Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2011

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Wednesday, Sept. 14
3:30 p.m.

Thursday, Sept. 15
2:30 p.m.
Theoretical Physics Seminar - Curia II
Speaker: Jamie Gainer, Argonne National Laboratory/Northwestern University
Title: The Matrix Element Method for Higgs Discovery and Spin Determination
3:30 p.m.

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Wilson Hall Cafe

Wednesday, Sept. 14

- Breakfast: English muffin sandwich
- Smart cuisine: Chicken noodle soup
- Steak sandwich
- Smart cuisine: Maple dijon salmon
- Smart cuisine: Mongolian beef
- California club
- Assorted sliced pizza
- Chicken pesto pasta

Wilson Hall Cafe Menu

Chez Leon

Wednesday, Sept. 14
- Buttermilk pecan chicken
- Sweet potatoes
- Sautéed zucchini
- Apple crisp cake

Friday, Sept. 16

Chez Leon Menu
Call x3524 to make your reservation.


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Resonance: Rhythm and flow

This is one woodcut and drawn image by artist Kwang Jean Park. Image courtesy of Kwang Jean Park

Contemporary artist Kwang Jean Park’s work is currently on display in the Fermilab Art Gallery on the second floor of Wilson Hall. An artist reception will take place today, from 5 to 7 p.m.

A unique harmony of science and art resonates through the abstract work of contemporary artist Kwang Jean Park. Using woodcut and hand drawings on paper or mixed media on canvas, Park conveys the beauty and the unknown in what she calls the “true substance of nature.” Park’s exhibit will be on display in the Fermilab Art Gallery through Oct. 29.

“Scientists want to explore where we came from, where the universe came from,” Andrew Bae, a Chicago gallery owner and Park’s representative of 20 years, said. “Park is pursuing the same goal, but in a metaphysical and spiritual sense.”

Fermilab’s art gallery curator Georgia Schwender stumbled upon Park’s work in Bae’s gallery.

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Ashley WennersHerron

Save the Date

Reminder: Tevatron shutdown event - Sept. 30

On Friday, Sept. 30, the Tevatron will shut down for the last time after 28 years of operation at the frontiers of particle physics.

All employees and users are invited to watch a broadcast of the activities that will take place in the CDF and DZero control rooms and in the Main Control Room as the collider and experiments are shut down. Fermilab Director Pier Oddone will host the broadcast, which will begin at 2 p.m. Employees are invited to watch the broadcast from Ramsey Auditorium, or online.

A lab-wide party in celebration of the Tevatron will take place from 3-5 p.m. in Wilson Hall and the surrounding area. More information and details will soon be available online.

In the News

Sanford Lab hires new director

From Black Hills Pioneer, Sept. 13, 2011

Dr. Kevin Lesko once described Mike Headley as the “star of the show” in his capacity as the project director with the DUSEL team. Now Headley will lead the Sanford Lab team as its new laboratory director.

Dr. Jose Alonso previously held the position before he retired in 2009. Since then the position has not been filled, and Sanford Lab Executive Director Ron Wheeler has been overseeing lab operations. Under the new leadership plan, Wheeler will focus on maintaining political relationships and working with the S.D. Science and Technology Authority board, which manages the Sanford Lab. Headley, as the laboratory director, will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the facility, including construction projects, science developments, and acting as the liaison between the Sanford Lab and other key agencies such as the Department of Energy. Headley will also interact with key players from Fermilab and the Long Baseline Neutrino Experiment Collaboration (LBNE), as well as other members of the DUSEL team, to help facilitate the development of the LBNE experiment, which the Department of Energy has named as one of its top priorities for the lab.

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In the News

Shedding light on the mystery of dark matter

From Nature News, Sept. 13, 2011

New findings spotlight conflicting results from search for elusive theoretical particles.

Physicists last week announced evidence that particles of dark matter — the invisible, hypothetical material believed to make up more than 80% of the mass of the Universe — may have a lower mass than suspected. The results, posted on the arXiv preprint server, match findings from some experiments but contradict others.

What are the findings?

The researchers, including Godehard Angholer at the Max Planck Institute of Physics in Munich, Germany, focused on candidate dark-matter particles called WIMPs — weakly interacting massive particles. The team analysed data from the CRESST II experiment housed at the Gran Sasso National Laboratory deep beneath the Italian Apennine Mountains.

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MI8 plaque ceremony - Sept. 13

On Sept. 13, representatives from Fermilab's Directorate, Accelerator Division, BSS, FESS and general contractor R.C. Wegman Construction celebrated the completion of the Main Injector-8 Service Building addition with the dedication of a plaque. The addition, which consolidated two Accelerator Division Target Hall Operations Groups into one support facility, was completed with funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Photo: Cindy Arnold
Photo of the Day

Fermilab director takes a cosmic ray shower

Fermilab director Pier Oddone participates in the official unveiling of the new cosmic ray exhibit at the Lederman Science Center on Sept. 7. Photo: Reidar Hahn
Special Announcement

Special Tevatron Chez Leon dinner - Sept. 29

Chez Leon will have a special buffet dinner at 6 p.m. on Sept. 29, at a reduced rate of $24 per dinner. In light of many visiting scientists convening at Fermilab the last few days of September, it might be a good time to dine informally with others you haven't seen for a while.


  • Cream of broccoli & cheddar soup
  • Field greens w/ tomatoes, red onion, asiago cheese & balsamic vinaigrette
  • Oven-roasted turkey w/ sage & onion stuffing
  • Teriyaki flank steak w/ lemon grass rice
  • Pasta w/ spinach & mushrooms in an alfredo sauce
  • Green beans almandine
  • Glazed carrots
  • Special dessert table

Call x3524 by Tuesday, Sept. 27 for reservations. You must make reservations for this dinner.

Safety Update

ES&H weekly report, Sept. 13

This week's safety report, compiled by the Fermilab ES&H section, includes four incidents. One was recordable. Two separate employees twisted their ankles while walking on gravel. Both required first-aid treatment. A third employee required first-aid treatment for a sore and swollen ankle after falling on the stairs in Wilson Hall. A fourth employee fractured their ankle while getting out of a work truck.

Find the full report here.

Latest Announcements

Visa Office closure - Sept. 26-30

Bohr and Heisenberg at Elgin Arts Theatre - Sept. 16-25

OrgPlus URL change

Web query (crystal reports) server name change

Artist reception- today

Argentine Tango in Ramsey Auditoium - today and 21

ACU presents "Retire On Your Terms" - Sept. 15

Fermilab Arts Series presents Inca Son: Music and Dance of the Andes - Sept. 17

Fermilab Lecture Series presents "The LHC Voyage of Discovery" - Sept. 23

Introduction to LabVIEW course - Sept. 27

Weight Watchers at work

Accelerate to a Healthy Lifestyle Program continues

Athletic leagues: Outdoor soccer Tuesdays and Thursdays

Bowlers wanted for 2011/2012 bowling season

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