Take Five for Goal Zero

Take 5 Winter Challenge 2013

Take the Challenge here at the Take Five for Goal Zero website, print it and bring it to the ESH&Q Section or send it with results to Mail Station 119 by December 18, 2013 for a chance to win our raffle. Five personnel will be notified of their prizes on December 19, 2013 of their prizes.

Print versions of the word scramble: PDF | DOC

Unscramble these words for a chance to win our raffle!

Word Scramble
Hint Scramble/Answer
#1: ________ yourself with a vehicle before driving. #1 Scramble: R I Z A F M I I E L A
  #1 Answer:
#2: Avoid injury and reduce ________ impacts. #2 Scramble: T A L V O N N E M E N I R
  #2 Answer:
#3: Never engage in __________ driving. #3 Scramble: A C T D D I T E S R E
  #3 Answer:
#4: Report ________ with Fermilab vehicles to your supervisor. #4 Scramble: M E S R O P B L
  #4 Answer:
#5: The _______ brake/release may vary depending on vehicle type. #5 Scramble: G A R K I N P
  #5 Answer:
#6: Never leave a vehicle ________ with an engine running. #6 Scramble: D U T D E N T E N A
  #6 Answer:
#7: Always wear a ______  ______ (2 words). #7 Scramble: T E A B E L T S
  #7 Answer:
#8: Always put ________ in park and engage parking brake before exiting. #8 Scramble: R I M S S S A T N I O N
  #8 Answer:
#9: Before driving, locate the ______ flasher switch. #9 Scramble: R E M E Y C G N E
  #9 Answer:
#10: Before driving, locate the ______ switch. #10 Scramble: G I A D T H H E L
  #10 Answer:
#11: Avoid _______. #11 Scramble: R U N I Y J
  #11 Answer:
#12: Before driving, locate the ______  _______ and sprayer (2 words). #12 Scramble: P I E D I N E S H I S W R W L D
  #12 Answer:

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