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The experiment will continue the development of extruded scintillator-based muon counters begun in T956 with emphasis on the use of Si Pixelated Photon Detectors (PPDs). They will use particle beams to test long strip counters, up to 6m, and new prototype TB4 electronics developed at Fermilab, which the experimenters expect will lead to the assembly of future large-scale integrated systems that may be the subject for a future proposal. The T995 experimenters will use some of the same apparatus that is to be used by the experimenters who will study total absorption dual readout calorimetry at MTest (experiment T1004). The T995 and T1004 experimenters both use newly designed Fermilab electronics to digitize the shape of the PPD pulse corresponding to the scintillator output. Both projects will share most of the data acquisition software and typically they will share the same beam instrumentation (beam defining counters and coincidence circuits). Both sets of experimenters will share some of the same counting house logic and analysis software for on-line data analysis. Some of the T995 and T1004 manpower available to the two projects will work on both projects although many of the studies will not run concurrently.

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