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Contractor Assurance System Description

5.0 Operational Interfaces

Operational interfaces are designed to assure customer transparency, a key element of the Contractor Assurance System. Transparency is defined as timely, broad, and appropriate communication between Fermilab, FRA and the FSO to establish credibility in the Contractor Assurance (CA) processes. Transparency means unfettered access, within established protocols, to Fermilab’s facilities and information about Laboratory operations in all areas.

5.1 CA Program Approval and Change Control

The minimum review cycle for this FRA Contractor Assurance System Description is annual or whenever new contract requirements affect the assurance programs. This description is also modified if lessons learned throughout the laboratory indicate a need for revision.

The Office of Quality and Best Practices (OQBP) and the AC review all revisions other than minor editorial changes. If a review results in revisions, the OQBP will resubmit the revised Contractor Assurance System Description to the DOE for review and approval. Any changes will be identified and explained, and the OQBP will provide the basis for concluding that the revised system description continues to satisfy requirements. If no revisions are made, the DOE will be notified that a review was conducted and that no revisions were necessary.

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