Fermilab Today Monday, January 7, 2008

Monday, Jan. 7
2:30 p.m.
Particle Astrophysics Seminar - Curia II
Speaker: A. Yadav, University of Illinois, Chicago
Title: Primordial Non-Gaussianity (fNL) in WMAP 3-Year Data
3:30 p.m.
4 p.m.
All Experimenters' Meeting - Curia II
Special Topic: Modifications to Tevatron Shot Set-Up

Tuesday, Jan. 8
2:30 p.m.
Particle Astrophysics Seminar - Curia II (NOTE DATE)
Speaker: C. Martoff, Temple University
Title: Issues in Initiating WIMP Astronomy
3:30 p.m.

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Wilson Hall Cafe
Monday, Jan. 7
- Minestroni
- Italian sausage quesadilla
- Baked chicken enchiladas
- Pot roast
- Upscale Bologna sandwich
- Assorted slice pizza
- Szechwan green bean w/chicken

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Chez Leon

Wednesday, Jan. 9
- Cheese fondue
- Marinated vegetable salad
- Fresh fruit plate

Thursday, Jan. 10
- Shrimp chowder
- Filet mignon w/pinot noir sauce
- Potato dauphinos
- Steamed green beans
- Marzipan cake

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Allocating the right resources

Peter Wilson

At the back of a meeting on the progress of the CMS experiment, Peter Wilson sat quietly, listening. As PPD's new associate division head for engineering, Wilson wants to learn as much as he can about what experimenters need now and in the future. A major part of Wilson's new job is to weigh the resources of the departments he oversees with the needs of all laboratory experiments. Wilson listens to the needs of experimenters. He then assigns technicians and engineers from the mechanical department, electrical engineering department and technical centers to help out where they are needed.

Jim Strait, head of PPD, said that Wilson has the right qualifications to make things run smoothly. "Peter Wilson really has the respect of the people he has worked with," Strait said. "He is respected for his scientific accomplishments and for his leadership skills."

Strait said Wilson's experience in electrical engineering and his knowledge of detector operations, which will help him relate to engineers, technicians and scientists.

Before to beginning his new position, Wilson worked on CDF for 15 years, most recently as head of operations. "That was a job where you saw everyone and every day was different -- there was always a new challenge," said Wilson.

Wilson will remain a CDF member, but will enjoy the opportunities his new position provides. "CDF is a big group, but fairly insular," he said. "There is a whole new set of people I get to work with."

Strait said that those who know Wilson find him a good fit for his new role. "When I say his name, everyone tells me, 'Great choice!'," said Strait. "He's a guy everyone fights for."

--Haley Bridger

From KEK

Roadmap of KEK

From Director General's column , Jan. 4, 2008

Atsuto Suzuki
Director General

The future program of KEK will reach a turning point in the years 2009 and 2010. First of all, J-PARC, a high intensity proton accelerator complex, will complete the first phase of construction at Tokai. Material and life science experiments using neutrons and muons will then start as well as particle and nuclear physics experiments including neutrino studies. The KEK B factory is expected to reach the initial target integrated luminosity, 1ab, by that time. The engineering design report for the international linear collider, the ILC, will be presented up to 2010 by an international collaboration. The community of scientists using the light source facility has also proposed that R&D for an energy recovery linac should be carried out as the next generation light source. Finally, it is anticipated that the international experimental program at the LHC, Large Hadron Collider at CERN will announce their first results around 2010.

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Budget News Update

2008 U.S. budget: Promising year ends badly after fiscal showdown squeezes science

From Science Magazine, Jan. 4, 2008

The U.S. science community's reaction to the 2008 federal budget adopted last month has been uniformly bleak. "A step backwards, . a missed opportunity, . a keen disappointment" declared press releases from advocates, including AAAS (which publishes Science), about a belated, $555 billion spending package (HR 2764) that was cobbled together and approved in a 4-day rush before the holidays. Those sad words are a reaction to the last-minute rollback of substantial planned increases for science that occurred after the Democratic-controlled Congress lost a showdown with the Republican White House.

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Read an AIP FYI article regarding the reaction to funding levels from Capitol Hill.

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Safety Tip of the Week

Winter driving

When driving in winter weather, make sure that you have ample visibility, maintain good traction and refrain from rapid changes in driving style.

Three factors can help you stay safe while driving in winter: visibility, traction and driving style. Reduced visibility and traction make things difficult, while driving style determines how well you deal with winter hazards, as well as those imposed by other drivers.

Visibility - Clear snow, ice and frost from car windows. While you're at it, clean headlights and taillights, mirrors and windshield wipers. Remove snow from heater air inlets. Otherwise, initially clear windshields can frost over a few minutes later.

Traction - Tire traction on ice or snow is only one-tenth to one-half of that on dry pavement. The secret to maintaining a good grip is to avoid spinning the wheels or sliding. This takes advantage of static friction, which is greater than dynamic friction.

Driving style - Maintaining control on slippery surfaces can be summed up in one word: smoothness. Any quick input to the tires, such as rapid movement of the steering wheel or quick application of the accelerator or brake pedals can lead to trouble. If you sense the wheels are spinning, ease back on the accelerator pedal until you feel them grip again. Allow plenty of space to slow down or stop. Apply brakes gently at first. In low-traction conditions, it's a good idea to keep your control inputs separate: accelerate, brake or steer. Do only one at a time.

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Have a safe day!

Project X physics workshop Jan. 25-26
Fermilab will host a second users' workshop Jan. 25-26 to discuss the physics of Project X. The workshop will focus on the details of the experiments that might be proposed to take advantage of a high-intensity proton source, their physics impact and the development of the overall experimental strategy. Information about the workshop, working groups and ongoing efforts is available online.

New location for International Services
The Visa Office and Assignment Services have joined the User's Office to form International Services. The office has moved to the first floor of Wilson Hall on the west side. The contact information is as follows: Amanda Petersen, x4203; Barb Book x3111; Melissa Clayton Lang, x3933; and John Galvan, x3811. The mail stop is MS 103 and the fax is x3688.

LPC Jterm-II workshop Jan. 10-12
The LHC Physics Center at Fermilab will sponsor a workshop titled "Jterm - II" from Jan. 10-12. The workshop is named for the January term at LPC and is for graduate students and postdocs between semesters. The two-day workshop will include plenary talks and tutorials. For more information or to register, visit the workshop Web site. To register, click the evaluation button at the top of the Web site's agenda page.

Fermi Kyuki-Do Class begins Jan. 7
Want to start the New Year out right with practical exercise? Kyuki-Do is a practical method of self defense that will teach you three important things: balance, power and grace. Classes are held for six weeks on Monday and Wednesday from 5-6 p.m. at the Recreation Facility in the Village. You need to register through the Recreation Office and also be a member of the Recreation Facility.

Scottish country dance Tuesday
Scottish country dancing will meet Tuesday, Jan. 8, at Kuhn Barn. Instruction begins at 7:30 p.m. and newcomers are always welcome. Most dances are fully taught and walked through, and you do not need to come with a partner. Call (630) 840-8194 or (630) 584-0825 or e-mail for more information.

Additional Activities

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