Fermilab Today Monday, February 4, 2008

Letter from Illinois Department of Employment Security

My name is Kitty Johnson one of the local office supervisors for the North Aurora Illinois Department of Employment Security Office. Your email was forwarded to me for a response.

We have had others from Fermilab inquire regarding this situation. Unfortunately we are unable to give specifics until a claim has been filed. As each claim is individual to the person filing it, each claim is handled individually.

Below is some basic information I have shared with other Fermilab persons who had the same inquiry. If you need further information I would be glad to mail a copy of the Unemployment act or you can self access it and the guide at the last link before the general explanation.

This first link is to most of the forms available on the web site and the subsequent ones are direct links to the documents which may help you.


What every worker should know pamphlet: http://www.ides.state.il.us/forms/pdf/whatuno.pdf

Additional publications that may help: the one for the unemployment act is at the bottom of the page with the next link. If you go directly to the end of the page and scroll up just above the labor market information you will see the list as follows,

UI Act | Guide to the UI Act | IDES Administrative Rules

They are all searchable documents through adobe if needed.


General explanation

First and foremost, a claim must be filed to determine eligibility, no predeterminations can be made. Each claim filed is looked at on an individual basis.

In brief:
Any person who is unemployed or under employed in any week (earnings less than the calculated weekly benefit amount for that individual.) has the right to file a claim for unemployment compensation. The claim would begin the Sunday of the week in which it was filed, with that first week establishing the benefit year beginning (a 12 month period).

The current maximum benefit amount for Illinois is $369.00 per week for the claimant with a potential additional amount for dependents. (meaning that if during a week the person filing the claim earns greater than $369.00 Gross wages, even though they have not been paid it, they would essentially be over their weekly benefit amount and not be eligible for payment of benefits in that week).

Each person may have a different weekly benefit amount based on earnings in the base period in use at the time of filing, and all calculations are done on the claimants’ amount.

The links which follow may provide more information for you if needed:

Claims information on our Web site

FAQ’s regarding some of the claims process

I truly hope that this information assists you. If you have further questions or need clarification please do not hesitate to contact us by phone: (630) 844-6640 ext. 503 is the general claims extension in the office or via email.

Kitty J. M. Johnson, Field Office Supervisor
Email: Kitty.Johnson@illinois.gov
Phone: (630)844-6640 Ext. 301
Fax: (630)844-6698
IDES, 2 Smoke Tree Plaza, North Aurora, IL 60542

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