Fermilab TodayTuesday, July 5, 2005  
Tuesday, July 5
12:00 p.m. Summer Lecture Series - 1 West
Speaker: R. Dixon, Fermilab
Title: Relativity
3:30 p.m. DIRECTOR'S COFFEE BREAK - 2nd Flr X-Over

Wednesday, July 6
3:30 p.m. DIRECTOR'S COFFEE BREAK - 2nd Flr X-Over
4:00 p.m. Fermilab Colloquium - 1 West
Speaker: J. Turner, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Title: The Sustainable Hydrogen Economy

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Tuesday, July 5
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2000 Tons of Steel? No Problem for Fermilab Team
Peter Limon
Peter Limon addresses his fellow Fermilab employees at the luncheon sponsored to thank them for their efforts. (Click on image for larger version.)
A team of Fermilab employees spanning three separate divisions gathered for lunch on Tuesday, June 28, to celebrate a job well done. Paul Czarapata and Peter Limon offered their congratulations and thanks to a group of physicists, engineers and technicians for their outstanding work on the first phase of the High Power Test Facility project which included cleaning out the Meson Detector Building and preparing it for the superconducting RF Module Test Facility (SMTF). The work was completed on schedule and safely, with no work-time lost due to injury.

The work began in October, 2004 when the laboratory announced its intention to pursue the R&D for the Proton Driver and the International Linear Collider. With Northern Illinois as a proposed location of the International Linear Collider, this project will help establish Fermilab as a leader in the ILC's design. The team removed two very large magnets, one over 1500 tons, hundreds of shielding blocks, the remnants of a target station, and numerous magnets, collimators, and miscellaneous devices.

The building was not only cleared, said Czarapata, but "painted, with survey marks put in and new shield blocks installed." Limon said, "This is an example of the ability of the lab to work across divisional boundaries flexibly and speedily to get something done. We did the job, and we did the job very well."
--Amelia Greene

Branlard Awarded John Bardeen Engineering Fellowship
Julien Branlard begins work at Fermilab today as the first John Bardeen Engineering Fellow. A recent graduate of the Illinois Institute of Technology,
Julien Branlard
Julien Branlard is
the first recipient
of the John Bardeen
Engineering Fellowship
Branlard joins the Accelerator Division's RF Department.

"Julien will make an outstanding addition to Fermilab," said Ralph Pasquinelli, Accelerator Division RF Department Head and the inspiration behind the fellowship. "He's an articulate, talented team player who will hit the ground running with his outstanding engineering skills."

Branlard began his studies in France and transferred to the Illinois Institute of Technology in 2000. After graduating with a Ph.D. in electrical engineering last December, he began looking for a way to continue his work in the United States. "I've always been attracted to engineering, from the moment I first started playing with LEGOs to today," Branlard said. "This position is a perfect opportunity to work in a field I love while getting the most of my time in the States."

The fellowship seeks to bring to Fermilab one or two of the most talented engineering Masters or PhD recipients each year. The Fellows can be placed in any Division or Section where engineers are employed.

"This fellowship program will ensure that Fermilab attracts additional engineers of Julien's caliber to support Fermilab's future." Pasquinelli said.
More Information
--Kelen Tuttle

Director's Corner
International Committee on Future Accelerators (ICFA)
ICFA (and a few extras) in the Anatomical Theatre of the Gustavianum, the oldest building in Uppsala University (Photo by Chen Hesheng, Director of IHEP) (Click on image for larger version.)
This past Sunday I attended my first ICFA meeting in Uppsala, Sweden. ICFA brings together the directors of the five principal particle physics labs (CERN, DESY, FNAL, KEK and SLAC) together with 11 other representatives of the particle physics community worldwide. ICFA was created in 1976 to promote international collaboration in the construction of major accelerator facilities. The parent organization is the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP).

The most immediate impact of ICFA for us at Fermilab is that ICFA is playing and will continue to play a crucial role in the development of the ILC. It is the body that appointed the director of the ILC Global Design Effort, Barry Barish. ICFA also appoints and oversees the ILC Steering Committee (ILCSC) that Maury Tigner has led up to now. At the Uppsala meeting Albrecht Wagner, director of DESY, was named the new chair of ICFA with a term of three years to start on January 1 2006, and Shin-ichi Kurokawa was named to replace Maury Tigner as chair of the ILCSC,starting this month.

The meeting ranged over many topics of interest related to international collaboration, including the planning of the triennial ICFA Seminar that will take place in Daegu, Korea, September 28 through October 1, 2005. One of the most impressive and heartening aspects of the meeting was to see representatives of the different regions of the world coming together to plan a common future.

Accelerator Update
June 27 - June 29
- During this 48 hour period Operations established one store that combined with an existing store provided approximately 38 hours and 15 minutes of luminosity to the experiments

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In the News
From the Interactions News Wire, July 1, 2005
BaBar finds new massive particle
On Thursday June 30th at the international Lepton-Photon symposium in Uppsala, Sweden, the BaBar experiment at the Department of Energy's Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) announced the discovery of a new massive particle with curious behavior.

The particle is produced in collisions between electrons and their antimatter counterparts, called positrons. For the moment the particle has been named Y(4260), reflecting the measured mass of 4260 Mega-electron volts but the unknown nature of the state. The discovery is the subject of a paper submitted to Physical Review Letters this week.
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