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DZero finds evidence of rare single top quark

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Fermilab's DZero collaboration announced that it has found, for the first time ever, evidence for top quarks produced singly, rather than in pairs. Dugan O'Neil from Simon Fraser University presented the results at a seminar Friday, December 8.

Dugan O'Neil presented the results to a group of Fermilab physicists Friday.

Fermilab Director Pier Oddone and Deputy Director Young-Kee Kim at Friday's presentation.

This figure shows the total single top-quark production cross section measured by each of the three different analysis techniques applied to the DZero data sample. The red dots indicate the measured values and the red lines represent the uncertainty on each measurement. The blue band is the value predicted by the Standard Model.

These two 'Feynman diagrams' represent the processes that lead to the production of single quark events of the kind seen by DZero.

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