Fermilab Today Friday, April 21, 2006  

Friday, April 21
3:30 p.m. DIRECTOR'S COFFEE BREAK - 2nd Flr X-Over
4:00 p.m. Joint Experimental Theoretical Physics Seminar - 1 West
Speaker: G. Kane, University of Michigan
Title: LHC4TeV: Tevatron Collider Physics in the LHC Era

Monday, April 24
11:00 a.m. Academic Lecture Series - Curia II
Speaker: S. Dodelson, Fermilab
Title: The Clumpy Universe - Course 6b (1st Lecture)
2:30 p.m. Particle Astrophysics Seminar - Curia II
Speaker: L. Sparke, University of Wisconsin
Title: Bars in Bars and Rings Around Stars
3:30 p.m. DIRECTOR'S COFFEE BREAK - 2nd Flr X-Over

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Friday, April 21
-New England Clam Chowder
-Western BBQ Burger
-Tilapia w/Tortilla Crust
-Swedish Meatballs
-Bistro Chicken & Provolone Panini
-Assorted Personal Size Pizzas
-Carved Top Round of Beef

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Wednesday, April 26
-Salad Niciose w/Fresh Grilled Tuna
-Chocolate Pecan Tart

Thursday, April 27
-Spring Rolls
-Lemon Grass Beef
-Jasmine Rice
-Salad of Bean Sprouts, Cucumber & Carrots
-Mango Flan
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Big magnet has to come out
Meson Magnet
This 2000-ton magnet is so large that this building had to be constructed around it when it was moved to Fermilab in 1971. Now the thirty-year-old building will stay, but the fifty-year-old magnet must go, to make room for ILC test-cryomodules. Bids to remove the giant magnet begin in May. (Click on image for larger version.)
Next month, a former fixed target building will be cleared out to make room for a new tenant: a sixty-meter-long accelerator that will drive electrons to nearly the speed of light. The project, called the International Linear Collider Test Area at New Muon, is part of the research and development for the ILC. "It's a development tool.and a way to test the infrastructure for the ILC," said Paul Czarapata, Associate Division Head for Engineering in the Accelerator Division.

The goal of this research and development project will be to design and test new components for a linear accelerator, components which can be used to build the ILC. Engineers from around the world are developing the next generation of "cryomodules," 15-meter-long capsules each of whose donut-shaped cavities gives the electrons a metaphorical kick to get them up to speed. A thermos-like outer layer will cool the system down to 1.8 degrees kelvin, eliminating electrical resistance. The ILC will use approximately 2000 of these cryomodules back to back, getting the electrons up to 250 billion electron volts; but this smaller test model will use only three.

While engineers wait for the first of the modules to arrive this summer, they are testing the finished "capture cavity 2," which will be used to catapult the electrons into the modules. They are also preparing to remove the current occupant of the New Muon building: a 2,000-ton cyclotron magnet which has been sitting unused for over a decade and which was so large that the building had to be built around it.
--Jennifer Lauren Lee

Accelerator Update
Painted Turtle
DZero's Mark Wobisch found this painted turtle, about 5 inches in diameter, crossing Batavia Road. According to lab ecologist Rod Walton, painted turtles are common at Fermilab. The turtles spend the winter at the bottom of ponds here, dropping their metabolic rate to very low levels so they can survive without much oxygen during the long winter. (Click on image for larger version.)
In the News
April 20, 2006:

Work on second neutrino detector could begin by fall

Construction of a massive new neutrino detector on the Ash River Trail could begin as early as this fall, following a successful review of the project this past week. The project, known as NOvA was given Critical Decision 1 (CD 1) approval by a panel of 16 experts meeting at Fermilab on April 5-7.

The decision should unlock $10.5 million in federal funding for the project, money which would become available on Oct. 1. While the final okay must still come from the U.S. Department of Energy, that approval is considered highly likely since the project was included in the administration's 2007 budget request.

"The question right now is whether things will get straightened out in time to start this fall, or if we'll have to wait until spring," said Marvin Marshak, head of physics at the University of Minnesota, which is collaborating on the project. "As far as operationally, we are going forward as of this point. We're certainly looking towards significant construction by this time next year."
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Governor proclaims April 21 as Particle Accelerator Day
Today, Argonne National Laboratory and Fermilab will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to enhance cooperation on R&D projects. In recognition of the labs' combined role as world leaders in accelerator technology, Governor Rod R. Blagojevich issued a proclamation declaring the day as "Particle Accelerator Day" in Illinois. To read the Governor's proclamation, click here. Details of the MOU signing event will be reported in Monday's issue of Fermilab Today.

DASTOW'06 set on June 22
DASTOW '05 (Click on image for larger version.)
Save the date: Thursday, June 22 will be the annual Daughters and Sons to Work Day at Fermilab. DASTOW'06 will offer many of the always-popular events, such as the Mr. Freeze Cryo Show, along with some new additions. Watch Fermilab Today for more details in the coming weeks.
ILC Newsline
MAC - Thinking Different
"We will all give our very best to support the ILC design effort
Ferdinand Willeke
in achieving a design that both works and doesn't waste resources," says Ferdinand Willeke, freshly-appointed chairman of the brand-new machine advisory committee - MAC. The committee is a group of 17 'wise old men' who all have a lot of experience and expertise in designing, building and running different accelerators.
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Air Conditioning Outage this Weekend
The air conditioning will be out on the weekend of April 22 and 23 in Wilson Hall and in the Accelerator Division footprint (from 6:00 a.m. Saturday to 4:00 p.m. Sunday). The following critical areas will have backup cooling systems available: 5th floor N/W BS computer room, 8th floor W. Fiber Central, 13th floor N/E, and Ground floor Telecom. Please plan accordingly.

Power Outage Cancelled
The power outage scheduled for Monday, April 24 has been cancelled. Fermilab Today will announce the new outage date and time as soon as it is available.

South Pacific Discount tickets -
Cahn Auditorium

South Pacific, live, onstage with full 30 piece orchestra! See Rodgers & Hammerstein's "Some Enchanted Evening" musical classic at the Cahn Auditorium in Evanston, and save up to $18 per ticket. Deadline to order is noon, May 17. Ticket order forms can be found in the Recreation Office or on the recreation website.

NALWO Cooking Demonstration
Get ready for the NALWO Indian cooking demonstration on April 24, from 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Chez Leon. Come learn traditional techniques and recipes as well as modern methods and tricks. Stay for lunch to taste the results! RSVP to SelithaR@hotmail.com or call 630-840-7769.

Professional Development
New classes are always being added to the professional development schedule. For the most up-to-date course offerings, go to the web page.

Retirement Income Options Seminar
TIAA-CREF representative John Creel will conduct the Retirement Income Options Seminar today. The two sessions are totally booked; we will not be able to accommodate walk-ins. Since this seminar is so popular, we will bring it back at a later period.

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