Fermilab TodayThursday, August 11, 2005  
New Organization and Assignments for International Linear Collider R&D at Fermilab
Sergei Nagaitsev (left) and Shekhar Mishra will assist Bob Kephart, the new Fermilab ILC Program Director.
I am pleased to announce a new organization and new assignments within Fermilab's International Linear Collider R&D Program. Bob Kephart will be assuming the position of Fermilab ILC Program Director effective October 1, 2005. Given the central role of the ILC effort at Fermilab Bob will join the Directorate and will report directly to me in this role. Bob will be assisted by two deputies, Sergei Nagaitsev and Shekhar Mishra. Together they will form the core team that will direct all ILC activities at Fermilab and will coordinate our efforts with the ILC Global Design Effort (GDE) now established under Barry Barish.

I believe these assignments will significantly strengthen our ILC R&D effort, which remains Fermilab's highest priority for the future. Bob brings to this new assignment considerable experience in the successful leadership of complex, technically oriented programs and is uniquely qualified to lead our effort. Bob's charge is to develop an ILC R&D program that provides leadership within the U.S., establishes U.S. credentials as host region, and positions Fermilab as the preferred host laboratory for ILC. Shekhar brings considerable experience on ILC matters having served as ILC Program manager in the Technical Division for the past two years. While retaining some of his technical responsibilities, his new responsibility as deputy will include coordinating Fermilab efforts with those of the GDE. Sergei brings considerable technical and accelerator physics skills to the management team and will focus on the machine design and technical issues.

As Bob leaves his current position as Technical Division Head to accept this new assignment we will be undertaking a search for a new TD Head. Effective October 1, Victor Yarba will assume the position of acting Technical Division Head and will serve until a new division head can be appointed.

I look forward to working closely with Bob, his team, the Associate Directors, and the Division and Section Heads to create the strongest possible program to capitalize on the opportunity represented by the ILC. I thank you all in advance for your support for Bob, Sergei, and Shekhar in this endeavor.

Piermaria Oddone

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