Fermilab Today Wednesday, April 12, 2006  

Wednesday, April 12
11:00 a.m. Fermilab ILC R&D Meeting -
1 West
Speaker: P. Garbincius, Fermilab
Title: Cost Estimating Activities
3:30 p.m. DIRECTOR'S COFFEE BREAK - 2nd Flr X-Over
4:00 p.m. Fermilab Colloquium - 1 West
Speaker: G. Hart, Stony Brook University
Title: Solid Freeform Fabrication of Aesthetic Objects

Thursday, April 13
2:30 p.m. Theoretical Physics Seminar - Curia II
Speaker: R. Van de Water, Fermilab
Title: An Improved Method for Calculating the Kaon B-Parameter Using Lattice QCD
3:30 p.m. DIRECTOR'S COFFEE BREAK - 2nd Flr X-Over
4:00 p.m. Accelerator Physics and Technology Seminar - 1 West
Speaker: K. Gollwitzer, Fermilab
Title: Antiproton Source Studies and Stacking

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Wednesday, April 12
- Italian Wedding w/Meatballs
- Diner Style Patty Melt
- Chicken a la Mer
- Beef & Broc
- Greek Chicken Panini w/Feta Cheese
- Sicilian Style Pizza
- Grilled Chicken Bowtie in a Tomato Cream Sauce

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Wednesday, April 12
-Barbecued Pork RiBs
-Braised Greens
-Carrots Marsala
-Vernazza Cake

Thursday, April 13
-Roasted Vegetable Salad w/Feta
-Veal Chops Oreganata
-Porcini and Tomato Risotto
-Swiss Chard in Garlic & Olive Oil
-Pear & Almond Strudel

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Life before the lab:
A family history
Above: Ronald, Duane and Marilyn Bartelt grew up on the land that is now Fermilab. Below: The Bartelts lived in a house that's now at #5 Sauk Circle. (Click for larger version.)
Bartelt House
Before Fermilab was a high-energy physics lab, it was farmland. And that's where Marilyn Wenberg grew up, collecting eggs from the chicken house on her family's farm near the curve of old Batavia-Warrenville road. "Now I go there and I just get lost," she laughs. Aside from the new buildings and roads, Wenberg says, the woods where she and her brothers used to play have not changed much.

Wenberg's grandfather, George Bartelt, bought the property in 1904, at a time when much of the Batavia and Warrenville area was devoted to farming. She remembers riding her horse, Ginger, in the woods, hunting for spring flowers, and skating on a frozen pond with her brothers Ron and Duane. On Saturday evenings, they could hear square dance music floating over the prairie from a neighbor's weekly fundraising event.

Looking back, Wenberg is glad Fermilab bought the land instead of another type of contractor. "At the time, it didn't seem like a good thing," she said, explaining how difficult it was to move all the furniture and farm equipment to the family's new abode in Polo, IL, an hour and a half away. "Now I see the positive, because we have green spaces. If Fermilab hadn't come, we would have had commercial or industrial spaces." Wenberg is also pleased with the lab's efforts to record the history of the area. The Fermilab Archives Project website has a page featuring the Bartelt family, complete with family pictures and images of the Bartelt house after a tornado in 1961. Wenberg added, "I appreciate that Fermilab has taken such an interest in the farms, and trying to preserve that history."
--Jennifer Lauren Lee

The Fermilab Site History Comittee will hold an old-fashioned Prairie Potluck for farmers who used to live on Fermilab's grounds on Saturday, May 6 from 12-3 p.m. at the Kuhn Barn. Call 630-840-3303 to arrange a tour of your old homesite during the potluck. RSVP is required by April 28, call 630-840-3082.

In the News
Beacon News Online
April 8, 2006:

Fermilab future remains unclear
BATAVIA U.S. Secretary of Energy Samuel Bodman gave a pep talk to Fermilab physicists Friday morning but could offer little new information on the potential for a new particle accelerator that is the lab's best hope of remaining at the forefront of science.

The Department of Energy has named Fermilab as its preferred site for building the International Linear Collider (ILC), a 20-mile-long underground tunnel in which scientists could smash particles into each other at close to light speed and discover things unknowable with today's technology.

If the scientific community wants the government's help in making the ILC a reality, Bodman said researchers like those at Fermilab have to take the first steps making preliminary plans and cost estimates.

"The history here (at FermiLab) is extraordinary, and we would like to see that continue," Bodman said, but the Department of Energy can't make any further commitments to the project without an idea of what it would cost.

That work is already in progress by an international team of scientists, who hope to have a rough price tag (somewhere in the billions) by the end of the year.
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Symmetry magazine wins Golden Trumpet for 2006
The magazine started in October 2004. The goal was to bring high energy physics concepts to the general public, and to make connections between physics and other aspects of life.
Symmetry, the joint publication of Stanford Linear Accelerator Center and Fermilab, recently won the 64th annual Golden Trumpet Award for excellence in public relations efforts in the newsletters/magazines category. From hundreds of entries each year, Golden Trumpet judges look for publications or programs that illustrate special creativity, address an issue to improve quality of life, or exhibit exceptional overall public relations. The Golden Trumpet--which is the most prestigious public relations award in the Midwest--is given by the Publicity Club of Chicago, the nation's largest independent public relations membership organization.

Launched in October 2004, symmetry magazine explores concepts and developments in the field of particle physics, and how they relate to other aspects of science, policy and culture. "One of the goals of symmetry is to reach out to non-scientists and share the excitement of the science that we all do," said Editor-in-Chief David Harris. "That's why it's great to be recognized for our efforts by communication professionals outside of science." The magazine includes commentaries, essays, and graphical explorations of the devices, people and history of particle physics. You can find the most recent issue here.
--Siri Steiner

Accelerator Update
CDF results
Ivan Furic of the University of Chicago revealed CDF's latest B_s results to a packed crowd in 1-West yesterday. You can find the press release here. (Click on image for larger version.)

International Folk Dancing
International Folk Dancing will host a special workshop this Thursday, April 13, at Kuhn Barn. Professional dancers and teachers Cristian Florescu and Sonia Dion, here from Montreal in their only stop in the Chicago area, will be teaching dances from Romania. Dancing begins at 7:30 p.m. with the workshop beginning by 8 p.m. Newcomers are welcome and you do not need to come with a partner. For this special workshop, a donation of $10 per adult and $5 per teen or child is requested. Info at 630-584-0825 or 630-840-8194 or folkdance@fnal.gov.

Fermilab Club Fair Today
Are you looking for a new lunch time activity or new activities for you and your family? Check out the first annual club fair, which will be held in the Atrium on Wednesday, April 12, from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. There will be prizes, giveaways, demonstrations, virtual flight simulation, singing and dance performances. Something for everyone. Come see what Fermilab clubs have to offer. Participating clubs are: Creative Writers, Association of Rocketry, Barnstormers Model Airplane, Chess, Garden, Singers, NALWO, International Folk Dance, Scottish Country Dance, English Country Dance and Folk/Barn Dance, Amateur Radio and the Go Club.

And There'll be Dancing...
International, Scottish, and English country dancing will be demonstrated and taught at the Club Fair today (Wednesday, April 12), from 11:30 to 1:30 p.m. We hope you can come join in the dancing in the Atrium then! Or pick up a flyer or bookmark to plan your future visit to dancing at the Barn.

Air Conditioning Outage
The air conditioning will be out on the weekend of April 22 and 23 in Wilson Hall and in the Accelerator Division footprint. Please plan accordingly. <

Power Outage
A major power outage will occur next Saturday, April 15. The outage will be from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and will affect the education center, MINOS and MiniBooNE. Please note that the education center will be closed for that day.

Upcoming Activities

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