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Wednesday, Feb. 13
3:30 p.m.
4 p.m.
Fermilab Colloquium - One West
Speaker: G. Ambrosio, Fermilab
Title: LARP Long Quadrupole: A "Long" Step Toward an LHC Luminosity Upgrade with Nb3Sn Magnets

Thursday, Feb. 14
Special Particle Astrophysics Seminar - Dark Side, WH-6NW (NOTE DATE, TIME, LOCATION)
Speaker: A. Mazumdar, Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics
Title: Detecting Inflation and Dark Matter at the LHC
2:30 p.m.
Theoretical Physics Seminar - Curia II
Speaker: J. Winter, Fermilab
Title: The Sherpa Approach to Calculating Multijet Backgrounds
3:30 p.m.

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Wilson Hall Cafe
Wednesday, Feb. 13
- Seafood gumbo
- Diner style patty melt
- Bistro salmon steak
- Mongolian beef
- BLT wrap
- Assorted slice pizza
- Chicken cajun pasta

Wilson Hall Cafe Menu

Chez Leon

Wednesday, Feb. 13
- Sautéed salmon fillet w/watercress sauce
- Vegetable medley
- Apricot tart

Thursday, Feb. 14
- Red pepper soup
- Steamed lobster tails w/mousseline sauce
- Asparagus w/lemon rind
- Sweetheart salad (beets, walnuts & bleu cheese)
- Lover's delight

Chez Leon Menu
Call x4598 to make your reservation.


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Aid the environment, help FNA

Scouts help to gather seeds at last year's Prairie Harvest.

If you have ever wished to help out the environment or help Illinois hold on to its ecological history, a newly formed not-for-profit organization wants you.

Fermilab Natural Areas will hold its first meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 21, in Wilson Hall. Fermilab employees launched the group to help restore and conserve native habitats throughout the laboratory and strengthen ecological outreach with the surrounding communities. The group welcomes Fermilab employees and those who work outside the laboratory. The group has applied for a state grant to help eliminate the raspberry patches, black cherry trees and dogwood trees squeezing out nearly two-thirds of the 35-acre savanna inside the Tevatron ring.

The Fermi Research Alliance serves as the umbrella organization for FNA. Fermilab does not provide funds to the group. FNA has greater flexibility in seeking grants and donations to improve Fermilab's ecosystem than the laboratory has itself. Projects under consideration include: savanna and prairie restoration, development of trails for visitors and enhanced opportunities for environmental research.

Donations to FNA are tax deductible. Fermilab employees can donate to FNA through payroll deductions.

For information or to join the board, contact FNA at (630) 840-3303 or e-mail fna@fra-hg.org or look online at www.fermilabnaturalareas.org.


MIT physicist helps late night host solve physics quandry

MIT physicist Peter Fisher helped Late night talk show host Conan O'Brien solve the host's wedding-ring spin problem.

You saw him at Fermilab recently for the Particle Physics Project Prioritization Panel meetings.

And now you can see him on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien."

Heeeere's MIT physics Professor Peter Fisher!

Feb. 8, the glib talk show host invited Fisher on-air to help him solve one of the world's great physics problems: why O'Brien's wedding ring won't spin longer than 41 seconds on his desk. O'Brien has been filling time during the writer's strike in the last month by seeing how long the ring will spin.

Fischer, who specializes in dark matter and neutrino research, spends nearly 15 minutes giving O'Brien a quirky lesson on the physics of motion and friction. He also gets in a few plugs for his ongoing experiments as well as his daughter and students who helped to analyze, literally, the ring problem. O'Brien brings physics experiments to a new level with several one-liners and even a little dancing.

Do they break the record? You'll have to find out by watching both segments of the show.

Segment 1

Segment 2

In Memoriam

In Memoriam: Elizabeth Brown

Elizabeth Brown

On Saturday, Feb. 9, Elizabeth Brown, a long-term Fermilab employee, died. Brown, or "Betty Brown" as she was known to many, joined the laboratory staff on May 3, 1976, as a clerk in the RD-Meson area. She held subsequent positions in the experimental area and the MSD Department Office before joining the administrative support group in the Particle Physics Division. She retired from PPD in 2003.

Brown received several Iron Man Awards, for not taking sick days during a year, in her 27-year career at the laboratory and was well known for her indomitable spirit, wry sense of humor and work ethic. She loved hearing jokes and she loved to tell them. She also was known for her giving spirit. Brown spent years volunteering at Provena McAuley Manor in Aurora, a short-term care and rehabilitation facility, visiting residents and helping to feed those who could not feed themselves. She was involved in a "Puppy Love" program, bringing pets to visit the residents. Brown was a long-time member of St. Joseph Parish in Aurora.

Brown loved to travel abroad and took advantage of many of the group trips offered by the Argonne Credit Union as well as group trips offered by local churches.

A funeral will be held Wednesday morning, Feb. 13, at 10 a.m. at St. Joseph's Catholic Church at 722 High Street in Aurora. Brown will be buried with her husband on the East Coast.

See full obituary here.
From the Computing Division

Computing keeps on rolling

Today's column is written by Vicky White, head of the Computing Division

Vicky White

Time has flown by since I last wrote a column back in 2007, and all things computing have kept rolling along. But the budget and furlough situation is challenging. I am asking everyone in CD to recognize that we can't do everything we normally do during this time of furloughs. Instead, we must pace ourselves, just as an athlete must do to stay the course. It may take a lot longer than normal to address an issue, so set priorities and remain patient. During this time, people also need to partner to help each other when a key person is on furlough or absent.

We do our very best to keep all of the services for the laboratory - such as networks, e-mail, backups, Web, databases, equipment repairs and more - up and running.

The good news is that several projects that we've been working on during the last few years are going really well.

CMS at CERN -- The 5,000 chip level microprocessors that compose the CMS Tier 1 Center at Fermilab churn away on Monte Carlo data, in preparation for live data later this year. A combined data challenge for all LHC experiments has just started. We not only must transfer data from CERN to Fermilab, but also from Fermilab to all the other CMS Tier 1 Centers worldwide. We have put new tape technology (LT04) into production use, doubling the amount of data that we can put onto a single cartridge.

Fermilab experiments -- CDF and DZero each write more than 30 million events to tape every day as well as half of that amount in Monte Carlo data. They process even more than that each and every day using about 10,000 cores. The MINOS experiment continues to expand its use of FermiGrid.

Lattice Computing Center -- More than 3,000 cores of the lattice high-performance computers crunch numbers. Most of the computing power gets used for Lattice QCD calculations, but we also attack computing-intensive problems in cosmology, accelerator modeling and RF simulation.

CD will do its best to help you to sustain the computing efforts in your area, and in return, we may ask for computing help from across the laboratory in times of difficulty. Together we can keep computing rolling and keep producing scientific results.

Safety Update

ES&H weekly report, Feb. 12

This week's safety report, compiled by the Fermilab ES&H section, includes no incidents. It has been 10 days since the last recordable injury. The full report is here.

Safety report archive


Have a safe day!

Housing assignments for summer 2008
The Fermilab Housing Office accepts requests for houses, apartments and dormitory rooms for summer 2008. Please submit requests for reservations by Monday, March 3, because Housing expects more requests than available facilities. Requests can be made for any period and need not commence on any particular date. For further information, please contact the Housing Office at (630) 840-3777. Individuals can make housing requests using our Online Housing Request form. Requests for multiple housing units are handled by direct e-mail to housing@fnal.gov.

Employee Black Hawk tickets
Fermilab employees can take advantage of discounted Chicago Black Hawk ticket for home games at the United Center Feb. 20, March 5 and March 9. Employees can save up to $22.50 on tickets. The Recreation Office, WH15W, or the Recreation home page, has order forms.

ESL class in Users' Center
A beginning English as a Second Language course will meet from 10-11:30 a.m. every Wednesday from Jan. 30-May 14 in the Users' Center. The class will cover topics including daily conversation, shopping, transportation, travel, food, restaurant ordering and doctor visits. E-mail or call Kim Habig, x4240, for more information. New students may join anytime.

Financial counseling available
Need financial advice? For financial counseling or advice, employees may call on the resources of the Employee Assistance Program. Call the EAP 24/7 at 1-800-843-1327, and tell them you're from Fermilab. Or get directly in touch with employee assistance counselor Brian Malinowski at 1-847-625-3532 or bmalinowski@vmceap.com. Access furlough information here.

Intermediate Word course Feb. 21
Learn how to create customized lists, tables, charts, graphics and personalized Word 2003 efficiency tools at an Intermediate Word 2003 course on Feb. 21. Learn more and enroll

Kyuki-Do class begins Feb. 25
Kyuki-Do, a martial art similar to Taekwondo, leads to a practical method of self-defense. It teaches balance, power and grace. Classes are held for six weeks on Monday and Wednesday from 5-6 p.m. at the Recreation Facility. You must register through the Recreation Office and have a Recreation Facility membership.

Additional Activities

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