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Tuesday, Sept. 29
3:30 p.m.
4 p.m.
Accelerator Physics and Technology Seminar - Curia II
Speaker: Chandra Bhat, Fermilab
Title: Large Piwinski Angle Scheme for the LHC Luminosity Upgrade

Wednesday, Sept. 30
3:30 p.m.
4 p.m.
Fermilab Colloquium - One West
Speaker: Clark Cully, Department of Energy
Title: Fun D.C. Jobs for Physicists

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Wilson Hall Cafe

Tuesday, Sept. 29
- Creamy turkey vegetable
- Chili dog
- Country fried steak
- Chicken cacciatore
- Italian panini with provolone
- Assorted slices of pizza
- Super burrito

Wilson Hall Cafe Menu

Chez Leon

Wednesday, Sept. 30
- Marinated flank steak with mushrooms and pea pods
- Jasmine rice
- Lemon cheesecake

Thursday, Oct. 1
- Tomato soup with orange and cumin
- Individual beef croustades with boursin and mushrooms
- Baby spinach with scallions and lemon
- Chocolate mousse


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East gate change Q&A

The concrete wall, pictured here, is part of gate construction, scheduled to finish in November.

Editor's note: As reported in the Sept. 24 issue of Fermilab Today, the east gate will begin closing from 1 to 5 a.m. in November, once construction has finished. Fermilab Today has received many of questions about the change to the laboratory's east gate. Here are answers to some of our readers' most pressing questions from Bill Flaherty, head of security, and Bruce Chrisman, Fermilab's chief operating officer.

Q. Why not install automatic gates? In fact, why not use automatic gates all the time?

A. Automatic gates are not reliable, as we learned from experience when we used them in the mid-90s. They often failed to open, and people crashed through. We replaced several gates each month. An attendant would need to be on hand to address these issues. Also, automatic gates didn't allow us to admit neighbors and visitors without passes. Guards at the gate not only check IDs, but answer questions, give directions and provide information.

Q. Can we arrange for people who need access (operations, technicians, Roads and Grounds crews) to be admitted during the 1-5 a.m. period?

A. We're looking into that. If we can provide access for those folks, we will.

Q. How many people typically use the East Gate during that time frame?

A. An average of six people use the gate between 1 and 5 a.m. However, we know that averages don't tell the whole story.

Q. What about emergency vehicles?

A. Local municipalities' emergency vehicles have the special equipment necessary to open the gate. It is the same technology that they use to control traffic signals.


Restored prairie attracts
local species, students

Felicia Calderon, a senior at Waubonsie Valley High School, takes a photo of a section of woods adjacent to the prairie. Teacher Matt Logan, standing behind her, organized the trip.

A group of 24 students from Waubonsie Valley High School visited one of Fermilab's restored prairies last Thursday to imagine what the Great Plains might have looked like undisturbed.

The visit was an introduction to Illinois history for instructor Matt Logan's U.S. geography class. He wanted to give the class a firsthand look at the state's prairie ecosystem.

"I was just looking for ideas of how to show what Illinois looked like prior to urban development," Logan said. "I figured Fermilab would have something and it did."

The class took an hour-long self-guided tour, following placards posted in the prairie with information about prairie life cycles, plants and the role of fire. Stuart Young, a senior in the class, said being able to visit a restored prairie was helpful.

Felicia Calderon and Martha Amaya, both of Waubonside Valley High School, take notes.

"I wouldn't want to live out here personally, but it's nice to be out here and see what it was like before we paved everything over," Young said.

When only 10 acres of original prairie remained in the 1970s, Fermilab began restoration with the help of volunteers and prairie experts. By restoring natural seed banks and planning controlled burns, Fermilab has given native species a fighting chance against the fast-growing invasive species that would otherwise dominate, said Mike Becker, Fermilab Site Services assistant manager.

Becker said it takes them between 10 to 12 years to convert a fallow field into a young prairie with 50 to 100 native plant species. Today Fermilab has 1,100 acres of restored prairie, which are home a diverse animal population, native plants and the occasional classroom visit.

Site Services will hold a volunteer seed harvest on Oct. 3 and Oct. 31 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Volunteers should bring a hand clipper, paper bags, gloves and field clothing. Lunch will be provided.

--Chris Knight

In the News

LHC gets warning
system upgrade

From BBC News, Sept. 28, 2009

Engineers hope an early warning system being installed at the Large Hadron Collider could prevent incidents of the kind which shut the machine last year.

The helium leak last September, which resulted from a "faulty splice" between magnets, has delayed the start of science operations by more than a year.

Officials aim to re-start the collider, known as the LHC, in mid-November.

The vast physics lab is built inside a 27km-long circular tunnel straddling the French-Swiss border near Geneva.

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Director's Corner

An unusual visit

Pier Oddone

Last Monday and Tuesday we hosted nine program managers from DOE's Office of High Energy Physics. This was not one of our "normal" reviews in which judgments are drawn on how we are performing against goals set by OHEP. This was an informal visit for both the program managers in OHEP and our own managers to get to know each other and to become familiar with the issues we confront in managing a complex enterprise like Fermilab.

Even though Fermilab is categorized as a single-program laboratory, we have over 40 separate "Budget and Reporting" categories. Each B&R category funds a particular kind of laboratory activity and must be tracked separately. An activity supported by a given category must fit within the allocation budgeted by OHEP. Each DOE program manager is in charge of some specific budget categories and, as part of his or her responsibilities, is called to optimize that kind of program or activity across all DOE-supported laboratories and universities.

Since we manage the laboratory along disciplinary lines, the B&R categories often cross the boundaries of divisions and sections. Divisions and sections are then responsible for sub-tasks within B&R categories. In order to manage better and more transparently with respect to the B&R funding categories, we have designated a manager for each B&R code. We have aggregated some related codes under single managers, including division heads and associate directors. These are the "technical points of contact" for DOE managers, the go-to persons who can answer their questions and represent the activity. These technical managers are responsible to make sure that the B&R activities are coordinated across divisions and sections so that we can represent each activity coherently to the relevant DOE program manager.

Having an orderly and transparent approach to manage B&R categories is all fine and good, but it creates a danger: if we manage one piece at a time we may simply get the sum of the parts. Our ambition - indeed, our mission - is to deliver a whole program that is much more than the sum of its parts. That is why we have a laboratory. This goal places a responsibility on the managers who are the points of contact for DOE, on our division and section heads, on the laboratory directorate and ultimately on the DOE program managers to harmonize all these activities to ensure that Fermilab is greater than merely the sum of its parts.

Special Announcement

Computer Security Awareness Day talks today

Computing Division employees will offer talks and trainings in Wilson Hall today for Fermilab's annual Computer Security Awareness Day. Attend events in One West, Curia II and One North between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. to learn more about passwords, the new remote VPN system, the Tune IT Up campaign and other computer security topics. Or fulfill ITNA requirements by completing trainings on subjects such as basic computer security, protecting personal information and security essentials for system administrators.

A keynote speaker from Team Cymru, a local Internet security research organization, will approach computer security from a different angle when he explains the underground economy of identity theft. The talk will take place at noon in One West. Friends and family are welcome.

CD's Greg Cisko will scan USB drives for viruses from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the password doctor booth in Wilson Hall atrium.

For a full schedule, check here.

Shutdown Report

Sept. 25 - 28
- Three store provided 20.25 hours of luminosity
- Store 7209 aborted
- TeV sector F1 quench due to kicker trip
- Booster found problem with sextupole ramp
- Recycler stashed 454E10 or antiprotons
- TeV RF APS repaired
- The integrated luminosity for the period from 9/21 to 9/17 was 27.1 inverse pico barns.

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Computer Security Awareness Day - Tues - Sept. 29

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ACU presents "Investing in an Uncertain Market" - Oct. 1

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English Country Dancing - Oct. 4

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Buttered Rum performs on Fermilab Arts Series - Oct. 24

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