Timecard Approver Instructions

1. Please log into the FTL system and choose "Pay Period Close" from the "Timekeeping" tab.

Pay Period Close

2. Next to "Time Period," choose "Current Pay Period" from the drop down menu.

List Employees

3. Review the list.

3a. Make sure you are seeing the correct list of people.

3b. Click in the "All Hours" box. This will reorder the list of people so that those who have entered no effort for the current week are listed first. If someone has not entered effort, please request they do so immediately.

3c. Highlight the row of the first person who has entered effort. (The row will turn green.) At the same time, hold down the "Shift" button on your keyboard and click the row of the last person who has entered effort. (All rows are now highlighted.) Click the "Timecard" link in the upper left hand of the screen.

List Employees

4. Check each time card to make sure the time entries, including the activity they reported effort to, look valid. You can click on the arrows to the right of the Name & ID of the person to see the next person's timecard.

Employee Timecard

If you need to edit a timecard once you have approved it, please open a Service Desk ticket.

For more information on completing timecard approver activities, please see the approver training materials available on the FTL Training web page.