Fermilab TodayTuesday, July 13, 2004  
Tuesday, July 13
Noon Summer Lecture Series - 1 West
Speaker: S. Parke, Fermilab
Title: Neutrinos: Ghosts of the Universe
3:30 p.m. DIRECTOR'S COFFEE BREAK - 2nd Flr X-Over

Wednesday, July 14
3:30 p.m. DIRECTOR'S COFFEE BREAK - 2nd Flr X-Over
4:00 p.m. Fermilab Colloquium - 1 West
Speaker: R. Taleyarkhan, Purdue University
Title: Observation of Nuclear Fusion in Sonoluminescence

Tuesday, July 13
Chicken & Rice Soup
Mushroom Swiss Burger $4.75
Baked Meatloaf with a Roasted Tomato Demi-Glace $3.50
Parmesan Baked Fish $3.75
Southwestern Turkey Wrap $4.75
Italian Baked Grinder w/ Peppers & Onions $2.75
South of the Border Burritos with Chips & Queso
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Chez Leon
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Meet Randy Sales --
Wilson Hall Mechanical Guru

Have you ever been the victim of a badly positioned AC vent that blew cold air down the nape of your neck for eight hours? Or has the heater beside your desk ever turned your morning at work into an unwanted sauna
Randy Sales
Randy Sales
session? If so, you probably know Randy Sales, the man responsible for fixing such problems in Wilson Hall.

"We call him the Wilson Hall mechanical guru," said Stan Boyson, Wilson Hall's building manager and Sales' supervisor. "FESS Operations maintains the equipment in the building, but they'll often defer to him for suggestions about how to fix a problem."

Wilson Hall's complex heating/cooling system relies on water pumped from Central Utilities Building in the booster ring. Sales monitors the computer program which controls the many pumps and apparatuses involved in carrying that water.

"When things go wrong, I can adjust the parameters of the control program, or manually fix the problem. Otherwise, I turn it over to FESS Operations so they can make physical repairs," Sales said. "I just want people to know they should contact me first if they're uncomfortable, or have concerns regarding the heating/cooling system. I take care of the simple stuff."

Sales can be reached at ext. 8031, or at rsales@fnal.gov.

Accelerator Update
July 9 - July 12
- During this 72 hour period Operations established 3 stores that provided approximately 47 hours and 9 minutes of luminosity to the experiments.
- Pbar water leaks repaired
- Pbar Lithium lens tripped off; pulse magnet ground fault
- ComEd power glitch caused the loss of store 3641; The stack and stash survived
- Recycler stashed antiprotons successfully on Friday, but not on Monday

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View the Tevatron Luminosity Charts

In the News
From The Globe and Mail, July 10, 2004
A Cosmic Crisis
By Siobhan Roberts
It used to be that, once a decade or so, scientists asked, "What is the shape of the universe?" A hypothesis would arise -- for example, that the universe was flat and infinite -- followed by a spurt of research, and that was enough to last us a while on the space-time odometer.

Since the early 1990s, however, cosmology is where much of the exciting science has been happening. "We've been looking for the shape of the universe like Columbus did the shape of the Earth," says Glenn Starkman, an astrophysicist currently based at the Conseil Européen pour la recherche nucléaire (CERN) in Geneva -- the home of the world's largest particle physics laboratory and essentially the centre of the universe for determining the content of the cosmos when it was a trillionth of a second old.
read more

Director's Corner
Good Morning!
Mike Witherell
Mike Witherell
A future international linear collider has a large part in the vision for Fermilab's long-range future. Earlier this year, the report of the Fermilab Long Range Planning Committee explored the issues and opportunities associated with hosting a linear collider at the laboratory, concluding that Fermilab should make bidding to host a linear collider in Illinois its highest priority. In response I listed several actions that Fermilab is taking to make this vision a reality.

One action item calls for us to expand the research effort on the linear collider. In January, I appointed Shekhar Mishra to head the linear collider effort at Fermilab. I have asked him to expand and lead the Fermilab Linear Collider effort in the directions recommended by the Fermilab Long Range Planning Committee.

Fermilab is currently actively involved in the International Linear Collider effort. To bring the laboratory community up to date on linear collider developments both internationally and here at home, Fermilab Today will run a series of brief articles in coming weeks. They will describe the ongoing process of choosing a technology for the International Linear Collider, for example. They will also report on our activities here at Fermilab.

In a future Director's Corner, I will talk about the developments in R&D on another future accelerator, the Proton Driver.

Main Site Domestic Water Flushing This Week
Main site domestic water flushing will begin this Wednesday, July 14, 2004 at approximately 6:00 a.m. and will continue through the end of the work day on Friday, July 16, 2004. You may notice a slight discoloration in the water during this activity. If you have questions or concerns please contact Steve at x3363, cell phone (640) 951-5300 or long range page (630) 266-8627. Thank you for your patience during this maintenance operation.

Human Resources Q&A Session
The next Brown Bag Seminar, "HR Q&A Session," is today at 1:00 p.m. in the Hermitage Conference Room in the Technical Division. Bring your lunch and ask questions of: Kay Van Vreede - Section Head, Juantia Frazier - Employee Relations, Borys Jurkiw - Compensation/Visa, Dianne Engram - Employment/EOO and Wilma Cardona - Benefits. This is not a presentation. It is an opportunity for you to ask general questions.

Bristol Renaissance Faire
The Fermilab Recreation Office offers discount tickets to the Bristol Renaissane Faire in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Dates and hours are: July 10 - September 6, 2004, Saturdays and Sundays and Labor Day Monday Only from 10:00 AM until 7:00 PM (Rain or Shine). Ticket prices are Adult tickets (reg. $18.50): $15.75 and Children tickets (5-12 yrs) (reg. $9.50): $7.50. Don't stand in line. Get your tickets now. They can be used anytime during the 2004 season.

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