Fermilab Today Monday, Feb. 8, 2010

FRA receives Earned Value Management System certification

Back row from left: Steve Dixon, FESS; Bill Freeman, PPD; Harry Ferguson, PPD; Rich Stanek, Dir. Middle row from left: Suzanne Saxer, PPD; Ken Domann, AD; Marc Kaducak, TD. Front row from left: Wyatt Merritt, PPD; Elaine McCluskey, AD; Rob Kennedy, CD; and Dean Hoffer, Dir.

Fermilab has a newly certified tool in its toolbox to help plan and manage its many complex projects. Fermi Research Alliance, LLC, Fermilab's management organization, recently received certification for its Earned Value Management System from DOE's Office of Engineering & Construction Management.

"EVMS provides a powerful tool for the management of the large, complex projects we anticipate at Fermilab over the coming decade," said Steve Holmes, associate director for accelerators and EVMS project co-sponsor.

Earned-value management is a method of taking objective measurements of project progress that incorporates schedule, cost and scope of the work. The system lays out criteria that project managers can use to plan their projects and check their performance.

Projects that cost $5 million and more are required to follow the Department of Energy Order 413.3A and need a performance measurement process. Fermilab projects will use the FRA system to meet the DOE order. Projects that cost $50 million or more are required to use a certified system.

The NOvA project, which has a total cost of $278 million, implemented this system once the system met laboratory approval.

"The NOvA management, who was the first to be confronted with these requirements, did a great job of implementing while simultaneously keeping NOvA moving forward," Holmes said.

DOE’s OECM conducted a week-long review of the system May 11-15, 2009. OECM recommended certification on Jan. 12, after they conducted a follow-up review to verify acceptable implementation of corrective actions suggested in May 2009. Certification was granted Jan. 28.

"This was a major effort done by people part time. For us to get through the DOE review with minimal deficiencies was an accomplishment," said Dean Hoffer of the Fermilab Office of Project Management and Oversight, who led the project. "Then, to receive our certification so quickly – that was a testament to the group who made up this team."

The core team of members represented a cross section of the laboratory organization. The team reviewed systems at other laboratories, compared them with the requirements and then created a system specifically tailored to Fermilab.

"Creating and implementing the EVMS was a multi-year effort by people in all areas and at all levels of the laboratory and the DOE," said Peter Garbincius, Fermilab scientist and co-sponsor for the project. "We thank and congratulate everyone for this accomplishment."

View the FRA Earned Value Management Systems documentation

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