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(M6) Business Operations

Business Operations Management System Description
Management System Owner: Chief Operating Officer (Victoria A. White)
Revision and Date: Rev. 4: August 9, 2011

1.0 Purpose

To provide those Business Operations necessary to support the Science Mission assigned to the Laboratory by DOE. It consists of the following major processes: HR; Technical Library Resources; Services; Telecom; Procurement; Security; Property; Travel; Infrastructure; Legal; Office of Research and Technology Assessment (ORTA), and; Counterintelligence(CI).

2.0 Roles and Responsibilities

Roles Responsibilities
COO, who also serves as Operations ALD Oversees Support Operations, and heads ORTA and CI activities
Head of Workforce Development Resources (WDRS) Human Resources
Head Business Services (BSS) Technical Library Resources; Services; Telecom; Procurement; Security; Property; Travel
Head of Facilities Engineering Services (FESS) Infrastructure
Chief Legal Counsel (GC) Legal Advice and managing external counsel

3.0 Management System Operation

The management system consists of : HR, Technical Library Resources, Services, Telecommunications, Procurement, Security, Property, Travel, Infrastructure, Legal, ORTA, and CI. These major processes provide centralized specific support functions to the entire Laboratory in conformance with legal and DOE requirements.

The following Major Process is managed in the Workforce Development Resources Section (WDRS):

Traditional HR functions with the addition of Education, Training, Day Care and International services.

The following Major Processes are managed in the Business Services Section (BSS):

Technical Library Resources includes five functions: History & Archives; Library; Records Management; SPIRES (High-Energy Physics Literature Database); and Technical Publications.

Services include Accommodations (Housing, Maintenance, Food Services, and Chez Leon restaurant), Transportation Services (Traffic/Shipping, Receiving, Vehicle Maintenance, Mailroom, and Distribution) and the Fire Department.

Telecommunications provides traditional telephone services and equipment, voice mail, cellular services, paging, 2-way radio equipment, government frequencies for 2-way communications.

Procurement is responsible for operating a DOE-approved Purchasing System to acquire goods and services for the entire Laboratory.

Security provides on-site security, managing a subcontracted guard service, a communications center for general switchboard and emergency dispatch, a key & ID office, and a lock shop.

Property manages the personal property management system and on-site stockroom operations.

Travel provides guidance, planning, booking, and post-travel support services to employees and users for all official domestic and foreign travel, and manages a travel services subcontractor.

The following Major Processes are managed in the Facilities Engineering Services Section (FESS):

FESS Operations provides maintenance and repair of laboratory buildings and also operations, maintenance and repair of laboratory utility systems.

FESS Engineering provides central building and infrastructure assessments and designs.

FESS Site Services provides day to day operations for the lab roads and grounds.

The following Major Processes are managed in the Directorate:

Legal provides legal advice on issues raised by management and keeps the Directorate apprised of significant legal developments, logging in matters as each matter is submitted and logging them out as the advice is proffered.

ORTA Reviews publications resulting from laboratory activities for potential patent possibilities. It oversees the Work for Others, and the Cooperative Research and Development processes.

CI maintains relations with and responds to DOE and other agencies’ Counterintelligence Offices.

4.0 References

FNAL Contract


Employee Relations
Equal Opportunity
International Services


Information Resources



  • 10 CFR 719

Partnerships and Technology Transfer

5.0 Processes Supporting System


For Benefits, Education, Employment, Employee Relations, Equal Opportunity, Office of Professional and Organizational Development, Compensation, HRIS, International Services functions, supporting process descriptions are found at the links provided under “4.0 References” above.


For the Information Resources, Services, Telecommunications, Procurement, Security, Property, and Travel functions, supporting process descriptions are found at the links provided under “4.0 References” above.



Fermilab Legal Office - Homepage

6.0 Reviews, Audits and Reports

FRA Board of Director’s CAS Committee Review.

Annual Balanced Scorecards for WDRS, Procurement, and Property.

DOE Mission Readiness Peer Review – first completed July 2011 – DOE and Lab COOs discussing follow on reviews.

PEER Review – FNAL Purchasing System, May 19-23, 2008 – DOE Contractor Procurement Evaluation and Reengineering Team (PERT); review conducted every three years, most recent certification September 30, 2008.


CERTIFICATION OF FERMI NATIONAL ACCELERATOR’S PERSONAL PROPERTY AND MOTOR VEHICLE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (DOE); review conducted every three years – most recent certification October 15, 2010.

Annual external financial audits of retirement plans.

Internal Audits:

2011 - WDRS - FNAL2011-04 Health Care Benefits Administration (currently underway)

2010 - Finance Section - The scope of FNAL2010-04 Annual Allowable Cost Audit included limited tests of benefits transactions.

2009 - WDRS - FNAL 2009-02 Employee Separation

2009 - WDRS - FNAL2009-05 Benefit Claims Testing

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