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Quantum Diaries
Quantum Diaries follows the lives of scientists from around the world as they live the World Year of Physics. In their own words, in photos, blogs, and videos, they tell the real-life stories of real physicists in real time. Fermilab physicists Tommaso Dorigo, Debbie Harris, Gordon Watts and Jochen Weller are all participants in this interactive World Year of Physics project.

Fermilab Public Lecture Series
Fermilab Public Lecture Series Calendar

Classroom Presentations
Fermilab scientific and technical staff are eager to celebrate the World Year of Physics with K-12 students in schools within a 90 minute drive of the Lab.

Ask-a-Scientist - The Latest News on Dark Energy - June 1
Tour: Linac and Main Control Room

Summer Secondary Science Institute, Teacher Workshop - June 2005

Beauty and Charm, Teacher Workshop - July 18-July 22

Phriendly Physics: Electricity and Magnetism, Teacher Workshop - July 25-26

Phriendly Physics: Light and Heat, Teacher Workshop - July 28-29

Phriendly Physics: Mechanics, Teacher Workshop - August 1-2

Education Calendar of Events

Other World Year of Physics Web Sites
World Year of Physics 2005

World Year of Physics International Web Site

More International World Year of Physics Resources

Past Events at Fermilab
Ask-a-Scientist - Fermilab Accelerators - May 1
Tour: Linac and Main Control Room

World Year of Physics Concert, with Jack Liebeck, violin - April 30, 2005
A pre-concert lecture on Einstein and Superstrings will be given at 7:00 p.m. The concert will start at 8:00 p.m. Both events are free of charge. For tickets call 630-840-2787.
Press Release

Ask-a-Scientist - How We See Particles - April 3
Tour: CDF Assembly Building

Wonders of Science - March 13 (Fermilab Today - March 18, 2005)

Ask-a-Scientist - Why Fermilab Has Caught the Uncommon Cold
Tour: Magnet Factory - March 6

World Year of Physics 2005 Family Open House - February 13 (Fermilab Today, February 15, 2005)
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Experiments at Fermilab: Understanding Matter at the Smallest Scale - Dr. Paul Grannis, State University of New York at Stony Brook - February 4, 2005

QuarkNet Cosmic Ray Party - January 26 (Fermilab Today, January 31, 2005)

How Particle Physics Detectors Work and What They Really See - Dr. Herman White, Scientist, Fermilab - January 21, 2005

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