Fermilab Today Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2010
In Memoriam: Morris Binkley

Morris Binkley leaves mark on CDF, laboratory

Morris Binkley (left) receives his 30-year service award in 2003 from Ken Stanfield.

Morris Binkley, who helped build CDF into a world-leading detector, passed away during the holiday period.

Binkley retired in July 2005, but that didn't diminish his passion for physics or his commitment to Fermilab. He continued to work as a visiting scientist and carry a pager to offer guidance on emergency repairs.

"Morris was one of the cornerstones of CDF, participating since its early days. He contributed to all facets of the experiment, from detector design and construction to participation in the analysis for the discovery of the top quark," said CDF co-spokesman Rob Roser. "He was a very likeable guy that everyone enjoyed working with and being around. He will be sorely missed by his CDF colleagues and by the High-Energy Physics community."

Binkley, an Indiana native, gained a reputation as a go-to guy with an easy-going disposition.

"He never complained. He got his things done. He was very polite and thoughtful," said former laboratory director John Peoples, who hired Binkley in the early 1970s to work on early proton experiments including No. 87, 400 and 401. "He certainly made a very important contribution to getting the proton lab built."

While Binkley was adept at handling all aspects of an experiment, he particularly excelled with hardware.

"He was a guy that knew how to get things done and he was easy to work with," said associate Laboratory Director for Accelerator Research Steve Holmes, who worked with Binkley for more than 30 years. "If something went wrong, his first reaction was: How do we fix this, not who to blame."

Binkley also helped build the community feel of the laboratory and cement its reputation as a cultural destination through his work on the auditorium committee.

"Morris was just a super guy," said Greg Bock, associate director for research.

-- Tona Kunz

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