Fermilab Today Friday, April 27, 2007

Fri., April 27
3:30 p.m.
4:00 p.m.
Joint Experimental-Theoretical Physics Seminar - 1 West
Speaker: A. Schwartz, University of Cincinnati
Title: Evidence for D0-D0bar Mixing at Belle

Mon., April 30
2:30 p.m.
Particle Astrophysics Seminar - 1 West
Speaker: M. Kuhlen, Institute for Advanced Study Title: The Via Lactea Simulation - DM (sub) Structure in the Milky Way
3:30 p.m.
4:00 p.m.
All Experimenters' Meeting - 1 West
Special Topic: MI High Intensity Operation

Real Time Computing 2007 will be held at Fermilab on April 29 - May 4, 2007
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Wilson Hall Cafe
Friday, April 27
- Old fashioned ham & bean
- Philly style chicken
- Braised pork chops
- Baked fish over rice
- Roasted veggie & provolone panini
- Assorted pizza slices
- Baked potato

Wilson Hall Cafe Menu

Chez Leon

Wednesday, May 2
- Calzone w/ sausage
- Roasted red peppers and 3 cheeses
- Romaine w/ cherry tomatoes & red onion
- Mocha cake

Thursday, May 3
- Tortilla chicken soup
- Halibut Veracruz
- Chipotle mashed potatoes
- Vegetable of the season
- Profiteroles stuffed w/ fruit

Chez Leon Menu
Call x4598 to make your reservation.


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Fermilab Users Meeting to celebrate 40th anniversary

Alvin Tollestrup and Leon Lederman (center)enjoy a BBQ at Kuhn Barn with Fermilab founding director Robert Wilson (right) at a users' gathering in 1970.

Nobel Laureate George Smoot will highlight Fermilab's 40th annual Users' Meeting, which will be held June 6-7. In a special Wednesday night public lecture on June 6, "Relics of Creation," Smoot will discuss Big Bang and microwave background research.

Fermilab Deputy Director Young-Kee Kim will host a town hall meeting on Tuesday night, June 5 to invite input for the Steering Committee on Fermilab's future. Founding Deputy Director Ned Goldwasser and James Sanford, former assistant director for program planning and first chair of the NAL Users' Organization, will reminisce through 40 years of Users' Meetings.

The notable lineup of speakers on the June 6-7 agenda includes Fermilab Director Pier Oddone; ILC GDE Director Barry Barish; 2006 Panofsky Prize winner Bruce Winstein of the University of Chicago; DOE Office of Science Director of High Energy Physics Robin Staffin; NSF Director of Math and Physical Sciences Tony Chan, and Kathryn Beers of the Office of Science and Technology Policy.

The graduate students' poster session will again be held in the Atrium along with the banquet on June 6, with cash prizes for the best posters. "The Users' Meeting gets major players here: researchers, the people who do funding, and policy makers. It's good for all these people to experience the physical presence of the Lab and the enthusiasm of the user community," said Jeff Appel, assistant director for program planning. "Compared to 40 years ago, the Meeting is much more outward looking and more international".

The Users' Web site has a detailed list of travel planning options and a registration guide. Visit the users meeting website for more information.

Registration for the Users' Meeting is free. Tickets for Smoot's talk can be purchased for $5 at the Arts Desk, 1 West, Wilson Hall, or online.

-- Kate Raiford

ILC Newsline

Director's Corner: KEK and Fermilab sign agreement to strengthen collaboration

Barry Barish met with KEK Director Atsuto Suzuki.

Two of our principle collaborating institutions in the ILC are KEK Laboratory in Tsukuba, Japan and Fermilab in Batavia, Illinois. This week the KEK Director General, Atsuto Suzuki, came to Fermilab to discuss increased collaboration. Atsuto Suzuki is a very distinguished physicist, whom I have known for many years due to our mutual histories in neutrino physics. I note and congratulate him for recently being awarded the prestigious Bruno Pontecorvo Prize in recognition of his contribution to the "Discovery of Reactor Antineutrino Oscillations and Detection of Geoantineutrinos in the KamLAND experiment." Atsuto's Fermilab visit resulted in a newly signed MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) between the two laboratories.

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-- Barry Barish

In the News

From Interactions.org Press Release
April 26, 2007:

Closing the gap: descent of the last LHC magnet

Geneva, 26 April 2007. A ceremony was held at CERN today to mark the end of a crucial phase of installation of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). A large dipole magnet was symbolically lowered into the tunnel at 12:00. This completes the basic installation of the more than 1700 magnets that make up the collider, which measures 27 km in circumference and is scheduled to be commissioned at the end of 2007.

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Update on LHC Inner Triplets

To strengthen the support structure of the magnets in the "inner triplet," cartridges will be attached to one of the ends of the Q1 magnet and to one of the ends of the Q3 magnet.

A team of experts from CERN, from CEA-Saclay (a French national laboratory), and from Brookhaven National Laboratory met at CERN on April 24 and 25 to review proposed solutions to the problems that caused the failure of a Fermilab-built "inner triplet" of superconducting magnets during a routine pressure test on March 27. Physicists and engineers from Fermilab and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory participated in the review.

Each triplet contains three superconducting magnet assemblies, a cryogenic and power distribution box for the magnets, and associated structures. The triplets will focus particle beams prior to particle collisions in the Large Hadron Collider, now under construction at CERN. The pressure test took place in the accelerator tunnel.

The CERN review team examined the mechanical design of the inner triplet to make sure that there are no further hidden defects and conducted a review of the proposed in-situ repairs.

The reviewers examined the proposed repair method to hold the magnet's cold mass in place inside its cryostat, or outer metal jacket, to keep the magnet from moving when it experiences an asymmetric longitudinal force. During the pressure test, the existing magnet support structure broke in response to such a force.

The solution presented to the review panel will use four long metal cartridges installed parallel to the magnets long axis. The cartridges will be welded to the magnet's cold mass and to a bracket attached to the cryostat. The review panel made detailed recommendations for verifying the cartridges' ability to hold the magnet in place under a wide variety of possible conditions during accelerator operations.

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Pine Street entrance closing extended:
Use Wilson Street entrance

Due to repaving operations, both the inbound and outbound lanes of Fermilab's Pine Street entrance will continue to be closed through Tuesday, May 1. Each day the Pine Street entrance will be closed at 6 a.m. and will reopen by 6 p.m. The Wilson Street entrance will be open between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Motorists on outbound Pine street should be cautious of rough uneven surfaces, bumps, water on road and the lack of pavement markings. The schedule is dependent on the weather. Fermilab Today will provide updates.

Lira Ensemble: A Musical Celebration of Poland
The Lira Singers and Dancers will present "A Polish Musical Celebration" at the Fermilab Arts Series, featuring the music and dance of Poland on Saturday, May 5th at 8:00 p.m. Additional information is available here.

Village pool passes on sale May 1
Season pool passes go on sale in the recreation office beginning May 1. The village pool opens May 26 over Memorial Day weekend. A family pass (2-4 members) is $95.00 and $9.00 for each additional family member. A single pass is $55.00. Season passes are available to Fermilab employees, visitors, on-site contractors, their immediate families and retirees. More information and registration forms can be found in the recreation office or on the recreation office website.

Village water system flushing
Flushing of the Village domestic water system is scheduled for Saturday, April 28, between 6:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. There may be some discoloration of tap water and possibly brief loss of water pressure during the flushing procedure. Residents are encouraged to avoid using washing machines to prevent laundry discoloration from rust.

Coed softball league: Call for teams and players
The Coed softball league is looking for players and teams. Softball season starts May 9. Games are held on Wednesday evenings at 5:15 and 6:30 p.m. at the Fermilab softball field. Interested persons should email Dave Hockin.

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