Fermilab Today Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thurs., Aug. 16
1:00 p.m.
CANCELLED: ILC ALCPG Physics and Detector R&D Seminar
2:30 p.m.
Theoretical Physics Seminar - Curia II
Speaker: M. Masip, Universidad de Granada
Title: New Physics at the LHC
3:30 p.m.
4:00 p.m. Accelerator Physics and Technology Seminar - One West
Speaker: L. Cooley, Fermilab
Title: Summary of SRF Materials Workshop held at Fermilab 23-24 May 2007, and SRF Materials Outlook

Fri., August 17
3:30 p.m.
4:00 p.m.
Joint Experimental-Theoretical Physics Seminar - One West
Speaker: B. Rebel, Fermilab
Title: New Atmospheric Muon Physics Results in the MINOS Far Detector

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Wilson Hall Cafe
Thursday, August 16
- Santa Fe black bean
- Sloppy joe
- Chicken Cordon Blue
- Sauteed liver & onions
- Baked Ham & swiss on a ciabatta roll
- Assorted slice pizza
- Crispy fried chicken ranch salad

*Carb Restricted Alternative

Wilson Hall Cafe Menu

Chez Leon

Thursday, August 16
- Smoked salmon napoleon
- Tournedos of beef w/madeira sauce
- Cauliflower gratin
- Vegetable of the season
- Bourbon walnut pie

Wednesday, August 22
- Sausage & roasted pepper & three cheese calzone
- Caesar salad
- Peach cardinale

Chez Leon Menu
Call x4598 to make your reservation.


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Special Announcement

Contractor resolves labor dispute

Fermilab's contractor has informed the laboratory that the contractor has voluntarily resolved its labor dispute and that picket lines will no longer appear at Fermilab's gates.


Giorgio Apollinari appointed Technical Division head

Giorgio Apollinari

Fermilab physicist Giorgio Apollinari will succeed Marc Ross as head of the laboratory's Technical Division, Fermilab Director Pier Oddone announced this week. Ross has begun a new position as project manager for the Engineering Design Report for the International Linear Collider.

Apollinari will take over as TD head on September 1.

"Giorgio Apollinari brings a great breadth of experience to Technical Division management," Oddone said. "His work on advanced detector and accelerator technologies, and his days as an experimenter on CDF, give him a remarkable perspective on Fermilab science and technology at this key moment in the life of the laboratory."

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-- Judy Jackson


Road closures near daycare create traffic-free zone

The road in front of the Children's Center will be permanently closed as a safety precaution.

Starting Friday, parents dropping off children at the daycare must use a new route.

To increase safety, the road in front of the Fermilab Children's Center and the adjacent angled parking will be permanently closed. Parents should use the parking lost directly across from the daycare main entrance. Access to this parking lot is available from Blackhawk Boulevard.

No through-traffic on Shabbona road or the Children's Center parking lot will be possible to the north end of the Village. Those driving to these areas must use Potawatomi or Neuqua roads.

Barriers will be placed at the corner of Shabbona road and Blackhawk Boulevard, and at the corner of Shabbona and Neuqua roads. Signs will be posted at these intersections as well as in other areas of the village.

The changes create a traffic-free zone in front of the building, eliminating the need for parents and children to dodge traffic when crossing from the parking lot to the daycare.


Bill Bardeen running for
APS vice president

Bill Bardeen

Although changing the system is the most common motivation for candidates throwing their hats into the election ring, Fermilab physicist Bill Bardeen doesn't advocate radical change.

Bardeen, who is running for vice president of the American Physical Society against Princeton University physics professor Curtis Callan, would like to see the organization stay its current course.

"The APS provides its members the means to further their science and its applications through diverse avenues of communication. At the same time it encourages an infusion of new ideas and methods for engaging broader support for the intrinsic value of science and scientific research, advancing the public understanding of science and educating teachers and others in the wonders of science,"" Bardeen said. "I would love the opportunity to further those traditions."

Bardeen began his particle physics career in 1967, the year the Standard Model of particle physics was proposed. He joined the Fermilab Theory Department in 1975, after holding research positions at Princeton University and SUNY-Stony Brook and teaching physics at Stanford University. In 1999, he was elected a Member of the National Academy of Sciences.

Bardeen has been involved with the APS since the 1960s, and was elected as a society fellow in 1984. He served on the executive committee of the APS Division of Particles and Fields.

If elected, Bardeen would serve four year cycle as vice president, president elect, president and a final year as past president. He would be president in 2010, about the time when important decisions about the future of physics in the country--and at Fermilab--would be made.

Bardeen hails from a physics family: his brother is a retired physics professor, his brother-in-law is an MIT physicist and his father was a Nobel Laureate and APS president. Bardeen's wife, Marge, is the head of the Fermilab Education Office. The APS elections run through September 1. Voting and information on the candidates can be accessed online.

-- Rhianna Wisniewski

Fermilab Result of the Week

Summer to begin for CDF

The variety of new CDF results presented for the Lepton Photon conference in Daegu, South Korea.

For much of the world, the month of August is synonymous with vacation -- a time to relax, a time to tan on the beach or hike in the mountains. For CDF physicists, this month has been anything but relaxing. For the past two weeks, several hundred physicists tended to the last-minute details of their particular analyses and then subjected their work to the peer review of the collaboration for a final showing. The researchers hope their new results will be presented this week in Daegu, South Korea, the setting for this year's premier particle physics gathering, the Lepton Photon conference.

The CDF scorecard is an impressive one. Fifty-one new results will be shown, thirty-one of them utilizing the newest data collected through April of this year. The scope of these results is vast: from precise measurements of the copious particles produced by the strong force to searches for the scant signals of new particles produced by unknown forces. In many cases, these results demonstrate pioneering work and present "first" or "world's best" measurements.

This level of success requires a collaboration-wide effort, from the detector operations crews who acquire the data, to the offline computing teams who process and calibrate it, and the physics analysis groups who produce the analyzed results. This coordinated effort has been underway since last year's summer results, which was the impetus for the 54 results CDF has published in the last 12 months. This year's publishing prospects look just as bright.

Though summer officially started June 21, CDF physicists are finally getting some time in the sun.

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The CDF flag-bearers: Mario Martinez-Perez (IFAE-Barcelona), Kirsten Tollefson (Michigan State U.), and Robin Erbacher (U.C. Davis) present many of CDF's new results in Korea.

Result of the Week Archive

From iSGTW

Bloody great science: Parallel Blood Flow Simulation using grids

The Parallel Blood Flow Simulation package can automatically calculate blood flow and use medical images to generate a 3D computer model of your arteries. Customized visualization techniques then show the artery areas that are risky and critical to disease development. Image courtesy of the University of Karagujevac

For more than a decade, surgeons have been able to insert video cameras into your arteries and scan your "intra-artery" footage for signs of weakness or clogging.

If your doctor spots a problem, it can often be fixed using a tiny device called a stent: a ring of wire mesh inserted at a crucial point inside your artery. If positioned correctly, a stent can support a weak section of artery wall from the inside, or keep a clogged artery sufficiently open for business.

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In the News

From Leader-Post
August 14, 2007

Physicists working on international Big Bang project

Some of Canada's top physicists are in Regina to take part in a two-day workshop to help them co-ordinate their efforts as they prepare to unlock the secrets of the universe.

"This project is going to generate core knowledge about characteristics of the universe that are simply going to rewrite the physics books," said Dave Gauthier, the University of Regina's vice-president of research.

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NALWO end of summer picnic Aug. 24
NALWO will host an end of summer picnic on August 24 at 5:30 p.m. The event will be located in front of the Kuhn Barn in the picnic area, or in the barn in case of rain. Employees, users and their families are invited. Attendees should bring a dish to share and something for the grill. Small favors will be provided for children. Please contact Jennifer Jansson, 879-0172 for more information.

Wisconsin Dells Discount Book
The final day to purchase the Wisconsin Dells Coupon book is August 17.  Books are still available in the Recreation Office and the discounts are good until April 1, 2008.  The cost of the book is $20.

Wed. bowling league looking for players
The Fermilab Wednesday night bowling league is looking for individuals or teams interested in joining their co-workers this season at Bowling Green Sports Center on Rt.38 just west of Rt.59. The season starts on Sept. 5, 2007 at 5:30 p.m. and lasts for 30 weeks. Cost is $14.00 per week and includes cost of bowling plus year-end prize fund. For more information, contact Al Legan X4074, Rich Neswold X3454 or Jeff Artel X3325.

Additional Activities

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