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Tuesday, Nov. 4
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Tuesday, Nov. 4
- Tomato bisque
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- Beef fajitas
- Korean garlic chicken
- Grilled chicken Caesar wrap
- Assorted slice pizza
- Rio Grande taco salad

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Wednesdsay, Nov. 5
- Chicken Marsala
- Carrots with garlic and rosemary
- Rum pecan cake

Thursday, Nov. 6
- Corn chowder
- Mahi mahi
- Island rice
- Sautéed pea pods
- Key lime pie

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Kim, White speak at women in physics conference

Fermilab Deputy Director Young-Kee Kim gives the keynote lecture at the IUPAP women in physics conference in South Korea in October.

A conference designed to assess and boost the participation of women in physics drew more than 300 attendees from around the world last month.

The International Union of Pure and Applied International Conference on Women in Physics gave attendees a chance to hear about physics projects and women scientists in other countries.

The U.S. delegation to the women in physics conference in Seoul, Korea, included two Fermilab scientists, Deputy Director Young-Kee Kim and Herman White. They presented information on the status of the particle physics field and Fermilab's SciBooNE experiment.

"Science brings everyone together, but add the dynamics of social issues and women from different cultures and nations and you have an really interesting conference," White said.

The women in physics conferences take place every three years in a different country. They bring together women and men from more than 65 countries to review conditions, propose ways to improve global participation and develop action plans to improve the status of women in physics in their home countries.

"The conferences were established by people who recognized that all fields of science progress most rapidly when they draw from the complete available pool of talented people," White said.

Kim lectured to conference attendees on current topics in particle physics. She also presented a keynote lecture on particle physics to hundreds of Korean secondary school and undergraduate students as part of the conference outreach activities.

"It was an honor to be asked to present on particle physics and the future of Fermilab science at this meeting," Kim said. "It was a lot of fun to communicate with students in my home country."

White delivered a report on the status and physics of the SciBooNE experiment. He also presented information on the American Physical Society's site visit process.

The next conference in this series will take place in South Africa.

Additional information can be viewed at the conference Web site.

--Herman White

Fermilab scientist Herman White gives a lecture at the IUPAP women in physics conference in October.

In the News

Brian Cox: It's the unanswered questions that make particle physics sexy

From The Independent, Oct. 24, 2008

I would like to give a brief introduction to particle physics and what we hope to achieve with the Large Hadron Collider at The European Organisation for Nuclear Research in Geneva.

Particle physics is the exploration of the world at its smallest. What we have found in the 100 years or so since Rutherford discovered the nucleus is that everything can be made of just four particles, or three in a sense: two quarks, called an up quark and a down quark, and an electron. So the protons and neutrons in your body are made of up and down quarks, with electrons around them - that's atomic structure.

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Director's Corner

ICFA seminar

Pier Oddone
Pier Oddone

Last week about 10 Fermilab folks attended the International Committee on Future Accelerators seminar at SLAC. The seminar, one of ICFA's most important activities, occurs every three years. Lab directors, senior researchers and funding agency managers from around the world attend. The meeting took place over four days with a comprehensive review of the field, with special emphasis on future plans. The attendance was relatively restrictive with some 170 attendees, but the lectures and slides are on the Web and constitute a valuable reference for everyone on the plans for particle physics across the world. The seminar is a venue to understand and coordinate programs globally.

Each of the three principal geographical regions in particle physics has strategic plans. These plans are formal in Europe and the United States. In Asia there are specific plans in several countries, but not yet an overall Asian plan. Of course all of these plans are interrelated, and each region takes into account the programs elsewhere in the world. The greatest degree of certainty about the future is in Europe where the funding-at least the funding that supports CERN-is more predictable. The LHC and its upgrades will dominate the energy frontier for the next decade or more. The situation in the U.S. is at a critical juncture where we have exciting plans for a broad program at various budget levels but we do not know in what budget level we exist. Japan has comprehensive plans that include the upgrade of the B-factory, the evolution of JPARC to higher fluxes and more experiments, and a major ambition to host the ILC. Not every piece of the Japanese program is funded at this point. China just turned on the tau-charm factory with a strong program ahead in quark physics and is building the Daya Bay reactor neutrino experiment.

While the seminar covered many topics, the area of accelerator R&D continues to be a centerpiece of our field. More than 20,000 accelerators worldwide are hard at work in medicine, isotope production, irradiation of foods and the development of new materials, to name a few applications. Light sources and neutron sources proliferate thanks to the historical work to develop accelerators for particle physics. Accelerator R&D continues to push the limits of the technology: we are developing much higher accelerating gradients with plasma-wake accelerators, new superconducting magnets, new forms of beam cooling as proposed for muon colliders, and the understanding of high-intensity beams and their instabilities. They will be the foundation of future machines, first in our own field and then in many scientific and practical applications elsewhere.

Accelerator Update

Oct. 31 to Nov. 3
- Antiproton target replaced
- Store 6535 set new record with a peak luminosity of 318.98E30.
- Linac experts resolve KRF3 troubles

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NALWO Thanksgiving feast Nov. 17
NALWO, Fermilab's women's organization, will host "Thanksgiving Across America," a thanksgiving feast on Monday, Nov. 17, from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. at Chez Leon in the Users' Center. NALWO members will prepare food and chefs will describe how to prepare traditional dishes. Contact the Housing Office at x3777 or Rose Moore at (630) 208-9309. Photo identification is required to enter the laboratory.

PowerPoint 2003 multimedia, advanced drawing techniques course Nov. 11
A course on multimedia and advanced drawing techniques for PowerPoint 2003 will take place on Nov. 11. Attendees can learn to apply multimedia techniques to a PowerPoint presentation to create a slide show that will appeal to any audience. Learn more and enroll

Yoga class begins Nov. 4
The next session of yoga will begin on Nov. 4. The class will take place on the stage of Ramsey Auditorium from noon-1 p.m. through Dec. 16. The seven-week class costs $70. Register through the Recreation Department, WH15W, or call x5427.

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