Fermilab Today Friday, August 10, 2007

Fri., August 10
3:00 p.m.
3:30 p.m.
Joint Experimental-Theoretical Physics Seminar - One West (NOTE TIME)
Speakers: M. Neubauer (CDF), University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign John Hobbs (DZero), State University of New York, Stony Brook
Title: New Results for Lepton-Photon 2007 from CDF and DZero
8:00 p.m.
Fermilab International Film Society - Auditorium
Tickets: Adults $5
Title: Die Blechtrommel (The Tim Drum)

Mon., Aug. 13
3:30 p.m.
4:00 p.m.
All Experimenters' Meeting - Curia II

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Wilson Hall Cafe
Friday, Aug. 10
- New England Clam Chowder
- Black & Blue Cheese Burger
- Mardi Gras Jambalaya
- Swedish Meatballs
- Bistro Chicken & Provolone Panini
- Assorted pizza slices
- *Carved Top Round of Beef

Wilson Hall Cafe Menu

Chez Leon

Wednesday, August 15
- Chinese Chicken
- Mushroom Lettuce Cups
- Grilled Bananas w/Rum Sauce

Thursday, August 16
- Smoked Salmon Napoleon
- Tournedos of Beef w/Madeira Sauce
- Cauliflower Gratin
- Vegetable of the Season
- Bourbon Walnut Pie

Chez Leon Menu
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Special Announcement

Pickets at Fermilab gates this morning

The people you may have seen carrying signs at Fermilab's gates this morning are union representatives picketing because of a dispute between a labor union and a nonunion sub-subcontractor performing work at Fermilab.


Meson Lab roof repairs aim
to re-engineer art

Workers repair the Meson Detector Building roof.

When Robert Wilson oversaw construction of Fermilab's facilities in the 1970's, he attempted to merge aesthetic appeal with scientific functionality. While most of the lab's structures have fulfilled this mission, the Meson Lab has always been a bit of a troublemaker.

Completed in 1975, the Meson Lab possesses one of the most unusual architectural features on the Fermilab campus: a roof consisting of 12 concave arches designed by Wilson and artist Angela Gonzalez. But while visually striking, the roof falls short in one big way -- it leaks.

"It's an old building with steel joints that tend to loosen with time," said Elaine McCluskey, AD project engineer. "Loosened joints mean leakage."

This isn't a new problem. Water began dripping from the ceiling soon after the building's completion, and all attempts at repair to date have failed. A team of engineers and contractors is currently mounting an effort to fix the leaks. Success is crucial, as the lab is home to important International Linear Collider research, with more to come.

Under the management and oversight of FESS/Engineering, Riddiford Roofing Co. of Arlington Heights, Illinois, began the repair process last summer by cleaning the surfaces. The cold winter months forced a temporary break, but contractors resumed work early this summer, applying a light-blue primer to the arches and epoxy filling to the leaky joints. Concrete and urethane foam are being added to aid water drainage, and two final coats of a special elastomeric coating will finish the seal. In the end, the building will be returned to similar shades of the original blue and orange colors.

FESS and AD are satisfied with the work thus far. "We've made really good progress," McCluskey said. "Despite this summer's rain, we're working quickly and taking advantage of all the time we have. The building roof should be very nice when it's done."

ES&H coordinator Mike Andrews expressed a Meson Lab user's satisfaction. "The lab-space is much more comfortable, and most important, dry. I'm glad we could preserve the historical value of Wilson's design and get rid of the puddles at the same time," he said.

So what happens if the seal doesn't hold? "Riddiford has agreed to a 10-year warranty, so repairs are covered for at least that long," McCluskey said. "Hopefully, they won't be needed."

--J. Bryan Lowder

Once repaired, the roof of the Meson Lab will be blue and terracotta in color, similar to the original roof.

From ILC Newsline

Good vibrations at Fermilab

Two of the geophones installed in Fermilab's Horizontal Test Stand.

Vibrations in the cryomodules in the International Linear Collider are actually not a good thing. The slightest disruption can throw off the alignment of the super sensitive beams and prevent them from colliding. The stringent beam dynamic requirements in the ILC therefore make vibration studies important, which is why Fermilab recently installed measuring devices called geophones in their Horizontal Test Stand. So for the team at Fermilab, detecting vibrations now, during an R&D phase, is actually a good thing because it means that they can learn how to minimise them in the actual machine when every collision counts.

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-- Elizabeth Clements

In the News

From European Science Foundation
Aug. 7, 2007:

EURYI award project to store antimatter in box like 'office bin'

Physicists want to study antimatter much more closely and confirm beyond all doubt that it really is the exact opposite of the matter we observe in everyday existence, but there is a problem. Antimatter is very difficult to make, and even harder to store afterwards, making it more precious to scientists than gold. The moment it comes into contact with the normal matter surrounding us it annihilates within a trillionth of second, so it has to be isolated and manipulated indirectly. Until now this has only been possible in large expensive apparatus using electric or magnetic fields to contain the antimatter.

Enter Japanese EURYI Award winner Dr. Masaki Hori. His project was chosen for one of a valuable EURYI Awards because Hori aims to break new ground in handling and storing anti-matter, in this case sub-atomic particles called anti-protons. These are the exact opposite of the protons within the nucleus of every atom, having negative rather than positive charge. He has been cooperating with the Max-Planck-Institute in Germany on this research.

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FRA Scholarship Update
FRA is pleased to announce its scholarship and tuition remission programs for various Illinois-based Universities. Employee Relations has placed the information on one website for your convenience. Please visit the FRA Scholarship homepage for links and contact information for each program.

Wisconsin Dells Discount Book
The final day to purchase the Wisconsin Dells Coupon book is August 17.  Books are still available in the Recreation Office and the discounts are good until April 1, 2008.  The cost of the book is $20.

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