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Monday, April 14
3:30 p.m.
4 p.m.
All Experimenters' Meeting - Curia II
Special Topic: MI Collimation System

Tuesday, April 15
3:30 p.m.
Income tax due

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Wilson Hall Cafe

Monday, April 14
- Apple & fennel soup
- Monte Cristo
- *Savory roasted chicken quarters
- Lasagna Bolognaise
- Chicken ranch wrapper
- Assorted pizza slices
- Szechuan style pork lo mein

Wilson Hall Cafe Menu

Chez Leon

Wednesday, April 16
- Sesame ginger flank steak w/asparagus
- Banana chocolate egg roll

Thursday, April 17
- Chicken coconut soup
- Shrimp curry
- Jasmine rice
- Cucumber, pepper, tomato & onion
- Hazelnut cake w/espresso ice cream

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Physicist for a day

Left to right: Glenbrook South students Arun Surath, Albert Kim and Hannah Nelson work with their teacher, Suzanne Webb, during a Masterclass hosted by Argonne.

Roughly 170 U.S. high school students got the chance to explore the energy frontier for a day. In March, laboratories and universities across the country and in Puerto Rico, hosted students as part of a U.S. Masterclass in particle physics. Organized in the U.S. by QuarkNet, the hands-on class gave high school students the chance to close their textbooks for the day and analyze data from a particle accelerator.

"The Masterclass teaches students about the importance of statistics, the need for large data sets and that one particle event doesn't necessarily tell you anything," said Ken Cecire, a QuarkNet staffer at Hampton University, who organized the event.

Students received general knowledge about particle physics from their teachers, and then spent their Masterclass day at a host laboratory or university. They started their morning with a tour and then learned how to identify particles. Students then broke into pairs to analyze data sets of 1,000 particle events from the old LEP collider at CERN.

The students tallied up the number of electrons, muons, taus and hadron jets in their data sets and shared their results via videoconference with high school students in other Masterclass locations across the country. Physicists at Fermilab moderated the videoconferences to confirm their results.

"I learned that science is a collaborative process," wrote Nabil Hoq, a student at Medford High School in Medford, Massachusetts, in the QuarkNet student blog for the LHC. "Interacting with people at other sites across the country and sharing data, helped us understand our statistical differences and similarities."

The European Particle Physics Outreach Group developed the Masterclass concept in 2005. The U.S. first participated in 2006. Next year, Cecire hopes to connect more U.S. high schools to other Masterclass centers across the world.

Read the student blog.

Fermilab's Wyatt Merritt and Diego Tonelli moderated one of the Materclass videoconferences.

--Elizabeth Clements


Computing Division reaches 3 million hours without injury

Congratulations to the Computing Division, which recently surpassed 3 million hours worked since the division's last DART case. "This is a remarkable achievement. Keep up the great work!" said Bill Griffing, head of ES&H.

In the News

American students shine a spotlight on CERN

From CERN Bulletin, April 14, 2008

Between April 2 and 7, 18 American high school students were let loose at CERN armed with video cameras. Their mission? To take on the role of broadcast journalists and inspire their peers across the US with short documentaries and blogs illuminating the work happening at the world's most powerful particle accelerator.

Following in the footsteps of professional journalists around the world, six teams of American high school students recently travelled to CERN to experience the increasing excitement in the run-up to the switch-on of the LHC. The six teams are from five states across the U.S. and were the winners of a competition sponsored and funded by the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Science and the National Science Foundation.

Each team consists of three students plus a teacher, who combine their knowledge of physics, communication and video production to produce a short film. The teams interviewed physicists involved in the LHC and the four big experiments as well as getting footage from the Open Days.

Read the student blogs

Read more

Safety Tip of the Week

Safety is my co-pilot

Mark Bollinger

Last week, we talked with three members of the Fermilab community regarding personal experiences that demonstrate that safety techniques can apply to home and work.

Mark Bollinger, DOE deputy site manager at Fermilab, worked with steel framing when finishing his home basement. Bollinger took off his eye protection to wipe his face, but forgot to put it back on. Two minutes later, a razor-sharp piece of steel swung out of place and cut his face, barely missing his eye. "You need to leave some things up to the experts," Bollinger said. "When you're out of your comfort zone, call in the cavalry."

Bruce Baller

While preparing to remove a home ceiling-light fixture, Bruce Baller, assistant head of PPD, turned off the power at the wall switch. But Baller still got a shock from incorrect wiring. "From now on, I'm going to turn off the power at the junction box and verify the circuit is dead before I touch any conductors," Baller said.

Dave Schuman

Dave Schuman works in Computing Division's Desktop and Server Support Group. He learned the principles of electrical grounding as part of his Fermilab training. Until Schuman completed this training, he didn't appreciate the importance of proper grounding. He has since checked for proper grounding of his home wiring. He added that doing things safely has become routine.

Although these individuals dealt with varying hazards, they all recognize the importance of taking proper safety precautions before tackling any task. After all, it is better to look ahead and deal with potential problems than to look back and realize what you should have done.

Safety Tip of the Week Archive

Accelerator Update
April 9-11
- There were no stores established
- Preparation to replace Booster kicker MP02
- TeV suffered a multi house quench during shot setup
- Pelletron down for repairs
- The Accelerator Updates will stop for a week due to furlough

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Have a safe day!

Flexible Spending Accounts
To get reimbursed, you must submit 2007 Flexible Spending Account claims by April 30, 2008. Fax claims to Cigna at (570) 496-2945. Include a signed and dated claim form with your submission for reimbursement.

Brown Bag Seminar - Sharing the Road
A Brown Bag Seminar titled "Bicycle Commuting and Sharing the Road: Tips for both Cyclists and Motorists," will take place 11:30 a.m.-12:15 p.m. Friday, April 18, in One West. Ed Barsotti, executive director for the League of Illinois Bicyclists will present information for both cyclists and motorists about sharing the road and about new laws implemented in 2008. A discussion will focus on bicycle commuting and issues related to Fermilab employees. Barsotti will provide maps and safety information. A door prize drawing will also take place.

Enroll in Excel courses by April 17
Excel: Pivot tables
Learn to create pivot tables in Microsoft Excel from raw data during a morning course. Attendees will also learn to apply formatting and group data for clear, easy-to-read tables. Learn more and enroll

Excel: Business data tracking and analysis
Educated Excel users needing more experience with functions and formulas should enroll in this afternoon course. Learn more and enroll

Fidelity representative here Wednesday
A representative from Fidelity will be at Fermilab on Wednesday, April 16, 2008 for one to one consultations, which will take place in the Small Dining Room (1SW) in Wilson Hall. Schedule an appointment by calling (800) 642-7131 or visiting the Web site.

Deadline for 2008 Tollestrup Award nominations extended to Friday
The Tollestrup Award committee will accept nominations for the 2008 Tollestrup Award for postdoctoral research until Friday, April 18. The original date was publicized as April 15, but the e-mail address to submit materials to was incorrect. Submit nominations and materials to usersoffice@fnal.gov.

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