Fermilab TodayTuesday, December 21, 2004  
Tuesday, December 21
3:30 p.m. DIRECTOR'S COFFEE BREAK - 2nd Flr X-Over

Wednesday, December 22
3:30 p.m. DIRECTOR'S COFFEE BREAK - 2nd Flr X-Over

Tuesday, December 21
Creamy Turkey Vegetable
Popcorn Shrimp Hoagie $4.75
Salisbury Steaks w/ Mushroom Au Jus $3.75
Chicken Cacciatore $3.75
Smoked Turkey Breast on Homemade Fococcia $4.75
Philly Cheese Stromboli $3.25

Wilson Hall Cafe Menu
Chez Leon

Weather Chance Flurries 33º/8º

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Holiday Safety Tips from Fermilab's Fire Department
Fire Truck
Fermilab's Fire Department (Click on image for larger version.)
The following are just a few tips from the Fermilab Fire Department to keep the holidays safe:

If purchasing a live tree, cut the base at a 45-degree angle and place in water. The needles should be hard to pull off and should not fall off when tapped on the ground. The branches should also bend easily. Place the tree in a wide base that would be difficult to tip over. Keep the tree away from all heat sources that may dry the tree out or start a fire. When the tree becomes dry, discard it immediately. Keep the tree well watered. If using chemicals in the water, keep pets and children away as these may cause vomiting.

When decorating a tree inside or out, always use U-L approved lights. Do not over load the outlets or plugs. A GFCI is a good idea when hooking up multiple cords to an outlet. Check for broken/cracked sockets and frayed or bare wires. Replace these immediately. Only use approved lights and cords outside.

NEVER use real candles on trees, and avoid smoking near a live tree. Keep small children away from small ornaments as well as glass type ornaments. Use caution around fireplaces. Keep screens and doors in place to avoid sparks or "popping" from logs. NEVER burn wrapping paper in fireplaces. Paper may throw off dangerous sparks and flash fires may result.

On behalf of the Fermilab Fire Department, we wish you a safe and happy holiday.

Accelerator Update
December 17 - December 20
- During this 48 hour period, Operations established two stores that combined with an existing store provided approximately 19 hours and 48 minutes of luminosity to the experiments.
- TeV loses two stores moments after they were established and one store just before is was to be established.
- The Antiproton Source losses 4mA due to an emittance problem
- Separator sparks still plague the Tevatron
- The Antiproton Source suffered from Lithium lens trips

Read the Current Accelerator Update
Read the Early Bird Report
View the Tevatron Luminosity Charts

In the News
FYI: AIP Bulletin of Science Policy News, December 20, 2004
Policy Insiders on Political Involvement in 2004
As explained in FYI #160, the American Association for the Advancement of Science sponsored a morning seminar earlier this month on the impacts of last month's election. Three speakers discussed the involvement of scientists in the political process, providing their thoughts on topics ranging from negative reactions to this involvement to strategies for the coming year. This FYI is a transcript of selections from these thought-provoking presentations.
read more

From Chicago Sun-Times, December 19, 2004
State hopes to land giant science project
by Jim Ritter
Illinois is rolling out its big guns to land one of the grandest science labs on the nation's drawing boards.

Jim Thompson, the former governor, and Bill Daley, the former U.S. commerce secretary, this week were named to co-chair a task force that's trying to land the $1 billion Rare Isotope Accelerator.
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Director's Corner
Good Morning!
Mike Witherell
Mike Witherell
Last week the DOE Office of Science conducted a baseline readiness review for the BTeV project. The committee was charged with looking at technical, cost, schedule, and management issues to assess the readiness of the project for the start of construction.

The review went extremely well. The committee found that BTeV had an achievable schedule with sufficient float. They suggested only very small changes in the cost estimate. They recommended approval of CD-2 (Approval of Performance Baseline) and CD-3a (Approval of Limited Construction), which would allow the start of construction.

Baseline reviews are very serious milestones for DOE projects, and the BTeV project team made a very strong showing. Congratulations to the DOE project leadership, the collaboration, and the large number of people at the laboratory who have been working to achieve this stage of readiness. BTeV has now successfully passed all of the physics and technical reviews conducted by the Office of Science before the start of a project.

The Office of Engineering and Construction Management next conducts an External Independent Review which it needs to validate the Performance Baseline. We are hoping to receive approval of CD-2 and CD-3a for BTeV early in 2005.

10 Year Service Award Luncheon
10 Year Service Award
17 Fermilab employees were honored with the 10 Year Service Award. Not all recipients are included in photo. (Click on image for larger version.)
10 Year Service Award Recipients:
Jon Bakken, Maurice Ball, Amber Boehnlein, Harry Cheung, Stephan Lammel, Patricia Marsh, Viola Martinez, Pamela Noyes, Miguel Nunez, Derek Piec, Mary Robbins, James Santucci, Constance Sieh, Gary Van Zandbergen, William Wester, Brian Yanny, Julia Yarba

Fermilab Today Holiday Schedule
Fermilab Today will go on vacation starting Thursday, December 23 and will return on Monday, January 3. The classified ads that were posted on December 17 will remain up until Friday, January 7. Fermilab Today hopes you have a happy holiday!

Cashier's Office Holiday Schedule
The Cashier's Office will be closed December 23, 2004 thru January 03, 2005.

Payroll Department Holiday Schedule
The Payroll Department will be closed December 23, 2004 thru January 2, 2005.

Travel Office Holiday Schedule
Please note the Travel Office will be closed on the following days for the holidays: Dec 23, Dec 24, Dec 30 and Dec 31. Please make plans to pick up airline tickets and arrange travel on dates other than the above. The Travel Office staff wishes you all a Happy Holiday Season!

Lederman Science Center Holiday Schedule
The Lederman Science Center will be open December 21 and 22 from 8:30 - 3:30 pm. and closed December 23 and 24. The following week the Center will be open December 27, 28 and 29 from 8:30 - 4:00 pm. and closed December 30 and 31.

Scottish Country Dancing
Scottish Country Dancing will be held at 7:30 p.m., Tuesdays, December 21 and 28, at the Geneva American Legion Post. Info at 630-584-0825 or 630-840-8194 or folkdance@fnal.gov.

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