Fermilab Today Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tuesday, Oct. 2
2:30 p.m.
Special Particle Astrophysics Seminar (NOTE DATE) - Curia II
Speaker: C. Galbiati, Princeton University
Title: Borexino Update
3:30 p.m.
4 p.m.
Accelerator Physics and Technology Seminar - One West
Speaker: S. Strokov, University of Hiroshima
Title: Experiments on Deflection of Charged Particles in Japan for ILC and J-PARC

Wednesday, Oct. 3
3:30 p.m.
4 p.m.
Fermilab Colloquium - One West
Speaker: M. Veloso, Carnegie Mellon University
Title: Task-Improving Robots through Observation and Learning

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Tuesday, Oct. 3
- Chicken & rice soup
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Wednesday, Oct. 3
- Crepes w/ham & gruyere w/Madeira cream
- Marinated vegetable salad
- Baked apples w/crème chantilly

Thursday, Oct. 4
- Shrimp bisque
- Grilled pork tenderloin w/peach & ginger sauce
- Honey roasted root vegetables
- Hazelnut cake w/frangelico
- Crème anglais

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Wade Fisher receives Best New Talent Award

DZero's Wade Fisher displays his Best New Talent award from the International School of Subnuclear Physics.

Only the top young scientists get asked to attend Antonio Zichichi's International School of Subnuclear Physics. Only a few graduated. And only four of the graduates received a Best New Talent award.

Fermilab's Wade Fisher earned all three honors this September, in addition to a handshake from Peter Higgs, the physics father of the "God particle."

Peter Higgs presented Fisher with his award and took the time to speak with Fisher during the course.

"Speaking with Professor Higgs was a great experience," Fisher said, "And I was thoroughly humbled to have him present me with an award."

Fisher competed with a worldwide pool of young, talented physics students for one of 50 student spots at this year's school. A committee of lecturers and scientists selected the most promising candidates and invited them to Erice-Sicily from Aug. 29 to Sept. 7.

Fisher spent time listening to renowned speakers and invited scientists, including Fermilab's Bill Bardeen of PPD and Director Pier Oddone. Fisher also presented his work on the Standard Model Higgs boson search at the Tevatron. Based on the important contributions he made to his team's results, the board of lecturers and scientists awarded Fisher the Bjorn Wiik diploma. Only 21 attendees earned diplomas.

The committee awarded prizes and diplomas based on how well students' presentations addressed nine problems relating to the theme of "Searching for the 'totally unexpected' in the LHC era."

Fisher started at Fermilab as an undergraduate working on the CMS experiment. He now works on DZero.

Fisher said that going to the school was like going back to college. "There were physicists introducing new theories and many others learning the details of these complex theories, which made for very animated discussions," he added.

The opportunity to go back to being a student for a little while came at the perfect time for Fisher. He said that his DZero team has been "pushing out results" for summer and winter conferences. "I needed a break," he said.

Fisher encourages other young physicists to apply to the 2009 course. He hopes others from Fermilab can have the opportunity to experience Erice's idyllic setting and meet some of the most prominent scientists working in the field of particle physics today.

--Haley Bridger


Chicago Area Users Group tours Fermilab

More than 80 people gathered at Fermilab last week for a regular meeting of the Chicago Area Users' Group. Composed of users of Siemens' UGS software, including CAD software I-DEAS, the group got a chance to learn about Fermilab and how laboratory employees use the software.

"It was an honor and a great chance for us to show off what we do here," said Paula Lambertz, a design drafter with AD's cryogenic systems who helped to organize the event.

Visitors toured the LHC Remote Operations Center, the Linac and the 15th floor of Wilson Hall. Fermilab speakers, including Don Mitchell, Chuck Grimm and Ingrid Fang, explained the laboratory's current experiments and future goals.

Don Mitchell, a mechanical engineer in TD and a design leader for the ILC's cryomodules, said that these meetings serve a dual purpose. They give laboratory employees a chance to talk about the software, but the meetings also give visitors a way to learn about the laboratory through tours. In his presentation, he spoke about how Fermilab uses the software for international collaboration while also educating attendees on the laboratory's efforts to host the ILC.

"What was really nice about this particular event was that everyone who came here was somewhat technically minded, since they use this engineering software," Lambertz said. "They got a lot out of the event. They probably understood more of what we would be doing than the general public."

-- Rhianna Wisniewski

Photo of the Day

Goodnight, Harvest Moon

Dean Armstrong captured this photo of Wilson Hall and the full moon on Wednesday, Sept. 26.

In the News

Sakue Yamada to lead International Linear Collider detector design

Interactions News Wire, Oct. 1, 2007

The International Linear Collider Steering Committee (ILCSC), a sub-panel of the International Committee for Future Accelerators (ICFA), has appointed Sakue Yamada, Professor Emeritus of University of Tokyo, to become the research director for the International Linear Collider, a proposed future particle accelerator.

Yamada will report to the ILCSC and will be responsible for the experimental programme of the ILC. An international endeavour, the ILC published a Reference Design Report in August 2007 and now enters an engineering design phase that will last through 2010. Yamada's appointment will last through this engineering phase, at which time the ILC will be ready for formal presentation to international funding agencies and other governing bodies.

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Director's Corner


Pier Oddone

At Fermilab, we are very good at meeting almost any challenge that comes our way. Getting the luminosity of the Tevatron to unprecedented levels, fixing the LHC triplet magnets, creating a roadmap for the particle physics community under challenging circumstances are all clear successes. We are able to pull together when we need to and solve almost any problem. Our successes are not only self-declared but have been validated by sponsors and peers alike such as last week's DOE Annual Review.

The challenge that we have so far not met is lowering the rate of injuries at our laboratory.

We have just concluded fiscal year 2007 with great performance in just about every measure. Yet we had an average of one injury a month that required either restrictions in the kind of work done or days away from work. This is twice the number of injuries we had last year. We cannot accept this toll on our employees. Our goal is zero injuries for the sake of every single employee and coworker and their families. Because of the seriousness of this issue I find myself devoting an increasing fraction of my time to seeking solutions. If necessary I will spend all of my time to solve this problem even though it will curb my ability to address everything else a director needs to do for the well being of the laboratory.

I am challenging myself and every one of you to redouble his or her efforts to promote safety first and to prevent injuries. The vast majority of the injuries in our records come from not planning the work - usually simple things that we commonly do and don't think much about - or from being distracted while doing the work. The problems seldom are due to lack of training or carrying out more hazardous work. Lack of attention to safety is the common thread found in most of the injuries at Fermilab. Managers all along the supervisory chain must devote the time necessary - as I will - to keep safety in the forefront of everyone's mind. Ultimately safety is a shared responsibility for every employee, user and visitor alike. If you see someone not paying attention to safety, speak up; you could save someone from an injury. You could help our laboratory meet this stubborn, crucial challenge.

In the News

NIU president announces 'hopes for NIU's future'

Northern Star, Sept. 28, 2007

NIU President John G. Peters announced his hopes for NIU's future during his 2007 State of the University Address on Thursday.

Peters recalled the forming of a strategic planning process and explained how the task force is going to proceed on both the university and individual college and departmental level.

"For those issues that cross college and department lines, I am establishing university-level task forces to evaluate suggestions and create action plans," Peters said. "When these groups have completed their work, they will be discharged and their recommendations integrated into a specific, university-level plan."

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Have a safe day!

Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional training
This course will teach you about PDF files and help you quickly identify components of the Acrobat interface. You will learn how to create PDF documents and more. Deadline to enroll is Wednesday, Oct. 3.

Word 2003: Introduction Oct. 10
Learn to create, edit, format and add tables to basic business documents with Word 2003 through this training course. For more information, please visit the Web site.

Sexual harassment training Oct. 9, 10
The Office of Professional & Organization Development offers sexual harassment training for FNAL employees on Oct. 9. Training for managers and supervisors is on Oct. 10. Training only will be offered once this fall. It is intended to raise awareness of issues surrounding workplace sexual harassment discrimination. Employees can find more information and enroll on-line here. Supervisors or managers can enroll here.

Wellness brown bag seminar Oct. 5
Wellness Works and the U.S. Bone and Joint Decade will present a Brown Bag Seminar from noon to 1 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 5, in One West. Susan Broy, M.D. from the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute LLC will present "Fit to a T," an educational program about bone health and osteoporosis.

Fright Fest discounted tickets
Buy tickets now for Fermilab Fright Fest Days at Six Flags Oct. 19-21. Tickets are $25.25 each and available at the Recreation Office, WH15W. If you cannot attend the Fermilab days, ask about other special savings for other weekends.

FNALU inbound e-mail stopped Oct. 1
Direct e-mail delivery to FNALU nodes stopped on Oct. 1. This change only affects delivery, not how or where mail is read. Unless directed otherwise, forwarded mail will move to the IMAP servers. Users should move their existing mail folders to IMAP. Please read the FAQ for further details. Please contact the help desk at x2345 if you have additional questions.

Exciting Explorations fall program
Exciting Explorations will take place the following dates: Monday, Oct. 8 (Columbus Day); Monday, Nov. 19; and Tuesday, Nov. 20. Additional days may be added if interest warrants. The cost is $35 per day per child. Two snacks and beverages are included. Lunch is not provided. Please call Patti or Mary Simmons at x3762 to register. Send an e-mail to request additional days.

Scottish Country Dancing tonight
Scottish Country Dancing will meet tonight at Kuhn Barn on the Fermilab site, moving back to the Barn for the fall season. Instruction begins at 7:30 p.m. and newcomers always are welcome. Most dances are fully taught and walked through. You do not need to come with a partner. More information is available by calling (630) 840-8194 or (630) 584-0825 or e-mailing folkdance@fnal.gov.

International Folk Dancing Oct. 4
International Folk Dancing will meet Thursday, Oct. 4, at Kuhn Barn on the Fermilab site. Dancing begins at 7:30 p.m. with teaching and children's dances earlier in the evening and request dancing later on. Newcomers are welcome. You do not need to come with a partner. More information is available by calling (630) 840-8194 or (630) 584-0825 or e-mailing folkdance@fnal.gov.

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