Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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Tuesday, March 1

Wednesday, March 2
4 p.m.
Fermilab Colloquium - One West
Speaker: Michael Ramsey-Musolf, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Title: Fundamental Symmetries of the Early Universe and the Precision Frontier

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Tuesday, March 1

- Bagel sandwich
- Creamy turkey vegetable soup
- Chili dog
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- Chicken cacciatore
- Italian panini with provolone
- Assorted sliced pizza
- Super burrito

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Chez Leon

Wednesday, March 2
- Chicken Marbella
- Green rice
- Sautéed zucchini with coriander chutney
- Caramel chocolate cheesecake

Friday, March 4
- Closed

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Mentors needed for Fermilab summer programs

An undergraduate student in the Summer Internships in Science and Technology internship program gives her presentation in 2009. Photo: Cindy Arnold.

Each summer, a few dozen undergraduate and high school students from around the world convene on Fermilab to participate in various internship programs.

These programs, which range in length from six-12 weeks, succeed largely in part because of the dedicated individuals who give their time to mentoring these students, said Carol Angarola, internship program coordinator in Fermilab’s Education Office.

To make this summer’s programs as successful as previous years, Fermilab needs volunteers to train and supervise these students. Employees and users working at the laboratory for at least half of the internship’s duration can volunteer as mentors.

For more information on Fermilab’s internship programs, please visit the Education Office’s internship website.

If you have an idea for a project that could be addressed during the summer, or if you would like to volunteer your time as a mentor, please contact Erik Ramberg, Roger Dixon, Eric Prebys or Carol Angarola. For questions about Fermilab's Summer Internships in Science and Technology program, contact Jamieson Olsen For information on the Target internship program, please contact Sandra Charles.

-- Rhianna Wisniewski

From Quantum Diaries - TRIUMF

Holy trinity: research, innovation, and commercialization

Feb. 21, 2011

We worked last week to finalize and submit a position paper to the Government of Canada as part of their “Expert Review Panel on Federal Support to Research & Development.” Our thesis was that national laboratories, especially those that span the spectrum from basic research to applied technology, are a natural environment for the academic scientists to mingle with hard-nosed business people…the result — better understanding, more-aligned expectations, and ultimately, easier partnerships for identifying the good ideas and taking them to market.

So, for fun, here are some excerpts from our contentions.

One of the compelling drivers for public investment in research and development is the hoped-for outcome of economic growth through innovation, knowledge transfer, and commercialization of new products or technologies. The natural timescales for these benefits are often much longer than individual businesses can afford. In the modern world of the 21st century, nations are increasingly concerned about optimizing these economic benefits of R&D for their own citizens as well as competing successfully with other countries around the world.

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In the News

Cut the budget but don't kill jobs and research, Durbin says

From Chicago Tribune, Feb. 28, 2011

U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin toured Argonne National Laboratory on Monday to draw attention to proposed federal spending cuts that he said "will kill jobs, kill research and kill the competitive edge that America needs to succeed in the 21st century."

Durbin, D.-Ill., and Argonne Lab Director Eric Isaacs and Fermilab Director Pier Oddone were among about 50 people touring parts of Argonne's Advanced Photon Source, the hemisphere's most powerful X-ray machine that allows scientists to examine materials at the atomic level.

The Chicago area's two national laboratories in recent weeks have mounted a public awareness campaign aimed at maintaining research at the facilities, which lab leaders say would be severely hampered if a proposed U.S. House Republican budget aimed at reducing the federal government's budget deficit gains full approval.

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In the News

Fermilab sparks kids’ interest in science

From Daily Herald, Feb. 27, 2011

Naperville Central High School teacher Katherine Seguino said that when she studied math and physics in college, very few women were in the program.

“It was an anomaly for a woman like me to have that kind of double major,” Seguino said. “I sometimes felt like the token female in the class.”

Seguino was happy, then, to see the Naperville Central club GEMS — Girl Engineers, Mathematicians and Scientists — draw a big crowd at the Family Open House held Sunday at Fermilab in Batavia.

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Director's Corner


The Honorable Richard Durbin visited Argonne National Laboratory on Monday, Feb. 28. Photo: Courtesy of Argonne National Laboratory

During the last week we have had two important visits by our legislators. Last week the Honorable Randy Hultgren visited the laboratory and spent an hour with senior managers hearing about our contributions to science and our plans for the future. We appreciated his visit very much in this season of great uncertainty. Representative Hultgren explained his support and enthusiasm for the work we do here at Fermilab. He also explained the difficult fiscal situation for the nation and the fact that cuts will have to be made in many programs. He was eloquent in expressing his commitment to our long term success and he plans to visit again later this month. He has expressed this support for Fermilab in other venues as well.

Yesterday I had the privilege to participate in the Honorable Richard Durbin’s visit to Argonne National Laboratory. Eric Isaacs, director of ANL, Bob Zimmer, the president of the University of Chicago and senior managers from Argonne, Fermilab and the DOE Chicago Operations and Argonne site office hosted Senator Durbin. We were able to explain the broad range of science carried out by our two laboratories. Senator Durbin explained his support for science, for technological innovation and the roles that the two laboratories play in Illinois and the nation. He explained his position that a much broader approach to getting our fiscal house in order is necessary, where all aspects of government expenditures have to be on the table and the transition towards a more balanced budget must be done without causing irreparable damage.

About a month ago I visited the Honorable Mark Kirk in Washington, DC. He expressed his support for the science we do at Fermilab. Senator Kirk is quite familiar with Fermilab and a very enthusiastic supporter. I always remember running into him in Wilson Hall one Saturday some time ago, when he had brought a bus full of students from his district to learn about Fermilab!

We are very fortunate that our two Senators and our representative, as well as the representatives of other districts in Illinois, understand the importance of a healthy Fermilab and healthy ANL for the good of Illinois and the nation. They are committed to our success and we must continue to give them good reasons for that support.

Accelerator Update

Feb. 25-28

- Four stores provided ~33.35 hours of luminosity
- NuMI target cooling leak investigation continues
- Tevatron personnel conducted end-of-store studies
- Linac personnel repairs low-energy buncher
- Main Injector resolved power supply phasing problems
- DZero required eight-hour access for repairs
- Store 8543 lost due to lightning strike
- Shot setup halted due to RF trip and quench

The integrated luminosity for the period from Feb. 21-28 was 41.81 inverse picobarns. NuMI reported receiving 3.98E18 protons on target during this same period.

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