For Mentors

Mentor’s Promise

The mentoring relationship must be personalized and focused to meet the developmental needs of the mentee. To maintain integrity and professionalism in the partnership, the mentor agrees to:

  1. Maintain confidentiality at all times.
  2. Handle requests for assistance in a timely fashion.
  3. Be as open-minded as possible, but stay realistic
  4. Offer advice and counsel free of personal bias and prejudices.
  5. Encourage self-reliance and independent functioning.
  6. Function in a climate that promotes personal worth, equity and dignity.
  7. Move beyond race and gender to build support and assistance.
  8. Withdraw from the relationship if it is ineffective.

FermiLINK mentors are Fermilab volunteers who are valued for their institutional experience, professional expertise, level of responsibility and willingness to serve.

FermiLINK mentors are self-selected Fermilab volunteers who are esteemed for their institutional experience, professional expertise, level of responsibility, and willingness to serve.

Role of the Mentor

Role Model
Career Counselor

Expectations of the Mentor

A mentor should:

  • provide support in locating and accessing FNAL resources and resource persons
  • encourage independence; not dependence
  • maintain a positive attitude
  • remember that that the mentee’s success or failure in attaining their professional goals rests with the mentee.

Responsibilities of the Mentor

Mentors are willing to commit the time and energy necessary to provide support. A mentor holds him/herself responsible for:

  1. providing constructive feedback
  2. promoting skill development and career management
  3. sharing the organization’s mission, vision, values and culture
  4. helping attain goals and access organizational resources
  5. assisting with the building of a professional network
  6. maintaining a positive attitude
  7. encouraging independence; not dependence

Characteristics of an effective mentor:

  • Active listener
  • Emotional maturity
  • Able to maintain confidentiality
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Organizational knowledge
  • Professional knowledge, competence and awareness
  • Willingness to provide guidance in professional growth and advancement inquiries and concerns
  • Commitment to diversity and inclusion
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