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Friday, May 8
3:30 p.m.
4 p.m.
Joint Experimental-Theoretical Physics Seminar - One West
Speaker: Hidekazu Tanaka, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Title: Summary of SciBooNE Results for the NuInt09 Workshop
8 p.m.
Fermilab International Film Society - Auditorium
Tickets: Adults $5
Title: L'Enfant (The Child)

Saturday, May 9
8 p.m.
Fermilab Arts Series - Auditorium
Best of Dance Chicago
Tickets: $22/$11

Monday, May 11
11 a.m.
Academic Lecture Series - Curia II
Speaker: Vincent Cirigliano, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Title: Kaons as Laboratories for Fundamental Physics: Course 2, Lecture 1
2:30 p.m.
Particle Astrophysics Seminar - Curia II
Speaker: Richard Hughes, Ohio State University
Title: Searching for Dark Matter with Fermi
3:30 p.m.
4 p.m.
All Experimenters' Meeting - Curia II
Special Topic: Slow Ground Motion at Fermilab

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Wilson Hall Cafe

Friday, May 8
- Chunky vegetable soup w/orzo
- Buffalo chicken wings
- Cajun breaded catfish
- Teriayki pork stir fry
- Honey mustard ham & Swiss panini
- Assorted sliced pizza
- *Carved turkey

*Carb restricted alternative

Wilson Hall Cafe Menu

Chez Leon

Wednesday, May 13
- Pork braciole w/ chorizo sausage filling
- Roasted poblano pepper cream sauce
- Latin fried rice
- Coconut cake w/rum caramel sauce

Thursday, May 14
- closed

Chez Leon Menu
Call x3524 to make your reservation.


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Unity Coat seminar opens eyes to living with injury

Sara Klas, director of the Spinal Cord Injury Service for Shriners Hospital for Children, gives a presentation on spinal cord injuries.

A group dedicated to increasing respect and inclusion of individuals with disabilities at Fermilab held its first awareness seminar last month.

Unity Coat held a Spinal Cord Injury Awareness seminar on Thursday, April 29, to educate Fermilab employees and users about living with a spinal cord injury and what it takes to care for someone with a spinal cord injury.

A few dozen individuals attended the workshop, which included a presentation by Sara J. Klas, director of the Spinal Cord Injury Service for Shriners Hospital for Children, who shared her knowledge of spinal cord injuries and the impact that injuries have on the individual and their families. Klas also brought a patient with her, who talked about his own spinal cord injury, which left him paralyzed from the waist down.

Photos of the Day

Recreation Fair 2009

Electric-powered bicycles, Argentinian Tango and model airplanes were all highly visible last week at Fermilab's Recreation Fair.

The event, which took place on Thursday, April 29, was a way to showcase all of the activities that Fermilab employees and users can take part in.

Members of the Argentinian Tango group give a dance demonstration during the Recreation Fair on April 29.

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In the News

Scholars, visiting faculty, leaders represent Chicago as AAAS fellows

From The University of Chicago Chronicle, April 29, 2009

Craig Hogan

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences has announced that nine University faculty members have been elected 2009 fellows.

...Craig Hogan, Professor in Astronomy & Astrophysics and Director of the Center for Particle Astrophysics at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, was a member of one of the scientific teams that co-discovered dark energy in 1998. Dark energy is the mysterious force, whose repulsive gravity appears to accelerate the expansion of the universe.

He is currently a member of an international scientific collaboration to design and build the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna. Expected to launch in the next decade, the satellite-based LISA mission will explore and measure the universe using gravitational waves. These waves, never directly detected, are predicted in Einstein's theory of general relativity. Hogan also is pursuing techniques for probing the quantum nature of space time directly in the laboratory.

Hogan's honors include the Humboldt Research Award and a Sloan Foundation fellowship. He also is the author of The Little Book of the Big Bang (1998), which has been translated into six languages.

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In the News

Secretary Chu: President's energy budget creates jobs, restores America's scientific leadership and puts nation on the path to energy independence

U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu today detailed President Barack Obama's $26.4 billion Fiscal Year 2010 budget request for the Department of Energy, highlighting the Administration's commitment to transformational discoveries, breakthrough science, and innovative technologies in the nation's effort to secure reliable, clean, safe and secure energy, create new jobs and fight climate change. While the budget makes important investments in energy independence and job creation, it also cuts back on programs that don't work as well or are no longer needed.

"The President's budget for energy reflects his commitment to ending our dependence on foreign oil, restoring our scientific leadership and putting Americans back to work through investments in a new green energy economy," Secretary Chu said. "It also demonstrates his commitment to using taxpayer dollars wisely - cutting spending on programs we don't need so we can make strategic investments in our economic future."

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Editor's note: More information about the FY2010 budget proposal for DOE is here.

Special Announcement

WDRS site helps employees understand travel insurance

A new section has been added to the WDRS's Benefits Web site to help employees understand the relationship between CHUBB Business Travel Insurance, MEDEX Traveler’s Assistance Network and their medical insurance plan. The new section is titled, “Highlights of the CHUBB Business Travel Insurance.” A MEDEX Identification Card is available to download. Please contact Wilma Cardona, x6800, with any questions.


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Best of Dance Chicago - Fermilab Arts Series - May 9

Barn Dance May 10

Vanpool/Transit lunch and learn - May 13

Argentine Tango classes through May 13

Rapid Hardware Prototyping and Industrial Control Application development seminar May 13

Co-ed softball season begins May 13

French, Greek, and other ethnic dances in John Parrish's workshop, May 14

Toastmasters demonstration meeting - May 14

"Angels & Demons" Lecture Night: The Science Revealed - May 21

Deadline for The University of Chicago Tuition Remission Program - May 22

NALWO - Brown Bag Lunch - Chinese Pottery - May 26

Are you Fit to a T? May 27

Nanotechnology Lecture: Crafting of Self-Assembling Materials for Medicine & Energy - Fermilab Arts Series

Science Adventures for children

Discounted Rates at Grand Geneva Resort, Lake Geneva, WI

Summer co-ed volleyball league begins June 1

Registration for Users' Meeting is open

Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills class - June 3 and 10

Discount tickets to "1964"...Beatles tribute - June 6

Susan Werner - singer/songwriter performs on Arts Series

SciTech summer camps

Recreation Department announces Club & League Fair drawing winners

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