Fermilab Today Tuesday, June 21, 2005  
Tuesday, June 21
Noon Summer Lecture Series - 1 West
Speaker: C. Hill, Fermilab
Title: Symmetry in Physics
3:30 p.m. Director's Coffee Break - 2nd Flr X-Over

Wednesday, June 22
11:00 a.m. Fermilab ILC R&D Meeting - 1 West
Speaker: J. Jackson, Fermilab
Title: Fast-Breaking News on ILC Communication
3:30 p.m. Director's Coffee Break - 2nd Flr X-Over
4:00 p.m. Fermilab Colloquium - 1 West
Speaker: E. Scott, National Center for Science Education
Title: Creationism, Evolution, and Science Education

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Tuesday, June 21
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Pizza Supreme $3.00
Rio Grande Taco Salads $4.85

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In Memoriam: Dr. David Richard Morrison
Dr. David Richard Morrison
Dr. David
Richard Morrison
Longtime Fermilab physician Dr. David Richard Morrison died Thursday morning, April 28, in Galena, Illinois at 80 years of age. He is survived by Joan M. (Moore) Morrison, his wife of 52 years and his 14 adopted sons and daughters, and many remember him at the lab as a vital member of the Fermilab community. Born in 1924 to Maurice and Ruth Morrison in Jerusalem, Morrison was raised in nearby Evanston, Illinois before serving in the U.S. Army and graduating from Loyola Medical School in 1950. Dr. John Foxen, the current physician on site, has many memories of Morrison, his own family doctor and friend.

Foxen's mother met Morrison's wife, Joan, in nursing school and the families remained close through the years. Foxen remembers his sister having her appendix removed by the doctor, and remembers himself waking up in Morrison's office after a baseball knocked him unconscious. In 1998, Foxen returned to Chicago to care for his mother and visited Morrison at the lab to wish him well in his upcoming retirement. "He showed me around and we talked about what he was doing at the lab," said Foxen. One thing led to another, and Foxen took the position a few months after Morrison left.

"He was someone who demonstrated commitment to generosity," said Foxen of the late Dr. Morrison. The time Morrison spent with his 14 adopted children, 23 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren was without a doubt "one of his great pleasures," Foxen said, adding that during retirement, the health problems that had led Morrison to stop working, including vision problems, improved noticeably. "He became almost a new man -- healthier and happier. He knew how to enjoy his retirement," said Foxen. "It makes me look forward to mine."
-- Amelia Greene

Accelerator Update
June 17-June 20
- During this 72 hour period Operations established 4 stores that provided 46 hours and 6 minutes of luminosity to the experiments
- TeV quench due to wet engine - store lost
- B0 device causes store abort
- Recycler stash lost

Read the Current Accelerator Update
Read the Early Bird Report
View the Tevatron Luminosity Charts

In the News
From Daily Herald, Monday, June 20, 2005
Fermilab's quest to keep power
By Tona Kunz
Scientists are like cowboys rushing to the newest frontier.

While the Wild West of high-energy physics rests at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory right now, scientists increasingly are hearing the call of western Europe, where a machine with seven times the power of Fermilab's top accelerator will fire up in 2007.

Fermilab officials said they can ride out the opening of the European consortium CERN's Haldron collider in Switzerland until 2009. But as the decade closes, Fermilab's big research projects either will end or run out of money.
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Director's Corner
Good Morning!
Mike Witherell
Mike Witherell
I have two more Director's Corners to write before Pier Oddone takes over. I will use this one to make some personal remarks, and the next one to talk about the state of the laboratory.

To be Fermilab Director, living and working at the laboratory, is to be completely immersed in the laboratory and its community, more so even than for similar positions at other laboratories. Fermilab benefits greatly from the support and dedication of people in all of its parts, and as director I have enjoyed this extraordinary support for the last six years.

I hope to see as many as possible of you in my last days here to thank you in person, but I cannot possibly reach everyone who deserves it. So let me use this forum to express my gratitude for all you have done for the laboratory, and for me.

I also am giving Beth an opportunity to speak to the laboratory:

"I want to join Michael in thanking the Fermilab community for making our six years here so exciting and memorable. Although I've enjoyed meeting and getting to know many of you, my life has been most directly affected by the work of the excellent staffs of the Children's Center, the Housing Office, Roads and Grounds, Chez Leon, Shipping and Receiving, FESS, and of course, the Directorate: you are the people who, with good cheer and good grace, have made it easy for us to live here.

Michael and I grew up in Ohio and lived in the Midwest into our twenties: to live again surrounded by the trees, flowers, birds, and bugs we knew as children has been a great pleasure. It has been a wonderful bonus to be able to give our daughter, Lily, the opportunity to learn to love a Midwestern place of her own, a place with a prairie.

Thanks to all of you for welcoming us into the Fermilab family."

The second annual Tevatron Connection will take place this week, June 24-25, in Ramsey Auditorium, offering a series of CDF and DZero presentations with theoretical perspectives.

SciTech summer camps
SciTech Hands On Museum still has a few openings in their engaging and exciting summer camps. The camps are from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and last one week each. For specific times and pricing, call Joyce at (630) 859-3434, ext. 214. Before-and-After-Care is available for a nominal fee, too.

Children's Treasure Hunt Party -
August 5

This two hour event offers an introduction to the safe use of snorkeling gear and the aquatic environment. The Party will be held on August 5 at the Village Pool from 9 AM - 11 AM. The cost for each child is $20.00. Children ages 5 to 12 yrs of age are accepted. Children must know how to swim and be comfortable in the water. Registration deadline is July 29.
More information

Wisconsin Dells Coupon Book Sale
The Wisconsin Dells Coupon Book contains over $6,000 in 2-for-1 and 50% off values from over 100 Wisconsin Dells merchants. The Recreation Office is selling these books for $15.00. The coupons are good until April 30 of the following year. Check out the sample books in the Recreation Office.

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