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Fermilab Colloquium Calendar 2015-2016

Lectures begin at 4:00 p.m. in 1 West

Appropriate for physicists   Appropriate for all lab staff and members of the public
Date Speaker/Institute Title Host Abstract PDF Video
02 Sep 2015 David Nygren
University of Texas at Arlington
Searches for Neutrino-less Double Beta-Decay: a Decade of Discovery Ahead at the ton-scale? A. Para Abstract Video
09 Sep 2015 Scott Dodelson
Cosmic Neutrinos A. Para Abstract   Video
16 Sep 2015 Humphrey Maris
Brown University
Electron Bubbles in Liquid Helium and Quantum Mechanics M. Albrow Abstract  
23 Sep 2015 Vadim Banine
EUV lithography: now and in the future A. Grassellino Abstract   Video
30 Sep 2015 Ryan Campbell
The Betz Prairie Turns 40 K. Yurkewicz Abstract   Video
07 Oct 2015 John Grunsfeld
NASA Missions in the 21st Century P. Bhat     Video
14 Oct 2015 Michael Levin
University of Chicago
The Puzzling Boundaries of Topological Quantum Matter D. Hooper Abstract   Video
21 Oct 2015 James Hartle
University of California, Santa Barbara
Einstein's Vision and the Quantum Universe P. Bhat Abstract   Video
28 Oct 2015 TBD      
4 Nov 2015 Wendy Freedman
University of Chicago
The Unexpected Universe: Measurements of Cosmological Parameters C. Stoughton Abstract   Video
11 Nov 2015 Kathryn Zurek
LBL Berkeley
New theories for dark matter: hunting beyond the WIMP D. Hooper Abstract   Video
18 Nov 2015 Professor R. Rajaraman
Jawaharlal Nehru University, India
The Rocky Road to Nuclear Zero M. Albrow/P. Bhat Abstract   Video
25 Nov 2015 No collquium          
02 Dec 2015            
09 Dec 2015 Stephen Parke
"The 2015 Neutrino Nobel Prize - a theoretical perspective" P. Bhat Abstract   Video
16 Dec 2015 B. Flaugher, J. Fireman, M. Soares-Santos, J. Peoples The Dark Energy Survey: the Movie C. Stoughton Abstract   Video
23 Dec 2015 No colloquium          
30 Dec 2015 No colloquium          
06 Jan 2016 Emilio Alessandro Nanni
Accelerators Powered with Optically-Generated THz Pulses L. Cooley Abstract   Video
13 Jan 2016 No colloquium        
20 Jan 2016 Erk Jensen
Radio Frequency systems at CERN - for the LHC and beyond A. Grassellino Abstract   Video
27 Jan 2016 Brian Fields
University of Illinois
When Stars Attack? In Search of Near-Earth Supernova Explosions D. Hooper Abstract   Video
03 Feb 2016 Dr. Bobby Kasthuri
Argonne National Lab
Towards fine resolution maps of entire brains using synchrontron source x-ray microscopy and automated serial electron microscopy. P. Bhat Abstract   Video
10 Feb 2016 Louise Prockter
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
The Science and Exploration of Europa M. Albrow Abstract   Video
17 Feb 2016 Robert Rosner
University of Chicago
Entering the Cauldron of Climate Change: Science and Policy P. Bhat Abstract   Video
24 Feb 2016 Michael Barnett
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
The Particle Data Group: From Wallet Cards to Smartphone Apps D. Denisov Abstract   Video
02 Mar 2016 Cancelled    
09 Mar 2016 Swapan Chattopadhyay
AWAKE--A Proton-driven Plasma Wakefield Experiment at CERN P. Bhat Abstract   Video
16 Mar 2016 Nima Arkani Hamed
Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
From the Parke-Taylor Amplitude to Deeper Origins for Space-time and Quantum Mechanics S. Parke/P. Fox Abstract   Video
23 Mar 2016 Vicky Kalogera
Northwestern University
The Dawn of a new Era: Gravitational-Wave Astronomy P. Fox Abstract   Video
30 Mar 2016 Clifford Will
University of Florida
Was Einstein Right: A Centennial Assesment P. Bhat/C. Quigg Abstract   Video
06 Apr 2016 No colloquium      
11 Apr 2016 Dr. Kimberly Ennico
Evolving views of the outer solar system: new insights from NASA's New Horizons mission's historic first Pluto fly-by - Special time - 2:00pm C. Stoughton Abstract   Video
13 Apr 2016 Mary K Gaillard
A Singularly Unfeminine Profession P. Fox Abstract   Video
20 Apr 2016 Douglas Sisterson
How to Change Minds about our Changing Climate E. Korzeniowski/P. Bhat Abstract   Video
27 Apr 2016 Andre de Gouvea
The Brave Nu World P. Bhat Abstract   Video
04 May 2016 Dr. Martin Nowak
Harvard University
Cooperation: The Third Pillar of Evolution G. Ambrosio Abstract   Video
11 May 2016 Stephen Kent
A Case Study In Public Data Release:Flight Path of Malaysia Airlines MH370 C. Stoughton Abstract   Video
18 May 2016 Peter Graham
Precision measurement for particle physics M. Albrow Abstract   Video
23 May 2016 Charles Day
Physics Today
Science News in the 21st Century A. Salles/P. Bhat Abstract   Video
25 May 2016 Nigel Goldenfeld
University of Illinois
Universal Biology, the Genetic Code and the First Billion Years of Life on Earth V. Scarpine Abstract   Video
01 Jun 2016 Adrienne Kolb Tunnel Visions: Rise and Fall of the SSC P. Bhat Abstract   Video
08 Jun 2016 Cancelled
15 Jun 2016 No colloquium/Annual Users' Meeting          
22 Jun 2016 Carlo Rovelli
Aix-Marseille University
A possible quantum gravity observation: cosmic rays from Planck stars, or black-to-white hole decay C. Stoughton Abstract   Video
29 Jun 2016          
06 Jul 2016          
13 Jul 2016 Dr. Seth Darling
The (Solar) Energy Challenge P. Bhat Abstract   Video
20 Jul 2016 NOvA - JETP Seminar          
27 Jul 2016 Amber L. Stuver
LIGO Livingston Observatory
LIGO and the Detection of Gravitation Waves D. Lincoln Abstract   Video
03 Aug 2016 Start of ICHEP, NO colloquium          
12 Aug 2016 Prof Takaaki Kajita
University of Tokyo
Discovery of Atmospheric Neutrino Oscillations P. Bhat Abstract Video
17 Aug 2016 Young-Kee Kim
University of Chicago
News from ICHEP2016 P. Fox N/A    
24 Aug 2016 Anna Frebel
A rare and prolific r-process event in the ultra-faint dwarf galaxy Reticulum II D. Hooper Abstract   Video
31 Aug 2016 Marcel Demarteau
The Tools and Techniques of Particle Physics and Their Impact on Society A. Para Abstract   Video
07 Sep 2016 Prof. Paul Steinhardt
Simply Wrong vs. Simple P. Fox/C. Hill Abstract   Video
14 Sep 2016 Timothy Beers
University of Notre Dame
Carbon in the Early Universe and Observational Constraints on First-Star Nucleosynthesis C. Stoughton Abstract   Video
21 Sep 2016 Virginia Wright
Idaho National Laboratory
Cyber-informed Engineering J. Anderson/P. Bhat Abstract   Video
28 Sep 2016 Christoph Lehner
Theory status for the muon g-2 experiment D. Hooper Abstract   Video