Fermilab TodayWednesday, February 4, 2004  
Wednesday, February 4
3:30 p.m. DIRECTOR'S COFFEE BREAK - 2nd Flr X-Over
4:00 p.m. Fermilab Colloquium - 1 West
Speaker: K. Magruder, University of Oklahoma
Title: The Works of Galileo: A Guided Tour

Thursday, February 5
2:30 Theoretical Physics Seminar - Curia II
Speaker: S. Fleming, Carnegie Mellon University
Title: Lessons from Soft-Collinear Effective Theory
4:00 Accelerator Physics and Technology Seminar - 1 West
Speaker: K. Shepard, Argonne National Laboratory
Title: Superconducting RF Technology for Ion Accelerators

Wednesday, February 4
Beef Barley soup
Homemade chili mac casserole $3.50
Red chicken thai curry over jasmine rice $4.75
Fried catfish po boy w/honey jalapeno sauce served w/soup or fries $4.75
Smoked ham and Swiss wrap w/spinach served w/a side salad $4.75

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African-American art exhibit opens in WH Gallery tonight
Happy Family
Zaire, by Rodriguez J. Hill
To celebrate African-American History Month, Fermilab's visual arts coordinator, Georgia Schwender, has brought a number of works from six African-American artists to the Fermilab Art Gallery on the second floor of Wilson Hall. The gallery hosts an opening reception tonight from 5-7pm.

Aurora's William H. Bigham Galleries has provided paintings from Rodriguez J. Hill and Bruce B. Jefferson. According to Hill, "my technique varies from Impressionism to Cubism, and I can best describe my more recent paintings as seasoned." Jefferson has developed a style he calls "Alchemis." Definition? "This consists of spirit, mixing color and doing what I like best-then it becomes truly 'MINE,'" he explains.

Happy Family
Happy Family, by Richard Mteki
Jim and Robin Napier's company, World of Sculpture, provided stones carved by four artists from Zimbabwe: Edmore Marime, Richard Mteki, Gerard Mugavazi, and Isaac Takawera. The two collectors visit Zimbabwe twice annually to find works they would like to share with a wider audience.

Schwender would like to thank the Bigham Galleries and the Napiers for their generous support.
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UEC gets an overview of accelerator complex startup
Sharon Hagopian
UEC Chair Sharon Hagopian
Fermilab Director Michael Witherell discussed the startup of the accelerator complex in December and January during the User's Executive Committee meeting on January 17. Also highlighting the meeting: Associate Director for Accelerators Steve Holmes spoke on the state of Linear Collider efforts at the lab. Meanwhile, planning for the annual User's Meeting (June 2-3, 2004) and the UEC trip to Washington in late March are now in full swing. For more details please see the full minutes of the meeting here.
In the News
From AIP.org Physics News:
Element 115 Has Been Discovered
Element 115 has been discovered at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) in Dubna, Russia. JINR physicists and their longtime collaborators from Lawrence Livermore National Lab in the US produced 4 atoms of the new superheavy element by striking a target of americium-243 atoms with a beam of calcium-48 ions. The beam energy used, 248 MeV, was chosen to produce just the right energy conditions for making the amalgamated nucleus but not causing it to break up, at least not right away.

The long lifetime observed for element 115 suggests that physicists might be getting closer to the "island of stability," the presumed region on the chart of possible nuclear isotopes for which certain combinations of protons and neutrons (collectively known as nucleons, the regular constituents of all nuclei) are much more stable than some of the other heavy nuclei made artificially at accelerators.
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Cruisin' the Lab
is back in gear

Fasten your seatbelts! On February 17, the Education Office's next Cruisin' the Lab tour will visit the Technical Division's Magnet Facility.

Cruisin' the Lab Kathi Luedemann of Laboratory Services took the last Cruisin' tour to DZero in December. Looking out onto the Main Ring from her office on the 15th floor of Wilson Hall, she said that it was "an eye opener. It's good to get out and see what's out there." Sarah Ruman, also of Lab Services, noted her impressions of seeing DZero in person.: "The size of it hadn't dawned on me. Even in pictures you don't get a good idea of how big it is." Ruman has also signed up for the Magnet Facility tour.

There will be three tours to the facility on the 17th, with TD's Dave Harding as one of the guides. Each tour as been been extended from 30 minutes to 45 minutes, as suggested by previous Cruisers.
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New Book purchase suggestion lists are now available. Click here.
These include Majors book lists in four subject areas. There is also an Amazon suggestion list in the form of a shopping cart, viewable by entering the password "library." For questions and/or recommendations, contact Sandra Lee sllee@fnal.gov (X6013).

Sensitive Item Inventory due Feb. 6
Once again, it's time for the Sensitive Item Inventory, to be completed and returned to the Property Office by Friday, February 6. Results are reported as performance measures in the Lab's contract with DOE, so your cooperation is extremely important. For more information, contact Dave Wilderspin in the Property Office, X 3577 or email dwilders@fnal.gov.

Barn Dancing
Fermilab Barn Dance Sunday, Feb. 8 at 6:30 p.m., with The Dust Devils and calling by Tony Scarimbolo. Dances are held in the Warrenville Community Building, 3S240 Warren Ave., Warrenville. See http://www.fnal.gov/orgs/folkclub/ for more info.

Join the Fermilab Singers Today
Our rehearsal will be in Ramsey Auditorium today at noon. We are preparing for our summer concert. If you enjoy singing and having fun, plan to come and join us! If you have any questions feel free to contact Anne Heavey at X 8039 or email aheavey@fnal.gov.

Bible Exploration for Lunch
Join us today for an inductive look at the book of Mark. Meetings held in the Small Dining Room(WH-1SW) at NOON. Additional information at 630-840-3607 or dykhuis@fnal.gov.

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