new technologies, such as these niobium superconducting structures designed to accelerate electrons to nearly the speed of light, promise to take particle accelerator science to an unprecedented level. The R&D for particle accelerators takes place at national high-energy physics laboratories, including Fermilab, the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in California, CERN in Switzerland and DESY in Germany.
(Image courtesy of DESY Hamburg)

an architect's drawing shows a new Center for Magnetic Resonance at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The Center will house not only the latest 3.0 Tesla who body scanner but also the world's first 9.4 Tesla whole body scanner. The Center for Magnetic Resonance Research will provide leadership and resources for the continued development of magnetic resonance imaging technology for research and medicine. It will provide unique post-graduate education opportunities, and, ultimately, improved medical care for the citizens of Illinois.