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(M11) Communications

Communications Management System Description
Management System Owner: Head, Office of Communication (Katie Yurkewicz)
Revision and Date: Rev. 6: August 11, 2011

1.0 Purpose

Communications Management System policies, procedures and processes assure that Fermilabís communication and public affairs activities are accurate and effective, meet any applicable DOE guidelines and requirements, and help the Laboratory function efficiently and carry out its mission with support from stakeholders.

2.0 Roles and Responsibilities

Roles Responsibilities
Head, Office of Communication
  • Ensures that the Communication Management System is in place and functioning.
  • Executes activities related to communication between the laboratory and external audiences, relations between the laboratory and the local community, and internal communication via publications and audiovisual services.
Science Education Office Manager Executes activities related to public events and tour programs.
Division, Section and Center Heads Execute activities related to internal communication within their respective organizations, and between their organizations and the rest of the laboratory.

3.0 Management System Operation

The Communication Management System integrates assurance activities related to three main areas:

Publications and External Media

Activities that disseminate information about Laboratory activities and programs to the public, including the local community, and to the news media via print and electronic publications, public speaking and press releases and interviews. These activities are coordinated by the Office of Communication.

Local Community Relations

Activities undertaken to build and maintain relationships with members of the local and regional community. In addition to dissemination activities described in the Publications and External Media sub-processes, these activities include the Community Advisory Board, public events and tour programs. Community Advisory Board activities are led by the Office of Communication. Public events and tour programs are led by the Science Education Office.

Internal Communication

Activities related to communication within the laboratory community. The Office of Communication leads lab-wide internal communication efforts, including support activities such as audiovisual and printing support. The Divisions, Sections and Centers carry out their own internal communication activities. The heads of each unit are responsible for developing and implementing activities that assure that their internal communication procedures are timely, accurate, and effective.

Communication Management System processes are integrated with Stakeholder Relations and Science processes via regular face-to-face meetings between the relevant system owners, and with IT processes such as videoconferencing for regular communication among subject matter experts.

4.0 References

FRA Contract Requirements:
  • FRA Contract (DE-AC02-07CH11359)
    • Sections C.3.1.3.f, C.3.1.4 and C.4.3.c
Other References:

5.0 Processes Supporting System

Publications and External Media
  • Editorial processes for print and electronic publications
  • Procedures for press releases
  • Procedures for weekly reporting of media activities to DOE
  • Periodic self-assessments of individual activities (at most yearly)
  • Regularly scheduled in-person and phone meetings with DOE Chicago Office communication contact; DOE HQ and Office of Science Public Affairs personnel
  • Guidelines and editorial workflows for public information websites
Local Community Relations
  • Community Advisory Board meetings, including feedback received from members
  • Periodic surveys of local and regional community members (last survey was in 2000)
  • Community feedback received via Q&A on community website
  • Training and evaluation of public tour guides
  • Self-assessments following large public events
Internal Communication
  • Procedures for publication of internal electronic newsletter, electronic and print communication to employees
  • Employee feedback received via multiple Q&As on internal websites
  • Procedures for duplicating

6.0 Reviews, Audits and Reports

  • Internal Audits of Office of Communication (Frequency: Every 5-7 years)
  • Peer Reviews of Communication (Frequency: Periodic; last review took place in 2002, next one in 2012)
  • Documents available on request
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