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Tuesday, Nov. 16

- Breakfast: Bagel sandwich
- Creamy turkey vegetable soup
- Chili dog
- Country fried steak
- Chicken cacciatore
- Italian panini w/ provolone
- Assorted sliced pizza
- Super burrito

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Chez Leon

Wednesday, Nov. 24

- Cheese fondue
- Marinated vegetable salad
- Fruit tart

Thursday, Nov. 25

- Closed

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Employee Advisory Group makes a difference

Fermilab's Employee Advisory Group met last week, and members saw firsthand the difference the group can make. In addition to previously set agenda items, members present at last week's meeting also discussed the Voluntary Separation Offer announced on Thursday, Nov. 11. During an hour-long conversation about the VSO with Fermilab Director Pier Oddone, Deputy Director Young-Kee Kim and Chief Operating Officer Bruce Chrisman, the members talked about the announcement of and communication plan for the VSO. At the group's recommendation, the three Directorate members sent a follow-up e-mail to all division, section and center heads to ensure communication was taking place about the VSO with their employees. Office of Communication staff members also sent an all-hands message with more information at the group's recommendation.

Main topics that the group has discussed in the past few months include:

An update about and summaries from the October and November meetings will be posted soon.

If you would like to contribute to a past or current topic under discussion in the Employee Advisory Group, please contact an Employee Advisory Group member. You can also submit a suggestion or question via the EAG website. Submissions can be made anonymously.

-- Employee Advisory Group Steering Committee members: Jamie Blowers, Sandra Charles, Eileen Berman and Rhianna Wisniewski

Photo of the Day

Tractricious sculpture by the light of the moon

Tom Nicol walked out of the Industrial Center Building late Thursday afternoon, Nov. 18, and saw the moon hanging over Tractricious with the light fading in the east. It was a beautiful sight. Photo: Tom Nicol
Special Announcement

Save the date: winter party

Fermilab will host its second annual winter skit and potluck party Dec. 17 in combination with a celebration of the 25th anniversary of collisions at the Tevatron.

The festivities will start with a series of talks about the history and physics results of the Tevatron from 1 to 4:45 p.m.  

A potluck dinner will take place in the Wilson Hall atrium from 5:30 to 6:45 p.m.  Employees, users and contractors and their families are welcome. Those attending the potluck should bring enough food to share with 20 people. 

After dinner from 7 to 9 p.m., employees and users will showcase their talents through skits, songs and soothing melodies.

Watch future Fermilab Today articles for more details.

In Brief

Project X elevator speech contest

Fermilab needs a 60-second elevator speech about the proposed Project X. The speech should represent the many exciting, powerful and rich science programs that would be associated with the project. You can find some of the key scientific programs from recent Project X presentations here.

Please submit an elevator speech in writing to Fermilab's Deputy Director Young-Kee Kim, ykkim@fnal.gov, by Dec. 5. The contest is open to all members of the high-energy physics community and Fermilab employees and users and their family members and friends. Winners will be announced at the second annual potluck party, which will take place on Friday, Dec. 17.

In the News

Is it now or never for dark matter WIMPs?

From Ars Technica, Nov. 18, 2010

For several decades, astronomers and cosmologists have been piling up data that indicates most of the matter in the Universe is dark, interacting only via gravity. As modified theories of gravity failed to account for observation, candidates for dark mater were winnowed down until one remained in favor: the weakly interactive massive particle, or WIMP. Over the past several years, potential signals of WIMPs have appeared in space and on Earth; that, combined with the startup of the LHC, has given the research community the sense that it's close to pinning down the identity of the WIMPs. But a review in this week's Nature considers what might happen if we fail.

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Director's Corner

An eventful week

Members of the Project X team from universities, laboratories and DOE met in Germantown last week.

Last Wednesday we had a briefing for the DOE high energy physics program managers on Project X. This preliminary step in the process of determining mission need or CD-0 is the first hurdle we must pass to turn Project X into a real project as we follow the DOE project management system. The group presenting Project X included folks from Fermilab, Argonne and universities.  Stan Wojcicki traveled from Stanford University, Doug Bryman from the University of British Columbia and Yoshi Kuno from Osaka University to make presentations on the physics of neutrinos, kaons and muons, respectively.  In addition to these physics presentations, the briefing included my presentation on the overall strategy; Joe Lykken's presentation on the physics of the Intensity Frontier; Steve Holmes' presentation on Project X; and Jerry Nolen's presentation on the opportunities for fundamental measurement using nuclei and the use of Project X for energy issues.  Project X gives us a very broad program that would be unmatched in the world at the Intensity Frontier and would give our nation a leadership position in particle physics for decades to come.

On the following two days, Thursday and Friday, HEPAP met and listened to presentations on a series of interesting topics.  The most dramatic and unexpected moment  occurred  at the end of the HEPAP meeting when Dennis Kovar, the leader of the DOE High Energy Physics Office, announced that he was stepping down at the end of the year. Dennis Kovar has done an outstanding job for our field.  He came to us with vast experience having successfully led the Office of Nuclear Physics.  Dennis Kovar is one of the most knowledgeable managers in DOE and was awarded the Presidential Rank Award for Distinguished Service in 2008. He has guided our field effectively in very turbulent times, and we will miss his leadership. 

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The story about Veterans Day in Monday's Fermilab Today incorrectly stated Sgt. Duquette's award. He is a Bronze Star medal recipient. Fermilab Today staff members regret the error.

Photo of the Day

New employees - Oct. 4

First row, from left: Ciaron Williams, Anna Mazzacane, Brian Richardson, Ranko Ostojic, Jon Berg. Second row, from left: Leah Hesla, Marko Slyz, Logan Rowe, Jennifer Thompson
Accelerator Update

Nov. 19-22

- Five stores provided ~ 62.25 hours of luminosity
- MiniBooNE accessed to fix horn
- FESS fixed TeV sector F4 pond water system
- MIRF1 problems - D0 accessed to investigate LCW leak

*The Integrated Luminosity for the period from 11/22/10 to 11/29/10 was 62.53 inverse picobarns. NuMI reported receiving 7.88E18 protons on target during this same period.

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