Fermilab TodayTuesday, June 7, 2005  
Tuesday, June 7
12:00 p.m. Summer Lecture Series - 1 West
Speaker: M. Witherell, Fermilab
Title: Discoveries Ahead in Particle Physics
3:30 p.m. DIRECTOR'S COFFEE BREAK - 2nd Flr X-Over
4:00 p.m. Accelerator Physics and Technology Seminar - 1 West
Speakers: A. Molvik, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
J.-L. Vay, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Title: E-Cloud Theory, Simulations and Experiments

Wednesday, June 8
8:30 a.m. Users' Annual Meeting Registration - Auditorium Lobby
9:00 a.m. Users' Annual Meeting - Auditorium

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Tuesday, June 7
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2005 Users' Meeting
Starts Tomorrow

OSTP's Looney To Speak
Wednesday, 8:30 a.m.

Wilson Hall
The 2005 Users' Meeting starts tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. in Ramsey Auditorium. Registration is free and can be done online.

Users' Meeting attendees will learn about Fermilab's future, hear about recent developments with the International Linear Collider, catch up on the latest news from Washington and the EPP2010 panel — and enjoy a free Festa Italiana. Patrick Looney, Assistant Director for Physical Sciences and Engineering of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, will kick off the Fermilab
NSF's Joseph Dehmer
will speak at the
Users' Meeting on
Users' Meeting at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday in Ramsey Auditorium. The title of his talk is "P5: Policy, Politics and Perspectives on Particle Physics." NSF's Joseph Dehmer and Fermilab Director Mike Witherell will also address the Fermilab community on Wednesday. Noted speakers on Thursday's agenda include Robin Staffin, Ewan Paterson, Barry Barish, Charles Shank and Pier Oddone.

All members of the Fermilab community are welcome to attend.
2005 Users' Meeting Agenda

New Season, New Look and New Goals for DASTOW '05
DASTOW 2004 (Click on image for larger version.)
The first summertime DASTOW for Fermilab employees, users and their children takes place on Thursday, June 23 with a new range of presentations and a new set of goals. The old favorites are in place-the group photo, the Cryo Show, the Fire Department presentation, and the buffalo pasture visit. But new additions from the Education Office's World Year of Physics program signal a new two-tiered approach, with an added focus on educational activities.

And the afternoon is now a time for those who would like to re-focus on the original purpose of Daughters and Sons to Work: allowing kids to spend time with their parents in their workplace, learning what they do and how they do it, and how their responsibilities fit into the context of the work of the laboratory as a whole. You should make sure ahead of time that your supervisor approves. And you must make absolutely sure that everything is done in a safe way.

Start the day the usual way, promptly at 8:30 a.m. on the front steps of Wilson Hall for the annual DASTOW group photo (posters will be available for pickup on Friday). Move into Ramsey Auditorium at 8:45 a.m. for welcoming messages, program updates and safety tips. At 9 a.m. the activities program begins-along with some important changes.
read more
--Mike Perricone

Children's Science Adventures at Fermilab Offer Summer Fun - and Learning, Too!
Summertime is a bright season of adventure and discovery for children, and now is the perfect time to add Science Adventures to your children's schedule of discoveries for June, July and August at the Leon Lederman
Science Adventures
An eager participant
at an electricity and
magnetism demonstration
at the Lederman Science
Science Education Center, at the Department of Energy's Fermilab.

Parents can find adventures for Kindergarteners through seventh graders, with sessions lasting from a couple of hours to a full five-day week. Adventures are led by teachers from surrounding communities, members of Fermilab's Education Office, and other professionals.
read more
--Mike Perricone

In the News
From Scientific American, June 2005
Inconstant Constants
Do the inner workings of nature change with time?
By John D. Barrow and John K. Webb
Some things never change. Physicists call them the constants of nature. Such quantities as the velocity of light, c, Newton's constant of gravitation, G, and the mass of the electron, me, are assumed to be the same at all places and times in the universe. They form the scaffolding around which the theories of physics are erected, and they define the fabric of our universe. Physics has progressed by making ever more accurate measurements of their values.
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Director's Corner
Good Morning!
Mike Witherell
Mike Witherell
I am in my last month as Fermilab Director, and this week will be my last opportunity to address the Fermilab users at their annual meeting.

At the end of my talk, I am adding some final words, and I thought I should air them here as well.

Fermilab has a new, even more central role in the future of US HEP. This new role brings new responsibilities to the laboratory and to others. Fermilab has a responsibility to optimize the entire U.S. particle physics program and to align itself with the priorities of that program. The particle physics community in the U.S. and the Office of High Energy Physics have a responsibility to support the laboratory and keep it viable as a platform for building the future.

To put it another way, the success of Fermilab, the particle physics community, and the High Energy Physics program are linked even more closely. As we plan the future in various groups over the next year, we need to work together on a plan that builds the best future for all three.

Ron Lutha Wins Outstanding Management Award for 2005
Fermilab's DOE Office Deputy Site Manager Ron Lutha has been named the DOE's 2005 Chicago Office "Outstanding Manager or Supervisor Award," presented to a Chicago area DOE manager or supervisor who develops a cohesive staff and creates a positive work environment, while providing direction and guidance. Lutha won the award in April during a major research transition for Fermilab after beginning his managerial duties in 2004, affirming his contributions
Ron Lutha
Ron Lutha with his
Outstanding Management
as a stabilizing and unifying factor for the Fermi Site Office.

Lutha's coworkers, who nominated him for the award, kept didn't tell him about it until they handed him the plaque. "I was pleasantly surprised and honored," Lutha said. "It made me feel like I was doing a good job here." As the Deputy Site Manager, Lutha coordinates everything that goes on at projects sites like NuMI, the Main Injector, and is currently working on Tevatron luminosity upgrades. "I like unique, interesting projects," Lutha said.

The three-page nomination form highlights his professional contributions as well as his personal qualities. "He is absolutely a first-class individual," Lutha's supervisor, Site Manager Joanna Livengood, said. "He works to people's strengths and motivations, genuinely cares about people, and is consistent and fair."
--Eric Bland

Yesterday’s article “Alvin Tollestrup Award to Schwienhorst of DZero” failed to identify Schwiehorst’s home institution, Michigan State University. We regret this omission and extend our congratulations to MSU.
Accelerator Update
June 3-June 6
- During the past 72 hour period Operations established two stores that provided the experiments with approximately 36 hours and 7 minutes of luminosity
- Store delayed by kicker problem and quench
- Pbar accesses to look for leak
- MCenter shutdown for five days of work

Read the Current Accelerator Update
Read the Early Bird Report
View the Tevatron Luminosity Charts

CSI Brown Bag Seminar
The CSI group of the Computing Division will host a Brown Bag Seminar on Wednesday, June 15 from 11:30-1:00. The topic of the seminar will be an introduction to the Plone software package, a web based content management system.

Fermi Days at Great America
The Recreation Office has designated July 9, 10, 23 & 24 as Fermi Days at Great America. Purchase tickets in the Recreation Office for only $25.00. This ticket also includes the colossal new water park, Hurricane Harbor, next to Six Flags. Tickets can be purchased in the Recreation Office beginning in June. Tickets are not for resale.

Upcoming Activities

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