Fermilab TodayWednesday, May 26, 2004  
Wednesday, May 26
Noon Summer Lecture Series - 1 West
Speaker: D. McGinnis, Fermilab
Title: How Accelerators Work
3:30 p.m. DIRECTOR'S COFFEE BREAK - 2nd Flr X-Over
4:00 p.m. Fermilab Colloquium - 1 West
Speaker: G. Sanders, California Institute of Technology Title: Managing Big Science Projects: Avoiding the Near Death Experience

Thursday, May 27
2:30 p.m. Theoretical Physics Seminar - Curia II
Speaker: R. Gandhi, Harish-Chandra Research Institute, India
Title: Atmospheric Neutrino Physics Possibilities Using a Large-Mass Iron Calorimeter
3:30 p.m. DIRECTOR'S COFFEE BREAK - 2nd Flr X-Over

Wednesday, May 26
Vegetable beef soup
Quarter Pound Hot Dog in a Soft Pretzel Roll $4.75
Turkey & Peppers $3.50
Country Fried Steak with Pepper Gravy $3.75
Beef & Cheddar Panini with Sauteed Onions $4.75
Assorted Personal Sized Pizzas $3.75
Cavatappi Pasta with Italian Sausage & Tomato Ragu $4.75
Wilson Hall Cafe Menu
Chez Leon
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Electrical Town Hall Meeting Well-Attended
Electrical Town Hall Meeting
Bob Ducar at yesterday's Electrical Town Hall Meeting. (Click on image for larger version.)
Over 50 people attended yesterday's Electrical Town Hall Meeting, hosted by the Electrical Safety Subcommittee, to get their electrical safety questions answered. Members of the ESS and other experts were available to answer questions.

Associate Director for Operations Jed Brown kicked off the meeting by welcoming participants. Meeting organizer Bob Ducar introduced those who would help in answering questions before the informal question-and-answer period began. A broad range of topics was covered, including the implementation of new regulations at the Lab, color-coding on cables, basic tools for home electrical work, using electrical generators at home and the effects of lightning. Jerry Ferguson of FESS-Operations won the grand prize, a Fluke T3 electrical tester, while others received either proximity or duplex receptacle testers for their insightful questions.

"It went quite well and all of the questions were very good," said Ducar, Electrical Project Engineer for NuMI. "I really appreciate the efforts of those who helped organize the meeting. Special thanks to Stan Orr, ESS Chair, and John Anderson, Paul Czarapata and Cezary Jach of the AD for their help in fielding questions. Finally, a sincere thank-you to those who found the time to participate and increase their awareness of electrical safety."

In the News
From the New York Times, May 25, 2004
When Even Mathematicians Don't Understand the Math
By Susan Kruglinski
To most of us, smudgy white mathematical scrawls covering a blackboard epitomize incomprehensibility. The odd symbols and scattered numerals look like a strange language, and yet to read them, neurologists tell us, we would have to use parts of our brains that have nothing to do with what we normally think of as reading and writing.

Math and physics writers are the interpreters of this unconventional language. Their books, when written for a popular audience, may reach thousands of intrepid readers who barely made it past Algebra II. The abstract concepts they translate seep into the mainstream through books like "The Golden Ratio" (its ideas are featured in "The DaVinci Code") or "The Millennium Problems." Sometimes they even make the best-seller lists.
read more

Tevatron Achieves New Peak Luminosity Record
Taking advantage of improvements made during the March shutdown, the Tevatron is now performing better than ever. Last week the accelerator recorded some of the best collider stores ever, exceeding peak luminosity levels of 6.0E31 cm-2sec- 1. On Tuesday morning, May 25, accelerator operators achieved a new record peak luminosity of 6.9E31, improving the previous record set on February 27. Congratulations.

Fermilab Health and Fitness Day 2004
Fermilab Health and Fitness Day 2004 (Click on image for larger version.)
Employee Health and Fitness Day a Success
Last Wednesday, May 19, a record number of Fermilab employees turned out for Employee Health and Fitness Day. This year's 240 participants took advantage of a rare day of nice weather to walk, jog, rollerblade and bike around the Main Ring.

"Health and Fitness Day has been going on for about 15 years, and we get more people every year," said event organizer Jean Guyer of Fermilab's Recreation Office. "All in all, it went really well."

This year's theme was "Good Nutrition is Our Mission." Games and incentives located at three stops around the ring followed the healthy-eating theme. Over 95 prizes were given out at the new prize table, including a picnic travel pack and an infrared massager. Lab Services, with 26 employees out of 84 participating, won the traveling trophy for the largest participation percentage.

"A special thanks to our volunteers for all their hard work," said Guyer. "It couldn't have been done without them."

Weekly Time Sheets Due May 28
Weekly Time Sheets for the week ending May 30th are due in Payroll by 10:00 a.m. on Friday, May 28, 2004

New Book Purchase Suggestions
New Book purchase suggestion lists for the week of May 25 are now available online. These include Majors book lists in four subject areas. There is also an Amazon suggestion list in the form of a shopping cart, viewable by entering the password "library."

Fermi Singers Summer Concert
Mark your calendars! See your friends in action! The Fermi Singers will be holding their Summer Concert on Wednesday, July 7, 2004 in the Ramsey Auditorium at Noon. Treats to follow.. more to come as we get closer to the concert.

International Folk Dancing
International Folk Dancing will be held at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, May 27, at the Geneva American Legion Post. Newcomers are always welcome. Info at 630-584-0825 or 630-840-8194 or folkdance@fnal.gov

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