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Enterprise Performance Management

Draft Enterprise Performance Management

August 29, 2011/01/Chrisman

The goal of performance management is to align Fermilab’s resources with the goals of the Laboratory Strategic Plan and measure the performance and progress towards those goals throughout all levels of the organization.

The Fermilab CAS system accomplishes this by ensuring that:

  • The overall performance management system is based on achieving conformance of the work product or service to the requirements of the contract.
  • The Laboratory is always in pursuit of optimization and improvement of its work processes.
  • The Laboratory measures, monitors, and adjusts its actions as necessary to stay aligned with and accomplish its mission and goals.

Fermilab measures success and progress using performance metrics through all areas of Fermilab. The measures entail these five areas of focus:

  • Effectiveness: The degree to which a product or service meets customer requirements and expectations. This includes evaluation of whether it is worth doing in the first place
  • Efficiency: the degree to which our processes produce the required output at minimum resource cost.
  • Quality: the degree to which the process output (work or service) conforms to requirements and expectations.
  • Timeliness: whether a unit of work is done correctly and on time based on customer requirements.
  • Safety: whether the unit of work is done in a way that protects the health and safety of our employees and the environment.

FRA and Fermilab use an integrated approach to performance management through reviewing key performance indicators in projects, management systems, and normal daily execution of tasks within their appropriate organization via a graded approach and raising items of concern to appropriate level of management to prevent isolation and provide sharing of information. At the highest level of the Fermilab organization, the Assurance Council reviews enterprise-level key performance indicators and their trends, tracking resolution of any issues to ensure that contractual performance requirements are met. A draft of representative KPIs is shown below.

No. KPI Title KPI Description Goal
M1 Corporate Governance
1 Corporate Commitments and Initiatives Quantified performance in delivering Corporate Commitments and Initiatives incorporated into FNAL contract 100% of commitments delivered
M2 Stakeholder Management
2 Responsiveness to Key Stakeholders Content and tone of direct and indirect feedback and questions from meetings with and briefings for key stakeholders Response to 100% of questions and negative feedback
M3 Performance Planning
3 Project Milestones Achievement of project milestones (e.g., progress in DOE CD process, EVMS results (CPI/SPI)) [Under negotiation]
4 PEMP Goals and Notable Outcomes Performance in meeting PEMP goals and notable outcomes for current fiscal year 100% of PEMP goals and notable outcomes met
5 Workforce Alignment to Goals Performance in staffing against priorities established in annual Workforce Planning cycle [Under negotiation]
M4 Science
6 Scientific Infrastructure Performance Performance of accelerator and detectors (e.g., Tevatron luminosity, Protons on Target for NUMI) [Under negotiation]
7 Scientific Output Quantified scientific output of Laboratory (e.g., number of published papers, facility utilization rate) [Under negotiation]
8 Strategic Plan Production of annual update to Strategic Plan approved by DOE 100% timely submission of Strategic Plan accepted by FSO
M5 Finance
9 Financial Performance Performance in measures of budget to actuals, funding to actuals, and budget to funding [Under negotiation]
10 Financial Reporting Performance in meeting financial reporting deadlines 100% of deadlines met
11 Unallowable Costs Amount of unallowable costs found [Under negotiation]
M6 Business Operations
12 Staffing Vacancies Performance in filling key personnel and critical staff vacancies [Under negotiation]
13 Operational Performance Performance in Balanced Scorecard measures in property, procurement and HR [Under negotiation]
14 Critical ES&H Performance Performance against annual goals for DART, TRC, reportable incidents, and leading and lagging indicators (e.g., completion of ITNAs and training) [Under negotiation]
M8 Quality
15 QA System Implementation Compliance with DOE-approved QA implementation plan, and meeting associated milestones [Under negotiation]
16 Close-out of CAPs Successful close-out of corrective action plans [Under negotiation]
M9 Engineering
17 Engineering Manual Compliance Performance in audits of compliance with requirements of Engineering Manual [Under negotiation]
M10 Information Technology
18 ITIL Implementation Numbers of staff receiving ITIL v2 Foundation, Intermediate and Expert certification [Under negotiation]
19 ISO 20000 Certification Quantifiable progress towards Laboratory certification under ISO 20000 [Under negotiation]
20 Cyber Security Number of successful cyber security intrusions [Under negotiation]
M11 Communications
21 Stakeholder Feedback Quantity and tone of feedback and questions from internal and external stakeholders [Under negotiation]
22 Public Outreach Number of visitors to the Laboratory and its web sites [Under negotiation]
23 Press Coverage Number and tone of mentions of Fermilab in media outlets [Under negotiation]
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