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Tuesday, June 23
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
DZero collboration meeting
12 p.m.
Summer Lecture Series - One West (NOTE LOCATION)
Speaker: Marcel Demarteau, Fermilab
Title: Particle Detectors
3:30 p.m.

Wednesday, June 24
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
DZero collboration meeting
3:30 p.m.
4 p.m.
Fermilab Colloquium - One West
Speaker: Kwang-Je Kim, Argonne National Laboratory
Title: An X-Ray Free-Electron Laser Oscillator for Record High Spectral Purity and Average Brightness

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Tuesday, June 23
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Wednesday, June 24
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Fermliab director gives focus group results, lays out plans

Fermilab Director Pier Oddone laid out plans to address focus group findings at an all-hands meeting on Friday, June 19. View the slideshow as a PowerPoint or pdf file.

Fermilab has a lot of work to do, said Fermilab Director Pier Oddone in an all-hands meeting Friday.

Oddone spoke to a full auditorium Friday morning about the recently released results of a series of focus groups held at the laboratory and the actions the laboratory plans to take to address those results.

"The report is a portrait of ourselves that is quite revealing and quite interesting," Oddone said.

Fermilab organized a series of 23 focus groups last winter in response to a May 2008 study by the American Physical Society on the environment for women and minorities at the laboratory. The results of the APS study, which included interviews with self-selecting individuals, suggested that the laboratory had a systemic problem.

The Fermilab-organized focus groups were divided into a random selection of people from across the laboratory and a group of women and minorities. The groups did not report systemic workplace issues for women or minorities and participants said they felt the environment was inclusive.

However, the groups did yield insight into management problems and employee support issues, including: unskilled managers, a two-tier system with different standards for physicists and non-physicists, lack of employee support, unclear policies and procedures and a lack of a cohesive Fermilab culture.

"We have a strong culture of pulling together when the chips are down, but don't have it in other respects," Oddone said. "And this is something that we need to work on."

During the meeting, Oddone laid out a number of plans to address concerns. He will meet with supervisors by division, section and center to discuss ways to respond to focus group findings. Also, he laboratory will build up the university program that partners with the laboratory and make sure that managers have the appropriate training.

The Workforce Development and Resource Section will revamp its Web site to make policies easier to find. Oddone also plans to create an internal laboratory citizens' task force to provide guidance and recommendations for improving the work environment.

"In the long-term future what you would like to have is, in fact, a culture about what it means to work at Fermilab that we all understand and feel comfortable with, and where employees feeling supported in doing their tasks and where we have mechanisms in place for feedback and continued improvement," Oddone said. "This has been a big step and I think that it behooves us all to try make the most out of it."

-- Rhianna Wisniewski

View the slideshow as a PowerPoint or pdf file.

Watch a video of the meeting

Photo of the Day

Staffers from Senator Burris's office tour Fermilab

Staffer Scott Kagawa (left), Outreach Director LaDarius Curtis, staffer Matt Berry and Chicago office director Jose Rivera, all from the office of Senator Roland Burris (D-IL), tour Fermilab with scientist Herman White, Accelerator Division head Roger Dixon and Fermilab Director Pier Oddone (right).

Special Announcement

The UEC wants YOU

If you are a Fermilab user, now is your chance to become a member of the UEC.

Elections for the 2009-2010 UEC will take place in the end of July. Any member of the Fermilab user community with a Ph.D. may run for election.

Members of the UEC have the opportunity to serve as a communication channel between the Fermilab user community and laboratory management. UEC members participate in public outreach activities, organize visits to Congressional offices and coordinate the Fermilab Annual Users' Meeting, plus other physics and outreach workshops.

To run for election, pick up a form in the Fermilab Users' Office and get support signatures from other users. The nomination form is also available from the UEC Web site. Existing UEC members may also nominate users to run.

For more information, visit the UEC Web site.

In the News

Preliminary timetable: Homestake dewatered by 2011

From The Black Hills Pioneer, June 20, 2009

Sanford Lab officials issue estimates for dry facility down to 8,000 feet

LEAD -- The Sanford Lab hopes to have the former Homestake gold mine completely water free between May and September of 2011.

Those are mathematical calculations Sanford Lab Science Liaison Director Jarett Heise formulated based on projected water inflow and outflow, Ron Wheeler, executive director of the Sanford Lab said during a S.D. Science and Technology Authority meeting Thursday.

So far, Wheeler reported, the Sanford Lab has pumped 600 million gallons of water out of the mine.

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Director's Corner

Yearly retreat

Pier Oddone

It has been a tradition over several decades at Fermilab to have an extended retreat in June with our Program Advisory Committee.The retreat brings together the outstanding members of the national and international community that form the PAC together with the leadership of the laboratory. DOE and NSF participate by sending observers to the meeting. We review critically the roadmap for the laboratory and the new ideas that we receive for projects that may be incorporated into that roadmap in the future.

With prior input from the PAC, the basic roadmap of the laboratory will evolve along three frontiers, energy, intensity and cosmic, with well-defined plans and outstanding projects in each. That is consistent with the P5 advice to the agencies and has been well received in Congress. The main uncertainties associated with this roadmap arise primarily from two inputs: physics discoveries and funding.

We believe that we have designed a roadmap that is rugged in relation to possible discoveries in the next few years. The primary uncertainty is, of course, the discoveries at the LHC. We will participate in those discoveries and from a planning point of view they will primarily determine the energy scale of the next collider. They will predict effects at the intensity frontier, and these in turn will help elucidate the new phenomena observed at the LHC. The remaining program at the intensity and cosmological frontiers is complementary to the LHC. For this part of the program the main uncertainty is the level of investment in basic sciences that the nation will make over the next decade. Our program does not require a miracle of funding. The program fits within plausible financial envelopes for the Office of Science, but it requires new investments in accelerator and detector facilities. The last major investment in HEP national accelerators was concluded a decade ago with the commissioning of the Main Injector at Fermilab and the PEPII B-Factory at SLAC.

The roadmap has established the main branches or basic structure of our program. Given this structure, there has been a renaissance of new physics ideas that would enrich the national particle physics program and require only modest additional investments. This is one of the great challenges that we will confront together with the PAC: How to continue to encourage good ideas in the context of a financial situation that is extremely tight even to establish the basic branches of the program. At the same time, those new ideas are needed to create the basis for an increased and more expansive support of our field.

Photo of the Day

Winter volleyball champions wreak "havoc" on competition

The winter volleyball team "Playing Havoc" took the championship for the 2008-2009 season of the Competitive Winter Volleyball League. Front row from left: Taka Yasuda, Sue Grommes and Michelle Prewitt. Back row from left: League referee Ed Orr, Glen Cooper, team captain Geoff Savage and Mark Mattson. Not pictured: Guilherme Lima.


Time and Labor Announcement

Reminder: Changes to FTL system began this week

Donors needed for Fermilab Blood Drive today & 24. Give a pint - Get a quart of Oberweis Ice Cream

Free upper body 30-minute workout - June 25

East laboratory gate closed through Friday June 26

Bristol Renaissance Faire discount tickets

On-site housing-fall 2009/spring 2010

Six Flags Great America discount tickets

Pool memberships available in the Recreation Department

Argentine Tango classes through June 24

Conserve water: Support FNA with a rain barrel purchase

ACU car buying tips demonstration June 24

Taking Control of Stress - June 24

Environmental Safety and Health Fair - June 29

Volunteers needed for Fermilab Prairie Quadrat Study - June 30

Interaction Management and Performance Review courses scheduled for summer 2009

Discount for SciTech Summer Camps - July 6

MATLAB software tools 75 percent off for Fermilab - July 15

Intermediate/Advanced Python Programming July 22-24

Process piping (ASME B31.3) class offered in October

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