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(M9) Engineering

Engineering Management System Description
Management System Owner: Associate Laboratory Director for Accelerators (Stuart Henderson)
Revision and Date: Rev. 4: August 8, 2011

1.0 Purpose

The Engineering Management System is intended to assure that good engineering practices are employed for every engineering design activity at Fermilab. This is intended to minimize risk to Fermilab’s mission by assuring products meet specifications and laboratory requirements.

2.0 Roles and Responsibilities

Roles Responsibilities
Head of Office of Integrated Planning and Performance Management: Assist the MSO in coordinating the laboratory strategic plan.
Engineering Policy Committee: Assists Management System Owner in matters of policy, assessment, and review.
Associate Directors and Division/ Section/ Center Heads: Assures implementation in the line organizations under them.

3.0 Management System Operation

The management system consists of a comprehensive set of policies, processes, and procedures that require the engineering community to identify the level of risk for eight engineering functions (e.g., design, construction, testing) and, using a graded approach, to identify the appropriate documentation and review procedures commensurate with that level of risk.

The policies, processes, and procedures are contained in the Fermilab Engineering Manual. The Manual defines the following steps in the engineering process which include Requirements & Specifications, Engineering Risk Assessment, Requirements and Specifications Review, System Design, Engineering Design Review, Procurement and Implementations, Testing and Validation, Release to Operations, and Final Documentation.

Implementation of policies, processes, and procedures contained in the Engineering Policy Manual is a line responsibility.

The engineering processes are integrated with ES&H and QA processes via ES&H committees, Quality Assurance representatives, and subject matter experts.

4.0 References

FRA Contract

Section C.4(c) – Administration and Operation of the Laboratory
Clause H.19 – External Regulation

Other References

DOE O 252.1, Technical Standards Program

Directors Policy # 8:  Design

Fermilab Today, July 6, 2010: Fermilab Director announces Fermilab Engineering Manual

Fermilab Engineering Manual

Appendices for Fermilab Engineering Manual (contains practical examples)

Risk Assessment Spreadsheet (to be used in conjunction with Engineering Manual, Chapter 2)

5.0 Processes Supporting System

Engineering Design Reviews

Engineering Notes

Operational and Accelerator Readiness Reviews

Project Technical and Engineering Reviews

6.0 Reviews, Audits and Reports

See Appendices for Fermilab Engineering Manual for examples:

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