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The CALICE Collaboration has been carrying out a major R&D effort on calorimetry for the International Linear Collider Detector. The major focus of this research has been the development of particle-flow calorimetry for achieving the unprecedented jet energy resolutions required to fully exploit the physics potential of an e+e- collider. As such, the prototyping efforts have concentrated on the development of calorimeter technologies with a high degree of longitudinal and transverse segmentation. The collaboration is studying various options for electromagnetic (Si-W and Scint-W) and hadronic (Scint-Steel, RPC-Steel and GEM/Micromegas-Steel) calorimeters with the aim of comparing their performance with respect to the ILC physics requirements.

The tests will use slow resonantly-extracted, Main Injector proton beam focused onto the MTest target. The tests require a beam of untagged, charged protons of the maximum energy available, 120 GeV.

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