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SeaQuest (NM3&4)

The E-906 “SeaQuest” experiment at Fermilab will continue a series of Drell-Yan measurements to explore the antiquark structure of the nucleon and nuclei. To extend existing measurements to larger values of Bjorken-x, by using a 120 GeV proton beam extracted from Fermilab's main injector, resulting in a factor of 50 more luminosity than previous experiments and enabling access to values of x up to 0.9. The key physics goals of the collaboration include investigation of the dramatic dbar/ubar flavor asymmetry in the nucleon sea and its behavior at high x; study of the EMC effect in Drell-Yan scattering and the unexpected absence of any antiquark excess in existing data; and measurements of the angular dependence of the Drell-Yan process, sensitive to spin-orbit correlations within the nucleon.

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