Fermilab Today Thursday, June 7, 2007

Thurs., June 7
9:00 a.m.
Users Annual Meeting - Auditorium
There will be no ALCPG ILC Physics and Detector seminar today.

Fri., June 8
3:30 p.m.
4:00 p.m.
Joint Experimental-Theoretical Physics Seminar - 1 West
Speaker: B. Kilminster, Ohio State University
Title: Cornering the Higgs with Nets:  A CDF Search for SM Higgs Produced with a Z Boson

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Wilson Hall Cafe
Thursday, June 7
-Tomato florentine
-*Grilled chicken cordon bleu sandwich
-Smart cuisine chicken marsala
-Smoked turkey melt
-Assorted sliced pizza
-SW chicken salad w/roasted corn salsa

*Carb Restricted Alternative

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Chez Leon

Thursday, June 7
- Crepes w/black forest ham & gruyere
- Sea scallops
- Spinach w/garlic & pine nuts
- Rhubarb soufflé w/ginger

Wednesday, June 13
- Grilled flank steak
- Jasmine rice
- Pea pods & mushrooms
- Chocolate almond mousse

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Steering Group develops roadmap drafts for Fermilab

Fermilab Deupty Director Young-Kee Kim spoke about Fermilab's current experiments and the lab's roadmap to the future at the 2007 annual Users' meeting Wednesday.

The successes of the past year and planning for the future were the focus of Deputy Director Young-Kee Kim’s talk yesterday at the 2007 Users’ meeting. “It has been an extraordinary year. We expect much more in the near future,” she said, summarizing the wealth of results that Fermilab users published in the areas of collider physics, neutrino physics and particle astrophysics in the past year.

Her main focus, however, was the future of the lab. Since the ILC is likely to move much more slowly along than its technically-limited schedule, it is important to develop a roadmap for the U.S. accelerator-based physics program at Fermilab that provides opportunity for discovery over a possibly extended period. Constructing such a roadmap is no small task as the roadmap must allow for the construction of the ILC as early as possible. In March, Director Oddone appointed Kim as the chair of the Fermilab Steering Group,whose members are developing drafts of such a roadmap. The Steering Group will submit its report to the director by August 1.

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-- Kurt Riesselmann


Yann Coadou to receive 2007 Tollestrup award today

Yann Coadou, now a CERN Fellow, is the recipient of the 2007 Tollestrup award for his work with DZero.

Yann Coadou will receive the prestigious 2007 Tollestrup award for his contributions to the DZero experiment. Coadou, formerly of Simon Fraser University and now a CERN Fellow, spent two and a half of his postdoctoral years working for Fermilab on single top quark analysis.

"Out of the many nominations for post-doc work, Yann's stood out as being driven in a creative sense by Yann and executed by Yann," said John Conway, chair of the 2007 Tollestrup Award Committee. "All high-energy physics requires a lot of people, but Yann was really dedicated to the single purpose of finding evidence of finding a single top quark."

Coadou, who was based for most of his post-doc years at a satellite location in Vancouver, said that the award signifies wide recognition of all of the hard work he and others put into making sure that the DZero data analysis was complete.

"If I think of myself as a good physicist I know that others think the same way," he said.

Coadou is also highly regarded for his contribution of the boosted decision tree technique, which essentially makes single top quark events easier to see.

The award will be presented by Alvin Tollestrup at 2:30 p.m. Thursday during the Users meeting.

-- Rhianna Wisniewski

From iSGTW

Working the Camera: Real-Time Grid-Powered Surveillance

Two people happen to meet in a hallway. They begin to chat, and end up in deep discussion.

Suddenly, on the wall beside them, projected images appear. Video clips. Sounds. Information directly relevant to their discussion. And all made automatically available, where and when they need it most.

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In the News

From nature.com
June 5, 2007

Large Hadron Collider delayed

Scientists happy with extra time to tweak their instruments.

The particle-smashing project designed to look for the mysterious particle that gives objects mass will not be seeing any live action this year.

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), based at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, was due to do a trial run in November this year, before switching on the scientific search for the Higgs boson in 2008. The test run would have seen a proton beam passing through the accelerator without actually being accelerated. But a number of setbacks - not least the spectacular failure earlier this year of some of the LHC's critical magnets - have led to a reassessment of the schedule, and the cancellation of the test run.

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Fermilab Result of the Week

CDF leaves no stone unturned

Some 300 different event types found in CDF data are compared to backgrounds expected from the Standard Model.

How do you search for something when you do not quite know what you  are looking for?

Recognizing their ignorance as to where new physics is most likely to  appear, a team of CDF scientists has decided to systematically search  through their data for signs of something inexplicable.  The result,  presented in talks at the PHENO 2007 conference last month by  Georgios Choudalakis and Conor Henderson, reveals no evidence of a  discrepancy that can motivate a new physics claim at this time.

Events with all possible combinations of electrons, muons, taus,  photons, jets, b-quark jets, and missing transverse energy due to  undetected particles are considered.  The analysis is driven by the  data themselves, rather than by any specific new theory.

This systematic study of over 300 event types, over 16,000 event  properties, and over 2 million individual events collected at the  energy frontier represents one of the most encompassing tests of the  Standard Model to date.

This analysis will continue throughout the remainder of Tevatron  running, with the goal of discovery.

More detailed information is available at the Vista and Sleuth analysis web site.

The CDF detectives : Georgios Choudalakis (MIT), Bruce Knuteson (MIT), Ray Culbertson (Fermilab), Conor Henderson (MIT).
Accelerator Update

June 4 - 6
- Two stores provided 39 hours and 5 minutes of luminosity
- Pbar experts conduct equalizer studies
- MIPS loop trips causes loss of antiprotons from stash
- TeV quench during shot setup
- TeV A4 air compressor motor fails

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Pine Street delays, bike path closed Thursday
The Pine Street entrance will be open Thursday, but there will be temporary flagman delays both inbound and outbound. In addition, the Pine Street bike path near Kirk Road will be closed for part of the day on Thursday. Bikers will be routed onto the paved shoulders of both inbound and outbound Pine Street for the detour. Steel plates will be covering recent trench work so bicyclists are asked to reduce speed and use caution when crossing these plates. Check Fermilab Today for weather-related schedule changes. Please use the Wilson Street gate as the detour route. Notice and detour signs will be posted.

NALWO visits Sculpture Garden
NALWO, Fermilab's Women's organization, will host a trip to Niki in the Garden, an Art of Play exhibit at the Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago on June 22, 2007 from 9:15 a.m. - 2 p.m. The sculpture exhibit features more than 30 colorful and whimsical outdoor pieces by sculptor Niki de Saint Phalle. Bus will board at 9:15 a.m. and leave the Lederman Science Education Center Parking Lot at 9:30 a.m., returning at approximately 2 p.m. Bus cost is $6 for adults, $3 for children under 14. Admission cost is free for kids and a suggested at $5 for adults. A bag lunch is recommended. To register, please contact Margie Nagaitsev at (630) 232-7308, or by email.

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