timecards were approved by the noon deadline, an improvement over the previous year, but approximately 850 were not, which required extensive follow-up and manual approvals. FermiDash also reports our on-time weekly electronic timecard approval for laboratory management and DOE.

The weekly timecard also includes effort reporting, where employees charge projects and tasks or activities for the work they performed during the week. Accuracy is extremely important. The labor costs from the timecards are reported in the laboratory's financial information at week's end, so it is important to report your time accurately each week. If errors occur or effort reporting is delayed, laboratory management could receive an incomplete view of the financial position of their programs, projects and activities, which in some cases can even lead to work stoppages. The true and complete financial view is always the best.

Oh, and with the upcoming December holidays (login required), timecards need to be submitted and approved earlier than the normal Monday schedule.

Thanks for your assistance with this simple but very important task.

Photo of the Day

Foil hats?

These connectors, covered with foil, can be seen in the Transfer Gallery. The high-frequency, high power connectors allow big cables to be hooked up to kicker magnets. The foil is on them to protect them from the dust in the environment. Photo: Elliott McCrory, AD
Safety Update

ESH&Q weekly report, Dec. 2

This week's safety report, compiled by the Fermilab ESH&Q Section, contains one incident.

The chlorine level upstream of national pollutant discharge elimination system outfall 002 measured 0.29 milligrams/liter; the permitted limit is 0.05 mg/L. The Fermi Site Office and Fermilab notified the Illinois EPA within 24 hours of discovery. Since the system was shut down, chlorine levels at the outfall dropped to 0.04 mg/L.

See the full report.


Today's New Announcements

RSVP for Fermilab Family Holiday Party by Dec. 5

Reduced Shakespeare Company's Ultimate Christmas Show (abridged) - Dec. 6

Opera concert at Fermilab by international artists - Dec. 7

Artist reception - Dec. 12

No on-site prescription safety eyewear - Dec. 24 and 31

SeaQuest Academy: Craig Roberts - Strong-Coupling QCD - today

Goal Setting in FermiWorks course - Dec. 4

Zumba Fitness registration due Dec. 4

NALWO winter coffee and tea - Dec. 8

HEPAP meeting available by ReadyTalk - Dec. 8-9

Wilson Hall Super Science Stocking Stuffer Sale - Dec. 10-11

Fidelity town hall meetings this week

Scottish country dancing Tuesday evenings at Kuhn Barn

International folk dancing Thursdays evenings at Kuhn Barn

Indoor soccer

Norris Recreation Center discount for employees